Welcome to Chao Island!

Welcome to Chao Island. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Chao have appeared in many Sonic the Hedgehog games, all of which are covered on this website. To get started, choose the appropriate section below.

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Chao Island Development Update!
Hi everyone! If you weren't already aware, Chao Island is undergoing a huge redevelopment and will be jam-packed with loads of new features and information.

New Website
The work on the Chao Island website is coming a long well, and we are looking to release as soon as we can. There are still some features being worked on, but we have also had to delay the release of a few things. Chao Points/Rings, Shop, and the Chao Raising system will be put on hold and added after the main site has been completed

Assets Needed

A few things we really need - If you can help with these things please let me know! We have openings on the Team for people who want to help regularly so there are opportunities to join if your work is a good fit! Contact me on Discord: HippoTank#3958 or PM me on Chao Island.

This list will be updated when needed:

  • Custom error page artwork (403 and 404 error) Artists found!
  • Custom Coco the Chao art for main website Artists found!
  • Chao Wiki editor (Multiple)

Make sure you stay on the lookout for more Chao Island news!