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Re: Pokemon Nickname Topic

Post by Jack Augustine » Sun May 11, 2014 6:29 am

I named my Vaporeon Aquarius, and my Honedge Steele.

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Re: Pokemon Nickname Topic

Post by Tobi » Sun May 11, 2014 12:23 pm

My nicknames are either puns, references or are a bit more deep. My Aegislash is called Mastersword, for example. And I called my Banette Lil' Cal.
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Re: Pokemon Nickname Topic

Post by tailsdolllover98 » Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:43 pm

hmm nicknames...I try to name all my pokemon so here's what I got so far

Original X team (changed team completely)

Delphox-topaz mum named him couldn't think of one at the time
Azumaril-aqua liked aqua for my azumaril it suited her nicely
Lucario(mega)-ice couldn't think of name and hidden power type was ice so went with
Mawile(mega)-willow personal favourite of this team
Charizard(f)-charri mate named this one :)

New X team (looking for 6th member)


this has 2 reasons 1) the typing + couldn't go sparky cos name of my 1st pet. Who I lost at age of 4 (mum had him before I was born) and second reason is the main reason tbh its my bf's fave mon and that's his nickname so I thought why not and tbh love ma lil jolteon to bits fastest mon on team


This is my fave pokemon along with jolteon so I'm not too bothered but have one called kyuubi the ninetales on ma party was tried to me as a vulpix lvl 1 now lvl 100 (all pokes are) so cannot name but not too bothered


Again mum named this mon but I kinda like it for her and I realised its also an anagram (think that's the word :S) for ma best mate's name alex xD

Gardevoir(shiny mega)-luna

Love shiny mega gardevoir its amazing in a strange way shiny mega gardevoir reminds me of the corpse bride so she has shadow sneak and destiny bond luna seemed like a perfect name for her cos of her colour scheme and the move moonblast

Rayquaza(shiny) rayquaza

Again this one was traded to me but I'm not complaining because he is my fave legendary along with suicune mew and land forme shaymin so I'm just lucky to own him

None party mon that I have


This name I thought was interesting because chanza is korean for wisdom and with it being a psychic type I thought it fit nicely

Tried to go for irony here seeing as milotic is the most beautiful pokemon (apparently) I thought name it after a creature who's looks caused people to turn to stone

Plusle/minun-yin and yang

These two are each others counterparts so I thought why not

There's MANY more but this posts long enough as it is xD
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