Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash

Post by SwifterTheDragon » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:03 am

I wanted to make this thread because it's my favorite mobile game for the longest time.

I usually get bored of games quickly because either I beat them, use glitches, hack, then leave.

But few games still have my long term interest.
Games like these are ones with level editors and custom maps/levels. (Minecraft, Portal 2, Geometry Dash, etc.)


ANYWAYS post what you want about Geometry Dash here.

2.1, World, Meltdown, Lite or Full. Even Boomlings and Memory Mastermind would fit here.

If you have any questions, ask me. I'd personally say that I have a lot of information on Geometry Dash, more like all of Rubrub's games actually.

I can answer your questions like
Vault (of Secrets or Chamber of Time) codes?
Free demons?
2.1 features?
Rubrub's backstory?
And so much more.