How exactly do grade alleles work?

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How exactly do grade alleles work?

Post by CanSteam » Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:28 am

I thought they were just 2 sets of alleles, one from each parent, and the evolution changes the allele that was used, (for example, if a chao's alleles are BBBBB and CCDCC, their phenotype is BBDBB, and they evolve into a Run type, their alleles turn into BBBBB and CCCCC.) However, I saw on a different thread that that's not true. I didn't completely understand the explanations in that thread.

So how do they work?
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Re: How exactly do grade alleles work?

Post by Lunar Dust » Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:44 am

To my understanding, Chao Grade alleles work similarly to described, but just a little bit more information. I don't know if this is all correct so do forgive me if I'm wrong in an area - this is just what I've observed. I'd love to learn more about grade genetics in Chao, so please educate me if I am incorrect!

(I'm also assuming this is with the Steam/PC version of SA2? There is apparently a difference between Dreamcast and PC versions.)

I'll give an example of the Swim trait with some Chao I just bred;
Sam has grades of "C - D - S - B - E"
Zoe has grades of "E - D - B - S - C"

The Child, Alia, had grades of "D - D - S - S - E"

Sam's allele for the Swim trait (the first listed) would be
Zoe's allele for the Swim trait would be

However, grade traits are seemingly able to "blend" together, as observed with Alia:

Zoe's "E" and Sam's "C" have come in the middle to give Alia a "D" in Swimming.
Alia would have only been able to receive a "D" in Flying, as observed from both parents having a "D" in Flying.
Sam's genes have won out in her Run trait - she has an "S" in Run. However, it took me three tries to get this. Usually, she ended up with an "A".
Zoe's genes have won out in her Power trait, as observed with her "S" in the Power gene. It did take me three tries for this one, as well.
Sam's "E" grade also won out for her Stamina trait - a bit of a shame, but that's alright.

Now, I'm not sure what Alia's genetic makeup would be for her grades, however we may be able to find out to some degree; she has just had a child, named Aero, with another Chao named Choo.

Choo's parents had grades of "D - D - D - B - D" and "E - A - E - D - E"
Choo's grades: "D - S - B - D - D" (that "S" came from him evolving - not a genetic anomaly)
Alia's grades: "D - C - S - S - E" (that "C" came from her evolving)

Choo and Alia made Aero; his grades are "D - S - S - S - D"
However, it took a multitude of breedings to get Aero - his usual genetic makeup was something similar to "X - A - B - C - X" instead of the "S"s I was specifically after.

In conclusion;
It seems to me that skill grade genetics can be blended (as seen with Sam and Zoe's Swim traits of "E" and "C", coming together to make Alia's "D") as well as standing alone (as seen with every time a Chao received an "S" grade from one parent). They can also potentially be hidden, not appearing in their skills but being revealed when breeding a Chao child. This makes a lot of sense, considering the Chao that I have bred so far.

(I'm not very good at explaining, I do apologise. Maybe I could draw diagrams or something?)

EDIT: Additionally, as you can see, as a Chao grows into a certain type, that grade upgrades 1.
For example, Sam's original grades were "C - D - A - B - E"
I grew him into a Run-Type, so his Run grade became an "S".
I haven't been able to work out if the child's grade is still relevant in their genetic makeup after they grow up, though. Maybe I should experiment with that, next?

SECOND EDIT: I just realised that there was a genetic anomaly in Choo's grade;
Where did his "B" in Running come from? The only explanation I can come up with is that one of his parents was hiding a "B" or "A" in their own genetic makeup.
I have edited my conclusion to reflect this fact.

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