Do not create fad topics.

Forum games such as "corrupt a wish" and "rate the above poster" can be played in this forum.
This is also the area for casual chat topics.
Chao Points and post counting are disabled in this forum.
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Do not create fad topics.

Post by JmTsHaW » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:31 pm

The title's pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain anyway.

Basically, don't go around posting a certain type of topic just because everybody else is; Older members of the site should remember the "Hey (name)" fad back in November of 2011. Honestly, we don't need a repeat of that.

An example of these topics would be:
  • User A creates a topic titled "Chao"
  • User B sees this and creates a topic titled "Sonic Chao"
  • More users continue to create these topics until they are eventually dealt with by a moderator.
So tl;dr If I, or presumably any other moderator sees a wave of fad topics beginning in this board, they will be deleted without warning.

Please note that this also applies to Parody topics.

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