Sonic Slot Machines

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Sonic Slot Machines

Post by Jeffery Mewtamer » Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:05 am

Okay, I'm working on porting a Slot Machine program I wrote for my final project in Java I to C++, and since I plan to include it in the next public release of Micro Chao Garden, I'd like to give it some Sonic Theming.

Could anyone provide me(either directly in a post or via link) a list of symbols and their payouts for the following:
-The Slot Machines in Sonic 2(Genesis)'s Casino Night Zone.
-The Slot Machine from Sonic 3 and Knuckles's Slot Machine mini-game.
-The Slot Machine on the Sonic Pinball table in Sonic Adventure's Casinopolis.
-Any other notable Slot Machines that have appeared in the Sonic franchise.

Also, what do you think of the following list of symbols for a Chao Themed Slot Machine of my own design:
Ring - 10
Fruit - 25
Egg - 50
Chao - 75
Sonic - 100
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Re: Sonic Slot Machines

Post by Mamkute » Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:37 am

Information obtained from the Sonic Wiki:

Sonic 2:
Sonic- 30
Tails- 25
Jackpot- 150
Bar- 30
Eggman, or Eggmans and Jackpots- Minus 100
1 Jackpot + 2 Sonics, Tails, or Bars- Double the Original amount
2 Jackpots + Sonic, Tails, or Bar- 4x the Original amount

Sonic- 30
Tails- 20
Knuckles- 25
Eggman, or Eggmans and Jackpots- Minus 100
Ring- 10
Bar- 2^(n) where n is the number of bars
Jackpot- 100
1 Jackpot + Others- x2 the Original amount
2 Jackpot + Others- x4 the Original amount

Sonic Adventure:
Ring- 15 rings and 30s multiplier
Sonic- 50 rings and 99s multiplier
Tails- 15 rings and 40s block of hole between flippers
Knuckles- 30 rings and 80s multiplier
Amy- 50 rings and 60s multiplier
Eggman- Minus 100 rings, pipe of slot machine blocked for 60s

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