Shy roleplayer advice?

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Shy roleplayer advice?

Post by Tsui » Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:41 am

So I play WoW, and I have a lowbie on Moon Guard, basically the most populated RP server. But the problem here is: I'm very shy. So much that my heart starts racing when I even think about logging on to my character. As soon as I made her I ran into a guy who created his character at, like, the exact same time, and his character was very rude and haughty and it made me extremely anxious. I managed to just laugh and be snarky back at the time but, I don't know. My anxiety medication doesn't last very long, not nearly as long as my average play time on my other charas. Anyway, I planned on playing her today in the wee hours of the morning when barely anyone else is on, but my meds have already worn off and... eeeeee????
Any advice for a shy roleplayer? D:

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Re: Shy roleplayer advice?

Post by Flara_Wolf » Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:32 am

A lot of the times, roleplay servers on WoW don't really have a lot of roleplayers. I would recommend either going on when people aren't on, as you said, or making very little conversation. Trying out roleplays on the site really helped with my online anxiety.
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