Welcome to Chao Island!

Welcome to Chao Island. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Chao have appeared in many Sonic the Hedgehog games, all of which are covered on this website. To get started, choose the appropriate section below.

New website development information - Feb 2018

Chao Island is currently undergoing some re-development. The website is being upgraded with a new look, updated Chao information and more social features. This is a very big project and I want to let everybody know the plans and what changes you will see while this is worked on.

Here are the key features of the new Chao Island site:

  • Updated Chao Information on the website
  • A user-editable wiki for advanced information and trivia, including mods and editor information
  • A new section on the website for fan-made games, mods and projects
  • A news hub with links to all Chao Island social sites, including DeviantArt, Steam and Discord
  • A rework of the forum boards, forum rules and staff updates
  • A new points system for the forum
  • Mobile compatibility

Of course, this will not happen overnight and we already have a development team working on the things listed! While the site is being reworked, it will also involve the closure of some of the non-Chao parts of the Forum. The affected forums will be:

  • General Usergroups/Clubs Area
  • Other Games
  • Pokemon
  • Stories and Fan-Fic
  • Role-Playing
  • Chao Role-Playing
  • General Discussion
  • Forum Games and Chat

The date for this will be April 2nd 2018. The forums will be locked until the new site launch, and then removed (while new forum features are worked on). The reason for this decision is to focus fully on the Chao and Chao Information aspect of the website and ensure the site atmosphere is a lot more focused for the new launch. Some or all of these forums (or alternatives) may be added again at a later date.