LIVE2D Chao Test

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LIVE2D Chao Test

Postby dustyoni » Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:47 am


Took a personal project up! Figuring out LIVE2D's Cubism.

I only am messing with the free version for now, but eventually it would be nice to make an 'interactive' Chao phone background?

I think I'll need to buy the full version of the program in order to do that, though.
If I can figure out the default free version well enough I'll be trying that out once I save up money over time.

The Chao image I based this on is credited in the da submission page, and it's just a crude draft.
I'm planning to better render the illustration once I can commit to it better.
No sense in wasting time on perfecting a practice image.

In the long run, it'd be nice to be able to take custom Chao commissions for backgrounds if anyone would be interested?
Legally that is allowed with both the free and full license but you can't do much with the free version. :no:
I was thinking the Chao could 'follow' your finger with their eyes, like the above linked video 'Mirai Clock 3'.
Maybe add a 'pet' function in there?

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys what I was messing with.
It's just something for me to try out, and I may drop it entirely, but I feel like if I stick with it, I could really do something fun with this?? Idk. :chaocry:


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Re: LIVE2D Chao Test

Postby Yimoo » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:58 am

Looks nice! :3
I've always used Flash to do animation but it can't do some effects i want

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