A Chao's appetite

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A Chao's appetite

Postby The Thunder » Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:58 am

I'm probably not the first person to address this, but a Chao's appetite or hunger can affect its mood. And by mood, I mean that they act like they've been abused when in fact, they're very hungry and there's no fruit in sight or within reach.

For example, Light, my Neutral Chaos Chao, has wailed and cried tantrums at least six times over the course of its immortal life and each time, it was because it was very hungry. And today, my Brown Monotone Hero Swim Chao, Pudding, while checking its grades, suddenly started making upset noises. To my horror, it was squirming in Sonic's hands and I know for sure I never neglected it once. Then, something hit me, and I gave Pudding some fruit and it started eating it quickly. And that was the problem. So the lesson learned is this. If you've taken good care of your Chao, but accidentally forgot to feed it every now and then, it could be another thing besides abuse that upsets your Chao.

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