Chao Island Discords!

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Chao Island Discords!

Post by Nano » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:46 pm

Hey everyone! There have been two unofficial discords set up for CI for a long time now, but neither have been given a proper place to be visible to everyone. Thus, I've taken the liberty of creating this topic to raise awareness of these servers and to hopefully get people better involved in the CI community.

Currently the two servers are "A Chao Livechat" and "Chao Island Chatbox". I'll give a brief description of each, as well as who to contact if you wish to join.

"A Chao Livechat"

Server owner: Rinku
Summary of the chat:
Rinku wrote:Welcome to Chao Livechat. If you have never used discord before, think of this as an advanced chao chat, where you can always log in and see the previous messages and also see all the members in the group. On the left there's different channels and on the very top left you can choose to private message someone that is in the same group as you.

The general chat [is named] chao_general and with chao still being our main focus, we will also have chats for the sonic adventure series, speedruns, modding, and offtopic. Feel free to invite anyone and I am taking all feedback so get in touch with me or an admins and your voice will be heard!

The rules are no harassing and no obscene images. Follow the discord ToS and that's about it.
This Discord has a heavy emphasis on Chao and Chao related discussion. If you're extremely passionate about chao and want to better know the community that brings out things like Chao Stadium and other chao related hacks/fan games, or maybe just show off your favorite chao, this is definitely the place you should be.
Method of entry:

"Chao Island Chatbox"

Server owner: Bunelody
Summary of chat:
Bunelody wrote:#bulletin_board
::: Rules

::: General

::: Gaming

::: Art

::: Sonic/Chao

::: Music

::: Todd

::: Politics

::: Venting

::: Images

1. No explicit sexual imagery or conversations - mild discussions and innuendo are allowed but keep it at a PG-13 limit.
2. Treat one another with respect.
3. If you leave the server for dramatic effect, you will not be allowed to return.

Additionally, a user strike system has been implemented. If you act out excessively, you will receive a strike. After three strikes, you will be indefinitely banned from the server.
Chao Island Chatbox is heavily focused on being a general discussion type discord, with various channels to discuss different topics. While chao is one of these topics, there's definitely less emphasis on it compared to the other discord. This is a good discord to go to if you perhaps aren't a die hard fan for chao.
Method of entry: PM either Bunelody or Sable for an invite to the server.

In my personal opinion, I think everyone should join both. While they emphasize different aspects of CI, they're both run by people dedicated to the site and who want to see the community grow and become tightly knit while still open to new users.

Important to note: I will not be putting in any more discords unless someone like Mooncow creates a new discord. While I understand people want to make and share their own servers, it's simply not what this sticky is meant to be about.