New Chao Race (made with Game Maker)

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New Chao Race (made with Game Maker)

Post by Itachi Uchiha » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:22 am

Hi guys! I am currently working on a Chao Race for PC (made with Game Maker).
It should be finished in a few weeks. :darkhappy:
If you have Chao, you would like to use in those Races, write me their Stats and Appearence.
Then i will give you a download Link for this Game (for free). :darkcool:

Its a Remake that contains Beginner Race, Juwel Race, Challenge Race, Hero Race and Dark Race.
Challenge Race also has 4 new extra Levels. That means totally 16.
The Opponents have the same stats as in the real Game.
However: I can easily change that, and make them harder!
So when you write your Chao`s Stats you should also write if you want the normal or harder version.

After you have written your Chaos Appeareance and Stats and which difficulty you like, i will put your Chao into my Game.
A few days later i will send you a Download Link for the Game (for free).

I am also planning to make entirely new Opponents. However this will still take a few months.
So if you want this new version, you have to write this.
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