Firstly a big thanks to all the members we've had since the site opened in 2001. Without you, there would have been no motivation to keep this site going.

Thanks to Gav, Cool Chao, S-T-H, Kamain, Muytwo33, Shadow HArd Core, Inferno, Shadow[SA2], Whizkidos, and anyone else from the SA2 BBS from where the site was born.

Shining Chaos Chao has been there to help out since from when I first released the forums, and patching me up on the Gamecube update to the game. The rest of the old Chao Island Community before I had to take down the forums in 2005 are also missed and thanked. The re-opening of the forum also brought about another strong Chao community, many of which have inspired and helped to update Chao Island and inject life into Chao research. Crazo3077 has been an active member of the Chao forums, being a great help overall- constantly researching Chao and providing content and suggestions for the site as a whole. Mayo, Mel Mel, Xeno, Crash32 and many others have all played their part with discoveries and contributions which have not gone unnoticed.

I have to mention Torro, a real-life friend who has been involved with Chao Island since its beginning, but has been inactive in it's later years. All the Moderators work has been a huge help to keep the site going, and I thank all past and present Moderators for being able to spare their time to assist the site and it's users. BTC4 and Blade Genexis are well known to have helped moderate Chao Island since the very beginning.

Thanks to everyone that has emailed me with your suggestions and comments, And sorry those of you that never got a reply for any reason.. =(

Finally, a huge thanks to Fusion who has remained active throughout the life of Chao Island, and it could be said that his contributions of time and content to the site has saved Chao Island from disappearing more than once. I feel he is as much a part of Chao Island as I am and am forever grateful for his commitment and encouragement throughout the site's history.

I don't plan on letting Chao Island slip away any time soon. :)
- Mooncow