Fan-Made Media

The Chao Island community has created a lot of great artwork over the years. Not just drawings, but music, animations, and even sculptures too! You can view some classic Chao-related media here; it has all been created by members of the community. You may notice this hasn't been updated in a while - If you would like to submit something it's best to post it in our forums! (read line below).

Have you created any Chao-related media? If so, perhaps you would like to post it in our Artwork and Stories community forum. Alternatively, you can submit it to our #ChaoIsland deviantART group; as long as you have a deviantART account and it is Chao-related, you're welcome to post it there.

Link Artist Date Description
Fan-made media muytwo33 2001 A flash move made in 2001 by muytwo33. It was unfinished and after a while the screen will go black and only the music will continue playing.. The movie is just over 3MB. A word from the author... "I lost the .FLA file for the movie and that's why I can't finish it" Sorry... but at least we got a bit of this great movie that was advertised all over Sonic Adventure ;)
Fan-made media ChaoIsland 17/10/2008 I requested a drawing of the staff members in ChaoIsland's topic, and she created this ^_^. Thanks!
Fan-made media Mooncow 12/12/2008 A flash movie I created based on a few recent occourances on the forums.