Story of a Survivor

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Story of a Survivor

Postby DevilChaosChao100 » Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:22 am

Fruit trees were burning, the air was filled with a consuming smoke. It felt like an unbearable heat. I had been standing next to a roaring fire that had destroyed the lives of my comrades and village. I was just a child, filled with curiosity and happiness. I was standing there, tears streaming down my face, as all of that happiness and curiosity had been terminated by what my eyes had seen. The tears dripped off of my chin, falling onto the ground. The tears quickly evaporated due to the increasing heat, I had been very hot and sweating, but the disbelief and terror I was feeling made me forget about the rising heat. I looked towards the shadowy figure hovering above the fire, my vision was blurry, so it looked like a very vague silhouette to my eyes. All I could make out of its face was its disgusting smirk. This shadowy figure had destroyed my entire village. I fell to my knees, grabbing onto the grass below me with a tight grip, not caring about the heat.

"Why did you do this?! How could you destroy our peaceful village?!" I snapped at the shadowy figure, demanding an answer. The shadowy figure took a while to answer, but finally replied with "It was merely to test this emerald's power." he smirked, as my blurry vision made out a green shining object in his grasp.

"To test that emerald's power...? That's why you slaughtered all of the peaceful villagers here...? You're expecting me to believe a reason like that...?" I grumbled, shocked by his answer. The shadowy figure continued with its reasoning, "It was for my own benefit."

The shadowy figure flickered away from the area, as I let out a scream of agony. My vision got even more blurry to the point where I couldn't see a few inches in front of me, I started feeling dizzy and light headed. I ended up fainting, falling to the ground. I woke up in the middle of a beautiful, lush grassy field. I looked around, as I saw a man standing to my side. I gazed up at him in confusion.

No mercy.

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