Petting Glitch! (Sonic adventure 2)

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Petting Glitch! (Sonic adventure 2)

Postby InkSelenaX » Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:41 am

NOTE: I actually came across this Glitch accidentally while messing around with my Chao Garden, so, this is probably a treat for those who have trouble petting one Chao at a time.

Basically, this is more of a video demonstration, but, I'll just break it down into words so you can get the context of the Glitch.

So, if you have 2 or more Chao at or around the same place, it would create a chain reaction, causing the Chao nearby to act as if it's being pet, even though you aren't petting them specifically. By the way, this glitch is the most helpful for the friendship of multiple Chao, so you don't have to do them one by one.
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