Chao Animal parts test Sonic Adventure DX

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Chao Animal parts test Sonic Adventure DX

Postby Annadog40 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:25 pm

I did some testing and found when you transfer and chao with animal parts from Sonic Adventure 1 to 2 on the gamecube, they lose their animal parts.

I did the same test from sonic 2 to 1 and all the animal parts disappear.

I'm on gamecube and don't have any hacking device so I wonder if the behaviors and learned skills are gone as well, like the hat ability. I didn't test it with chaos who have flame balls or bat legs and wonder if it will erase that as well.

Also I found that animal parts will change to adult form when a chao evolves into an adult in Sonic Adventure DX.

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Re: Chao Animal parts test Sonic Adventure DX

Postby UltimaNumber255 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:31 am

Well, since SADX has different animals and some animals don't exist, the game has to remove all of the animal parts. However, when you transfer back to SA2B, the animal parts it had there will return.

While the Chao can still draw, it won't remember that a skunk has been given to them, so you would have to give it again. Anything that it learns in kindergarten, it keeps, but every animal trait, it doesn't keep. So if you want a Chaos Chao, you still have to give it all 15 of the animals since the flags that you have given the animal isn't on, unless you constantly switch back and forth, then you need to remember what you have given it in that game.
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