Contact links should be SFW

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Contact links should be SFW

Postby Tsui » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:13 pm

I feel there should be a rule that contact links (Twitter etc.) should not be significantly NSFW. Of course, I think the occasional post that slips through is acceptable, right, but if you have to put a NSFW warning in your description then you shouldn't be linking it on CI. Twitter especially because people can go through your likes, so even if you don't post or retweet NSFW content, if it's in your likes people can find it. Also note that we can't put warnings next to our contact links.

While this could be considered part of the "offensive material" rule, I guess because it's out of the way and not in the signature, it's not regulated as much. But can we please start taking care of this?
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