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Things about the forum and updates will be here. READ THIS BEFORE POSTING. Also read if there is a new post there.
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Forum Stuff

Post by Mooncow » Sat Aug 23, 2008 5:49 pm

updated topic here - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=893 - Mooncow

Warning System
At the bottom right of each post is a Report Button, it looks like this. Image If the post is against the rules, you can report the post by clicking the button and leaving a message. It will send you to the Report filing page, and will then be sent to the moderation queue to be dealt with.
Once the moderator has seen the post, he will act on it, and then close the report.

The warning system Operates as follows. When you are warned you will receive a Warning (or more if it is severe). If you receive 3 warnings, you will be banned. You will be notified how long your yellow card will stay for, and what post/topic it was received for. The Standard time for Warnings is about 3 months.

Points System
[NOTICE] Chao Points are back, but Rings are currently Disabled. They might be back up eventually.
This forums uses two systems. Rings, and Chao Points.
You can only gain one Ring every 24 hours.
You earn one Chao Point per post. You can donate Chao Points to other users, but not Rings. You can spend your Chao Points in the shop. I may be adding games that involve Chao Points in the future, but this is undecided.
For more details, see this thread: Ranks, chao points, rings, the forum shop, and chao dice!

Avatar & Signature
Avatars cannot be more than 112x112 pixels.
Signatures may contain one image no more than 500×100 pixels, and 4 lines of text. But, if you have an image in your signature, you are limited to one line of text.
And of course, no images inappropriate as stated in the Rules and Guidelines. Abuse of these will have your Avatar/Signature privileges disabled.
For more details, see this thread: About: Posting, Avi/Sig Limits, Warnings, Etc.
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Re: Forum Stuff

Post by Drouge » Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:54 pm

The first post has been updated. For Clarification on anything, PM a Moderator or Mooncow.