Website issues last night

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Website issues last night

Post by Mooncow » Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:58 pm

As mentioned in JMT's topic here -> viewtopic.php?f=3&t=42560

there was an issue last night and as you may have noticed, we have gone back in time a day.

The first thing i noticed was that the SQL server had restarted, i raised this with my host urgently and unfortunately here's what happened:
The mysql server had 2 disks suddenly fail last night, and they were unfortunately the matching pairs in the raid 10 array so the data on them was lost. We monitor the disks and SMART values but they did not give any indication that they were going to fail. Our admin team have replaced the disks, rebuilt the array, and have restored all databases from backups which were made 3rd April 2013 in the morning.
Unfortunately changes made after the time these backups were made is not recoverable.
The RP forums would have been affected by this the most, and i do apologise. If it helps Planet HippoTank had a bizarre time shift that the majority of the population would not have noticed, except for a select few who are questioning the event and putting together theories of their own. Mooncow himself is not revealing much, but was rumoured to have been seen with Funky G shortly before the event.

Sorry for the trouble guys, remember to check the twitter for latest updates during maintenance! :omochao:
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