Sonic Adventure DC World Rankings Restored!

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Sonic Adventure DC World Rankings Restored!

Postby Internet-Explorer » Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:07 am

The online World Rankings feature for Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast has been restored recently. The web program was reverse engineered by Jial

You can use DNS, then go to the "Internet" option from the main menu of Sonic Adventure. You also need an account on Dreampipe BB at for user info. This board is for Dreamcast only, posting on PC does not work. But you can register from Sonic Adventure by clicking "Boards"

Winners of new World Rankings events win a Chaos Chao or an additional Chao

If anyone is interested in getting their Dreamcast online, there is a cheap and moderately easy way to get a dialup emulator adapter called DreamPi

You can see a list of other Dreamcast online games here

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