SA2 Dreamcast Chao Hacking Thread

A forum for discussion regarding hacking of the Chao system and editing things with non-standard methods.
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SA2 Dreamcast Chao Hacking Thread

Postby Internet-Explorer » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:54 am

Hi everybody, first post here. Cool smiley set :cool:

I'm interested in restoring the Black Market for SA2 on Dreamcast. I already have the SA2 site restored (more on that but in another thread(s) after this post)

Primarily, I want to get working VMU import files for fruit and seeds. Since (assuming) most of you are from the other ports of SA2 GC/PC/XB/PS, the fruit and seeds were obtained by playing the Chao Adventure 2 game on the VMU. But you can only get seeds at the end of the game if you did everything correctly, and getting to the end takes up to almost 3 hours

I tried to make copies of Chao Adventure 2 with items only, but when you overwrite it the game state is lost and items are wiped

The original SA2 Black Market only had Chao, no seeds or fruit. These were special download files, that were in 'game' format meaning executable data like Chao Adventure 2. Once you imported the file it deleted itself

So what I'm trying to do here is remove the data of the Chao from the download file, and put data for items from Chao Adventure 2 into the download file instead. To the game, the Black Market download files and Chao Adventure 2 are seen as the same thing. So identifying the data to swap is probably all that's needed

If anyone experienced in hacking on the later ports of SA2 is interested in assisting with this it would help a lot. I come here because I'm not sure where to start, others here may already know what they're looking for

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