Welcome to Chao Island!

Welcome to Chao Island. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Chao have appeared in many Sonic the Hedgehog games, all of which are covered on this website. To get started, choose the appropriate section below.

Recent announcements

December updates

Christmas theme is up! You can activate it in the user control panel if it isn't already selected.

Also website updates:

> New Chao Doctor pictures
> All child Chao added to the Chao Gallery
> New Chaos Drive pictures added

Summer of Sonic (London)

Just wanted to mention that I went to Summer of Sonic last weekend and it was pretty cool! Really good stuff everywhere and even got to meet JmTsHaW in person! (First person from CI that I've actually net) Definitely the best part was finding Sonic Adventure (1 & 2) Lead Composer Jun Senoue and Lead Designer Takashi Iizuka in the car park on a break, and after me completely praising them - noticed my Chao Island card I had round my next and even asked for some themselves! Hopefully it could snowball into something new now that they know of a big Chao Community!

Got a cool poster signed by Yuji Naka and Iizuka-San which I will frame soon. I shall continue to do my part in real life and spread the Chao word!

I should reiterate, Jun Senoue and Takashi Iizuka have shaped my life so much, meeting them was an honour and to speak to them about Chao Island was unreal.

Chao music remix!

From the Chao Island tumblr I saw this post
Also posted on the forums here.

SEGA has recently released the Chao Dance Mix (song) that was played during the Sonic 25th anniversary party after the positive reception from fans! A fun remix of the chao races from the first Sonic Adventure!
Listen and download for yourself!

As for me, I'm back in London now, going to Summer of Sonic tomorrow so be sure to follow the Chao Island twitter for some live updates! After this weekend I'll look to get back to getting the website and forums on track - I know a lot of you are waiting!