Chao Animal parts test Sonic Adventure DX

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Chao Animal parts test Sonic Adventure DX

Postby Annadog40 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:25 pm

I did some testing and found when you transfer and chao with animal parts from Sonic Adventure 1 to 2 on the gamecube, they lose their animal parts.

I did the same test from sonic 2 to 1 and all the animal parts disappear.

I'm on gamecube and don't have any hacking device so I wonder if the behaviors and learned skills are gone as well, like the hat ability. I didn't test it with chaos who have flame balls or bat legs and wonder if it will erase that as well.

Also I found that animal parts will change to adult form when a chao evolves into an adult in Sonic Adventure DX.

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