My Chao won't stop being mad

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My Chao won't stop being mad

Post by ChillyChao » Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:26 pm

So I have a ROM of SA2 installed on my phone and I wait to get home from school pretty much everyday just to go to the Chao Garden. But something's a bit wrong. I have 2 Chao's, a :dark: Dark Chao who loves my characters, and :herosway: a Hero Chao who despises them. No matter what character I be, he just keeps being angry. Just to clarify, I have 3 characters. Knuckles, Rouge, and Dr.Eggman. I only use 2 of these characters, you can probably guess who but if you can't then it's Knuckles and Rouge. Idk what to do. I haven't ever seen anyone else talk about this. Some help please?
I unlocked Tails just now and decided to play as him. The Chao still had a angry face. I forgot to add that he just has a angry face but acts like a normal Chao. His hearts still come up when petted or picked up and his face changes to closed when eating. He just acts as a normal Chao but with a only 2 faces.
Edit 2
Thanks for the help guys!
Now my Hero Chao has evolved, as well as my dark Chao. I also unlocked both gardens and got 2 new Chao! Yay!
Bad news, now my Hero Chao legitimately has a strong hate for Knuckles and will growl and struggle when he picks him up. :P
I'm very happy now that I know my Hero boi is ok. ^^
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Re: My Chao won't stop being mad

Post by YuYuChaosho » Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:49 pm

What I think what you’re describing is a Chao that was naturally born with an Angry look.
They’re not actually Angry.
They just have a bad case of RBF
As all the Chao in the Chao Gardens once said...

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