About to give up on breeding... any advice?

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About to give up on breeding... any advice?

Postby snowflake » Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:09 am

I've bred two of my chao maybe 50 times so far and can't get the result I want. One of them is DDACD, and the other is DSBSD, and of course I want DSASD but it isn't happening.

Usually I end up getting DSBCD, taking the top 3 stats from one chao, or stuff like DDBSD, taking the bottom 3 stats from the chao. I can never get inherited stats mixed up, they always seem to be grouped in 2s or 3s from one parent every time. Is it possible to achieve what I want?

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Re: About to give up on breeding... any advice?

Postby Jeffery Mewtamer » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:42 pm

In the simplest case where both parents breed true for every stat grade, the chances of getting an optimal breeding are 1-in-32 if the parents have no matching grades.

In practice, the chances of an optimal breeding are likely to be less than 1-in-32. For one thing, most Chao have at least one stat grade that is higher than the grades it inherited from it's parents. Secondly, only store bought and starter chao are guaranteed to be homozygous for inherited grades.

if both of the parents mentioned here are store-bought or starter Chao:
There displayed grades are the best they could possibly pass on.
If they've ever been evolved into a specific type, they have a 1/3 chance of passing on their current grade for that stat, and a 2/3 chance of passing on the grade they started with for that stat.
If they've never been evolved into a given type, they are guaranteed to pass on their current grade in that stat.
Regardless of what the child inherits, there is a fifty/fifty chance which grade it will actually display.

Assuming both parents are store bought and those S-grades were the result of evolution rather than getting lucky with the RNG, there is a 1/3 chance the child will inherit them, and a 1/6 chance the child will actually display them.

If the parents were obtained through breeding, things get much more complicated, as there could be three different grades the child could inherit from each parent and the best could be completely hidden.

Also, in the absolute worse case(only one copy of the best grade among both parents for every stat), the chances of an optimal breeding are 1-in-7776.

If we had complete information, it would be relatively easy to calculate the exact chances of an optimal breeding, but you've only provided a third of the required information, and the other two-thirds aren't easily accessed, and in the case of bred chao, there's a third of the required information that might only be accessible via hacking.

For store bought chao, their current grades and their original grades tell us everything we need to know, and their original grades can be calculated from current grades and their evolution history. Problem is, unless one kept notes of the original grades, or the evolution history, this leaves us with missing information, and the game only tells us the most recent link in the evolution history.

For bred chao, current grades and original grades only give us two-thirds of the relevant information as there are still the hidden grades(which for store bought chao match the original grades).

So, do you know what the original grades for the chao you're trying to breed were and whether these are store bought Chao?
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Re: About to give up on breeding... any advice?

Postby snowflake » Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:11 pm

Okay, sorry I didn't realize that information was important. these are the lists of chao, I'll try to not make it confusing:

Zero, starter evolved run type, original stats DDBCD, when breeding DDACD
Aether, bought from store evolved flying type, original stats EACBD, when breeding ESCBD.
Power chao, bred, original stats DSBAD and evolved into DSBSD for breeding
Jack, bred, evolved into power chao, original stats DSBBD, when breeding DSBAD

Zero and Aether were the parents of Jack, who I evolved into a power type to get an A in that stat. Zero and Jack were the parents of the power chao who I evolved to get DSBSD. THEN, Zero and the power chao were the parents I was trying to breed with to get DSASD but couldn't, even though Zero has A in running.

Should I just give up and accept DSBSD, to turn into a running chao to breed for DSASD that way, then evolve the baby into running again?

An update: I accepted the DSBSD chao and turned it into a Running type to get DSASD, and I bred it with my shiny red store-bought swim chao who had A in swimming and stamina (Stamina A was always there). I ended up getting a shiny black ASCSA chao, which inherited the A's from the swimmer and the S' from the baby (DSASD) of zero/power chao, so I assume the C in running came from the swimmer too. Should I accept this chao and make it into a stamina S, and try breeding with the new run-type DSASD baby again to get running?

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