Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

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do you sort your bookmarks in some way? (folders, in order by subject, alphabetized, etc.)

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Veteran Chao
Veteran Chao
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Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by Tsui » Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:51 pm

I have a handful of bookmark folders, so I was wondering.

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Skilled Chao
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Re: Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by Pufflehugs » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:34 pm

I don't use bookmarks, but I do like to sort the "new tab" page in Chrome in a very specific way.
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Re: Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by retrolinkx » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:43 pm

Nah, I just bookmark stuff I might need later in any order, so it'll be ordered by date.

Everything I use on the internet is on my Bookmarks toolbar.
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Re: Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by Nano » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:43 pm

It depends

I usually don't, but if it's media like anime or something related to school I'll put it in a folder so it's easier to sort.

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Re: Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by chaoadventures » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:44 pm

Yes, but no folders, since it would just be one folder, very cleverly labeled "Webcomics" + a bookmark for CI's index page and Obvious Plant.

I'm overly meticulous about the positioning of each of the individual bookmarks I have on the toolbar though.

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Re: Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by ZeroAlpha » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:36 am

Sorting my bookmarks never occurred to me before now.
I only have a small handful of things bookmarked anyway, but I'll probably go through and sort them all once/if I wind up with more... eventually.
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Jeffery Mewtamer
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Ultimate Chaos Chao
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Re: Do you sort your browser bookmarks?

Post by Jeffery Mewtamer » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:52 am

Even if I could see, I couldn't imagine the Bookmarks Toolbar not being limited to the point of uselessness.

Anyways, my Bookmarks menu contains the following folders:
Forums: contains bookmarks to the index pages of forums I frequent.
Literature: Contains bookmarks to the latest chapter of in-progress fanfics I'm up-to-date on along with the following subfolders:
-Authors: Bookmarks to Author profiles/blogs, mainly for cases where I'm following multiple in-progress works by the same writer or they've just finished something and I'm hoping to read something new from them. Also where I store the bookmarks to my A3o profile and control panel.
-Original: Bookmarks for the latest chapter of original web serials I'm following, wiki pages to the latest chapters of Manga I'm following, and because I have no better place for it, the one Blog I follow for the blog itself and not for announcement of a new story.
Media: Mainly bookmarks to the video list of YouTube channels I follow. Also bookmark to the one bittorrent tracker I use and my list of custom playlists on YouTube.
Shopping: Bookmarks to various web stores, plus the following subfolders:
-Want to Buy: Bookmarks to individual product pages of items I want to buy. Mainly for sites without a wishlist or saved items feature or that lack a persistent shopping cart.
-Want More Information: Items I'm interested in, but the product pages are too vague for me to put them in the want to buy folder.
Technology: Bookmarks to things like Online utilities, professional organizations in my field, Wiki pages related to FOSS Software, etc. A bit of a grab-bag made when I removed college stuff from my now non-existant Professional folder(which was itself previously just College) and tossed in some things previously cluttering the main bookmarks menu.
Unread, Unread Short, and Unread Long: Containing Bookmarks to chapter 1 of stories I want to read(mostly fanfiction), sorted by word count. If I remember correctly, as of the last resort, short contained everything under 100k and Long contained everything over 250k. I try to balance the divisions so I can open all in tabs on any folder without triggering a "opening to many new tabs" warning, and will reduce to two folders or even one if my reading list grows short enough, and would probably add a fourth folder if I ever got to the point of all three triggering a too many new tabs warning. Wish I could sort these folders by word count since I often just open all in tabs and pick the one of the lowest word count to pick my next read(as such, Unread short is the most often to be deleted).

And the top level Bookmarks menu contains things like:
A shortcut to my Home directory for browsing the local filesystem in Firefox, vital since I can't cut-and-paste from other applications and opening a file dialog crashes either Firefox, Orca, or X.
A Bookmark to my own Homepage, even though its little more than a Resume and contact page I had to make for Senior Seminar.
The most literal of bookmarks: The the next chapter in queue for things I'm in the process of reading.
Anything I haven't sorted yet or doesn't fit in existing folders but doesn't justify its own folder.

In addition to refactoring my Unread folders, I use the "too many new tabs" warning as an indicator to create subfolders. For example, I currently have no more than three fics from the same fandom bookmarked under Literature, but at one point, I was following nearly a dozen in-progress Harry Potter fics and so I had a Harry Potter subfolder under Literature to avoid the too many new tabs warning.

Oh, and for "tempoarary" bookmarks(such as for the latest chapter of an in-progress work that will be replaced when a new chapter comes out), I tend to leave Firefox's default of using the entire Title bar for the bookmark name, but for more permanent bookmarks, I often shorten the name to something more concise(for example, my bookmark for CI is just named "Chao Island").

Oh, and I keep most of my folders sorted alphanumerically and find it annoying Firefox defaults to adding new bookmarks to the bottom of a folder instead of auto sorting. I don't always keep the Top Bookmarks menu sorted since it's sometimes useful to have recently bookmarked stuff at the bottom and because I have to open the Bookmarks sidebar to sort the top level bookmarks folder. I also find it annoying I can't get rid of the Bookmarks Toolbar and Other Bookmarks folders despite them having always been empty.
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