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New fangame - Chao Resort Island!

Thread here


A game that's been in development quite a while by Nefault1st. Definitely check it out and see what you think. A lot of effort has been put into this and it's great to see fangames finished which is pretty rare! I think there are enough now to warrant a fan-game part of the website so keep your eyes peeled.

Great work Nefault1st.

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones, I hope you have time to relax over the next few days and spend some time with those close to you. :herosway:

It's been a busy year for me, but I've been working hard at putting together a team of users who can help move the site forward - the Chao Expert team have been superb in discovering unused features of the games, improving the website trivia and pictures, and working together to make Chao Island the #1 source for Chao information! Both the Art and Social team have been great too, responsible for the Tumblr page and the graphics dotted around on there, and on this site (such as the current Christmas header!)

I also have two more change to users roles:

Crazo3077 has had his role altered to the Chao Island Project Manager. He will be actively assisting me in making sure the site is complete and in good order, as well as developing new sections.
Sable has been added to the staff as a member of the Social Team. Roaxes is no longer the lone member!

Have a great winter break all :herocool:

December updates

Christmas theme is up! You can activate it in the user control panel if it isn't already selected.

Also website updates:

> New Chao Doctor pictures
> All child Chao added to the Chao Gallery
> New Chaos Drive pictures added

Summer of Sonic (London)

Just wanted to mention that I went to Summer of Sonic last weekend and it was pretty cool! Really good stuff everywhere and even got to meet JmTsHaW in person! (First person from CI that I've actually net) Definitely the best part was finding Sonic Adventure (1 & 2) Lead Composer Jun Senoue and Lead Designer Takashi Iizuka in the car park on a break, and after me completely praising them - noticed my Chao Island card I had round my next and even asked for some themselves! Hopefully it could snowball into something new now that they know of a big Chao Community!

Got a cool poster signed by Yuji Naka and Iizuka-San which I will frame soon. I shall continue to do my part in real life and spread the Chao word!

I should reiterate, Jun Senoue and Takashi Iizuka have shaped my life so much, meeting them was an honour and to speak to them about Chao Island was unreal.

Chao music remix!

From the Chao Island tumblr I saw this post
Also posted on the forums here.

SEGA has recently released the Chao Dance Mix (song) that was played during the Sonic 25th anniversary party after the positive reception from fans! A fun remix of the chao races from the first Sonic Adventure!
Listen and download for yourself!

As for me, I'm back in London now, going to Summer of Sonic tomorrow so be sure to follow the Chao Island twitter for some live updates! After this weekend I'll look to get back to getting the website and forums on track - I know a lot of you are waiting!

The big overdue update

Staff teams are mostly sorted. The Chao Team is fully operational, Art team has three members and may expand to a few more once their tasks are sorted. Social team at the moment is Roaxes and Crazo, and will be expanding as well.

I am out of the country, and as I flew it seemed the website went down! I think I have nearly solved the issue now so hopefully we won't see it much.

Some updates of the site the last few months:

The positions Junior Admin and Moderator Supervisor have had their responsibilities merged into Lead Moderator. Fox Boy has been promoted to Lead Moderator and will act as the second Admin on the website as well as leading the current moderator team. In time he will be the go-to person for site issues and features once the staff team are sorted fully.

The Chao Gallery has had some excellent work done on it by the Chao Expert Team. We now have nearly all pictures and huge effort getting all the different colours and evolutions from ChaoGardenBuster and LimitCrown. Chaonicii also provide some great animal images and parts.

The Dreamcast sections have been corrected and updated, with even more being researched on those games! Looks like there are a lot more differences undocumented. The dangerous duo of DarkyBenji and ChaoGardenBuster have been hard at work finding things not only for Chao World Extended, but digging into the game for hidden info, and providing some great screenshots such as new Garden images.

The whole Chao Expert Team have been really doing well lifting the site even further up.

On another note, I managed to get hold of the old Dreamcast Sonic Adventure domain and restore it to the web:
It's nice to see what sort of websites were designed back in the days of the Dreamcast!

I'm currently away so Fox Boy will be making a lot of important decisions if needed while I am gone.

While on an aeroplane, seems like Chao Island broke - I've been working on a fix and I think I should be able to sort it. I don't have much internet access here but I will be around for important issues such as this best I can. Sorry for the downtime the last few days. Chao Island Twitter is a good way to keep updated when I can't get full announcements out!

So what does the future hold? Well for one, Chao activity is super high and the Sonic community is on quite a buzz with the 25th anniversary of Sonic year. In the works are Chao Points, Chao Streaming and a fully revamped Chao Recipe and Daycare part of the website! Maybe even a real Chao Island Black Market...

New team members

Hi, as mentioned I have been looking to expand Chao Island and I have begun making the first few steps.
Firstly, regarding moderators, with the current activity levels and team we have at the moment I am likely not looking to add anymore mods to the team - that said, those of you that have expressed interested have been noted down, and should I need to add more mods in the future I will keep you all in mind.
However, my view on this may change so do not take this as a definite NO MORE MODS statement.

The Chao Expert team selected by Mamkute consists of Crazo3077, DarkyBenji, ChaoGardenBuster, FrankT, LimitCrown and NachoThePikachu. I'm sure everyone is aware there are many amazing Chao raisers on this forum, and thanks for helping CI thrive and continue to be a valuable source of Chao information on the internet. This team will help work with me to ensure information is up to date and continue to keep the Chao spirit alive!

The two other new teams will introduce Roaxes in the CI Social Team. Roaxes is responsible for the Chao Studios tumblr and is very active, and looking forward to having him help out! Will be looking to add more users to this team soon.

The artwork team will consist of ZipoCXG, Twiddle, and Lord Spiritomb initially. Their artwork is very good and I am looking forward to getting more artwork sharing around the Chao community. I may be adding more to this team but I will be seeing how much I want this team to do first.


Easy team viewing from "Quick Links" in top left:

Staff changes and usergroups

The first announcement to make is that JmTsHaW is stepping down from administrating the site, and is taking a break from the Chao Island staff team. I'm sure everyone will be thankful for what he has done, and he has been a valuable and active member of the community!

This comes at a time where Chao Island is quite quiet, by there is a lot happening for me behind the scenes. My Chao Island plans are growing at an alarming rate and I simply do not have the ability to do it all with my own hands! Historically the Chao Island staff has consisted of myself and a team of forum moderators. However for the site to progress I need to change this. I will be looking to add more staff and change the way CI has worked, and make it more community based. If you are interested in these changes and/or wishing to help out with the site, please check the topic I have made in the updates forum: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47317

Thanks everyone, and once again thanks JmTsHaW for being a great member of the team.

April Fools 2016! Well not really..

No jokes this year, been spending some time reconfiguring the website to work with the new forums. Managed to get the news feed back up and also the notification and PM indicators up somewhat.

Also along the lines of april fools and false hope, we had the Sonic PR guy Aaron Webber ask the crowd at the Sonic 25th Anniversary Panel if we wanted Chao back! He's apparently a big fan.. here's the video (22:45): ... .be&t=1363

The crowd gave a big cheer but he did add the disclaimer that there are currently no plans to bring the Chao franchise back. However we did see the community persuade Sega to bring back NiGHTS so if that was possible, then so is this!

CFood's forum thread here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=47254

Forum Upgrade Progress: Hero Theme and emoticons!

Hero Theme is up, Dark Theme will be next!

A few things to note, I've been finding some troubles implementing the additions I want to the forum so there is still work going on. Also I will be making sure the Chao Emoticons are updated and added to.

I made a thread here:

And I have had positive responses and many people making new emoticons! I thought I will post a criteria here that should be followed, firstly starting with a sprite sheet, original credit for the hero and dark recolours I believe goes to "Dragon Goddess".


Now many of you have been recolouring the chao with your own pallette - which although cool, I don;t think I will be adding them to the site (unless there is overwhelming demand). I will add emoticons as I see them in the thread!

1. Must use the same colour scheme as the rest of the emoticons/sprite sheet.
2. Must not be different height as mentioned in the other thread (a few of the current emoticons are mismatched)
3. Stick to just neutral, hero, and dark Chao with normal evolution.

Forum upgrade!

So I've spent the last few days updating the database and upgrading the forum. Few new things which were long overdue (removing ICQ and AIM, now have Steam, Tumblr, etc). Better notifications, smoother forums.

Upcoming changes:

  • Re-intergrating the front page with the forums
  • Bring the Chao economy back (Chao Points)
  • Add hero and dark forum themes
  • Update emoticons
  • Hunt for bugs
  • Begin Project X

Since this is all new, if you find any errors or bugs please let me know! Or anything you feel can be improved.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy New Year 2016!

Wasn't able to post yesterday but hope you all enjoyed the new year and have lots of new goals and aims for this year! :cool:

Here's to a good 2016 with more Chao activity from the community and this website (and hopefully Sega!!)

Merry Christmas 2015! and information!

Hi all! Merry Christmas to all of you and hope you all have a lovely day :sway:

Christmas period means some time off from work and school but for me it means some time to work on the website!
Over the last few weeks I've been streaming some Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 for Steam, and it has been pretty fun so far interacting with everyone! So far a few Chao Island members have been tuning in a watching and hopefully it will encourage more people to get out there and raise some Chao in 2016! One of those reasons is the Chao Island Race Championships

More Chao Island Race Championships details will be released in a post tomorrow so keep a look out! Along with this news over the Christmas period I will also be talking about new forum features coming, and also website updates - which I have mentioned if you have been watching the streams. 2016 will be a big year for Chao Island and hopefully the Chao community in general so lets all work together and get the news of Chao out there!

Have a great day all!!

P.S watch out for Secret Santa!

Stream test successful!

So today I did a "quick" stream test at twitch and went over my plans for the stream, the website, the forums, and the Chao community in general.
It was fun and I hope the people that dropped in to watch also manage to get something out of it! (maybe most importantly realising that Stump Valley in the Chao races on Steam has changed into STUMO Valley :surprise: )

The existing garden will be deleted and a new one created - if you have Chao you would like created (not transferred) let me know and tune in! Will be streaming same time tomorrow but for longer (about 8pm GMT).

Let's make Sega see the Chao Community is back.

Site updates!

Crazo has sent me a document of things to look at and has encouraged me to fix all the missing pages and information. I've done the Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) section so far, and will be adding all the things in the Chao Island contributions forum! Will be streaming some Chao Garden antics alongside this while I test theories and check existing information so be sure to tune in and help out!

Fan Game: Sonic World, with Chao Garden!

Sonic World is a free fan-made game which is coming along really well - and now a Chao Garden is also in the works! Things are looking really good and you should definitely check this out if you haven't already. :cool: .
This has already been noticed by users in the forum and the topic is here.

Their website is to see what they have done so far! It's great to see the Sonic community still working on creations like this and especially where Chao are involved!


Sonic Chronicles page

After updating the Chao Appearances page, it seems right to add resource to Chao Island for the Chao in Sonic Chronicles. So there is now a new page here with information on the Chao!

In other news, with the long awaited faster upload speed which I have now attained, it opens the door to moving Chao to a new audience as mentioned here. More information to follow, and more site updates!