Welcome to Chao Island!

Welcome to Chao Island. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Chao have appeared in many Sonic the Hedgehog games, all of which are covered on this website. To get started, choose the appropriate section below.

Recent announcements

The big overdue update

Staff teams are mostly sorted. The Chao Team is fully operational, Art team has three members and may expand to a few more once their tasks are sorted. Social team at the moment is Roaxes and Crazo, and will be expanding as well.

I am out of the country, and as I flew it seemed the website went down! I think I have nearly solved the issue now so hopefully we won't see it much.

Some updates of the site the last few months:

The positions Junior Admin and Moderator Supervisor have had their responsibilities merged into Lead Moderator. Fox Boy has been promoted to Lead Moderator and will act as the second Admin on the website as well as leading the current moderator team. In time he will be the go-to person for site issues and features once the staff team are sorted fully.

The Chao Gallery has had some excellent work done on it by the Chao Expert Team. We now have nearly all pictures and huge effort getting all the different colours and evolutions from ChaoGardenBuster and LimitCrown. Chaonicii also provide some great animal images and parts.

The Dreamcast sections have been corrected and updated, with even more being researched on those games! Looks like there are a lot more differences undocumented. The dangerous duo of DarkyBenji and ChaoGardenBuster have been hard at work finding things not only for Chao World Extended, but digging into the game for hidden info, and providing some great screenshots such as new Garden images.

The whole Chao Expert Team have been really doing well lifting the site even further up.

On another note, I managed to get hold of the old Dreamcast Sonic Adventure domain and restore it to the web: http://www.sonic-adventure.com
It's nice to see what sort of websites were designed back in the days of the Dreamcast!

I'm currently away so Fox Boy will be making a lot of important decisions if needed while I am gone.

While on an aeroplane, seems like Chao Island broke - I've been working on a fix and I think I should be able to sort it. I don't have much internet access here but I will be around for important issues such as this best I can. Sorry for the downtime the last few days. Chao Island Twitter is a good way to keep updated when I can't get full announcements out!

So what does the future hold? Well for one, Chao activity is super high and the Sonic community is on quite a buzz with the 25th anniversary of Sonic year. In the works are Chao Points, Chao Streaming and a fully revamped Chao Recipe and Daycare part of the website! Maybe even a real Chao Island Black Market...

New team members

Hi, as mentioned I have been looking to expand Chao Island and I have begun making the first few steps.
Firstly, regarding moderators, with the current activity levels and team we have at the moment I am likely not looking to add anymore mods to the team - that said, those of you that have expressed interested have been noted down, and should I need to add more mods in the future I will keep you all in mind.
However, my view on this may change so do not take this as a definite NO MORE MODS statement.

The Chao Expert team selected by Mamkute consists of Crazo3077, DarkyBenji, ChaoGardenBuster, FrankT, LimitCrown and NachoThePikachu. I'm sure everyone is aware there are many amazing Chao raisers on this forum, and thanks for helping CI thrive and continue to be a valuable source of Chao information on the internet. This team will help work with me to ensure information is up to date and continue to keep the Chao spirit alive!

The two other new teams will introduce Roaxes in the CI Social Team. Roaxes is responsible for the Chao Studios tumblr and is very active, and looking forward to having him help out! Will be looking to add more users to this team soon.

The artwork team will consist of ZipoCXG, Twiddle, and Lord Spiritomb initially. Their artwork is very good and I am looking forward to getting more artwork sharing around the Chao community. I may be adding more to this team but I will be seeing how much I want this team to do first.


Easy team viewing from "Quick Links" in top left: