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Mystery Files Translation

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Translation from /vp/

What is Pokemon Mystery File?
Time travel, aliens, UFOs, parallel universes, ancient ruins. There are urban legends and rumors that Pokemon are involved in some way with such things. Are they really just rumors? Specialists in the field have gathered to have full discussions on these fascinating mysteries!

Who's words to believe is up to you...

Ruin Maniac Sakuji
He loves the history involved in ruins, and studies ancient ruins and cave paintings from around the world. He believes that the secrets of these ancient ruins are tied Pokemon. He is especially interested in the Unown writings.

Occult Maniac Hitomi
She has had in interest in the mysteries of the world since she was a young girl, and now researches the occult daily. She especially loves Ghost-type Pokemon. She's a huge fan of PokeStar Studios' Invaders movie series.

Occult Skeptic Prof. Oonuki
He is a researcher that forwards that occult phenomenon can be explained rationally with science. He teaches physics in college, but because his handwriting is so sloppy his students often joke that it's "harder to read than Unown glyphs."


The Elgyem picture taken 50 years ago.
The existence of Elgyem was never confirmed until around 50 years ago. Because of this, it's rumored that they came from a UFO that crashed in the desert. This picture taken 50 years ago is rumored to be that of a freshly captured Elygem who came from the UFO. In actuality, this picture was later determined to be that of a husband and wife trainer couple taking a walk with their Elgyem. There is still much mystery surrounding Elgyem.

The key to solving the world's mysteries is held by Pokemon!
Approaching the four great mysteries of Pokemon!

Ancient ruins, time travel, rumors of extraterrestrials - there exist many strange things in this world that can't be explained by science alone. The idea that all of these are deeply connected to the Pokemon that we're familiar with is one commonly shouted on high. And so our staff is investigating these supernatural occurrences, especially those called the mysteries of the world, from all many different angles. And there what came to our attention, unsurprisingly, was the existence of Pokemon!
No matter angle you look from, the existence of Pokemon holds the key to the world's mysteries... Let's reveal the whole picture!

Facilitator - Ruin Maniac Sakuji
Commentator - Occult Maniac Hitomi
Commentator - Occult Skeptic Prof. Oonuki


How are Pokemon connected to the passage of time!?

Being able to travel across time may be one of humanity's biggest dreams. Rumors of time travelers have been a mainstay in occult circles. Will the mystery behind Pokemon and time be uncovered!?

Hitomi: Among Pokemon, there exist those with the power to control and cross time.
Prof. Oonuki: How stupid. If you're saying that Pokemon can travel across time, then show me a Pokemon that's come from the future.

The story of the Celebi and the trainer that crossed time.
Everyone here likely knows this story.
A lucky trainer who came into possession of a Celebi visited the shrine in the Johto region's Ilex Forest. The trainer's surroundings suddenly changed, and they found themselves standing in a place they've never been. In that moment the radio on the trainer's PokeGear started a broadcast from 3 years ago.
One of our staff who comes from the Johto region said that this story is widely known in Johto.

The Time Travel Pokemon Celebi
A Pokemon said to have traveled across time from the future. It is said to only appear in peaceful times, and that if ones sees a Celebi that means that one can look forward to a bright future. It's said that in the Johto region's Ilex Forest there were a Celebi and trainer that crossed time.

Sakuji: The Ilex Forest is a large forest near Azalea Town in Johto. There is believed to be a time traveling god that watches over the forest, and it is said that if one desecrates the shrine in the forest, that person will be spirited away.
Hitomi: Celebi has the power to cross time. This is even said in the Pokedex.
Oonuki: The number of trainers to meet Celebi is extremely low, so isn't this nothing more than hearsay? This person says they caught Ho-oh and Lugia, went to a shrine in the middle of the night, and other nonsense. It's suspect that anyone has even ever caught Celebi.
Hitomi: There are other Pokemon who control time. Such as Dialga.

The Temporal Pokemon Dialga
The legendary Pokemon said to control the flow of time. It's said that when Dialga was born, time began to move, and when its heart took its first beat, time began to flow. With full control of the flow of time, it can freely move between past and future.

Sakuji: Dialga is said to reside on Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh region. It, together with the legendary Pokemon Palkia who controls space, are the gods talked about in the Sinnoh region's mythology.
Hitomi: Dialga can even use its time manipulation powers in its moves. Its move Roar of Time attacks the target with enough power to distort time. Would professor like to try taking that attack? You might end up in the past or future. Ufufufu...
Oonuki: ...I refuse!

Among Pokemon, there truly are those that can control time such as these. It could be said that with either of these two Pokemon than can manipulate time, for perhaps with some other Pokemon that can cross time, it wouldn't be fantasy for someone to travel across the ages...


There are a surprising number of Pokemon related to space!
Since long ago, people have wondered if there exists lifeforms similar to humans outside the lands we live in. There has yet to be discovered any evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life or society. But could evidence of such things exist in the shadows of Pokemon right in front of use?

Hitomi: When the subject of Pokemon who live the closest to outer space come up, my thoughts go first to Rayquaza and Minior. Both live in the ozone layer between the land and space.

The Sky High Pokemon Rayquaza
A legendary Pokemon said to flown through the ozone layer for hundreds of millions of years, feeding off of meteorites that enter of atmosphere. It's said use the energy taken from the meteors and stored in its body to Mega Evolve. There exists legend in the Hoenn region of Rayquaza stopping the battle between Groudon and Kyogre.

The Meteor Pokemon Minior
A Pokemon born from mutated nanoparticles in the ozone layer. Originally living in the ozone layer, it falls to the surface after its shell grows heavy. It lives off of particles in the air, the contents of which determine the color of its body.

Oonuki: Even if both of these Pokemon live in the ozone layer, that doesn't mean they're in outer space.
Hitomi: There are other Pokemon with some connection to space, such as Clefairy. I once went the Kanto region a long while ago to see the Clefairy's dance on Mt. Moon. It was a very mystifying sight...

The Fairy Pokemon Clefairy
Since long ago, Clefairy have been observed to gather and dance on night when the moon is full, and that an unusual magnetic field surrounds the area when this occurs. Additionally, Clefairy evolve into Clefable through the use of a Moon Stone, and wild Clefairy have been found holding such stones. Because of this, many people believe that Clefairy have some connection to the moon.

Hitomi: Could the Moon Stones hold some sort of cosmic power in them?
Oonuki: But there's been no reports of sighting of Clefairy or Clefable on the moon. And it's still unclear if Moon Stones are truly stones fallen from the moon. To stop this occult talk from spreading, we need to analyze Clefairy's biology and the stones' makeup someday!
Hitomi: It seems you won't accept that there are any Pokemon in space... So then, how will you feel about Deoxys?

The DNA Pokemon Deoxys
A mythical Pokemon that mutated from a virus on a meteor from space. It has high intelligence and control over psychic powers. It's said that the crystal structure in its chest is its brain, and its been seen to shoot lasers from it. It can change between four specialized forms.

Hitomi: How's that? If even a virus can become a Pokemon, who knows what other Pokemon could be out there in the galaxy.
Oonuki: Even if there were Pokemon who live out in space, none would have the intelligence to start a civilization.
Hitomi: There is a Pokemon said to come from a crashed UFO.

The Cerebral Pokemon Elgyem
A Pokemon rumored to have come a UFO that crash landed in the desert 50 years ago. No one had even seen the Pokemon before then. It uses its psychic power to put pressure on the target's brain, causing a headache.

Hitomi: I have occult friends that swear they've seen a UFO crash out in the desert. There just might be Pokemon that can build UFOs.
Oonuki: That's ridiculous! Besides, there are many reports of people misidentifying Pokemon as UFOs.

The Magnet Area Pokemon Magnezone
A Pokemon evolved from Magneton due to a strange electromagnetic field. It emits magnetism from its three units. It flies through the skies broadcasting strange radio waves, and is said to receive unknown broadcasts back. There are many reports of people mistaking Magnezone for UFOs.

Sakuji: Certainly, if you look at a silhouette of Magnezone, it looks like a UFO... (Also, I want to introduce another phenomena that follows along this theme...)
Hitomi: Think of it the other way around, Magnezone might have some connection to UFOs. The possibilities that visitors from another world may have created Pokemon with a similar shape to their vehicles is not zero...
Oonuki: There's no aliens in the first place. If there are then show my some.
Sakuji: Eeeh... This become such a heated debate from the start. That's good, so I would like to introduce another topic. There's a story that someone met an alien in the Alola region's Haina desert.

The old man from space!?
There's an old man in the Haina desert who has used up everything. He's even forgotten who he is and how to return home. He's searching for a nostalgic Pokemon in the corner of his memories.
Sol... Luna... Is what he says he wants to meet. Have him meet a Solrock or Lunatone and he regains his memories. This old man says he received a cosmic pulse from Solrock and Lunatone 30 years ago, and entrusted that power to many other old men. Then, the old man said he can use power he received to return home to space, then disappeared into the sky.

Hitomi: My occult friend looked into this event, and afterwords, couldn't find this old man anywhere. He must have really returned to space... The Pokemon Solrock and Lunatone that he received whatever power from might have some connection to aliens.

The Meteorite Pokemon Solrock
A Pokemon said to have fallen from space. It absorbs energy from sunlight and rotates its body to unleash light and heat.

The Meteorite Pokemon Lunatone
Because this Pokemon was found in a meteor crash site 40 years ago, it's theorized that it comes from space, but this is yet unproven. Its energy levels seem to be affected by the phases of the moon, and it's at its most active during full moons.

Pokemon have been discovered in places no one though life could life, such as in magma and on the ocean floor. In regards to the mysteries of space, there are people such are Prof. Cozmo and the Mossdeep Space Center in Hoenn, and the researching at the Hokulani Observatory in Alola that work to uncover these mysteries. As research continues, the chance of finding yet undiscovered Pokemon in outer space is there.
Perhaps emissaries from space have already arrived...

File 3 - Parallel Worlds x Pokemon

A way to travel to parallel dimensions!? Finding the truth behind the Distortion World!
In the streets, there are things spoken of as if it's truth. "There is another dimension called the Distortion World." The Distortion World is said to be another world on the underside of this one. A strange dimensional space in which this world's logic doesn't apply. Time doesn't flow, and space is unfixed. And it's said that in this mysterious world, the legendary Pokemon Giratina resides.

The key to entering the Distortion World, the legendary Pokemon!
We caught word that there really exists a person who visited the Distortion World. Immediately we went to work and heard from a friend of a friend about this person who went to the Distortion World.
"I heard from a friend of a friend that some group of no-goods called Team something-or-other were trying to destroy this world and create a new one, and it was discovered by accident. You can go there from the Spear Pillar at the summit of Sinnoh's Mt. Coronet. Though, apparently you need the power of both legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia"

We quickly headed to the summit of Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh region. At the summit were a large number of destroyed pillars, and markings that looks like a large creature had fought there. We tried many methods to call out to Dialga and Palkia, but we had no results. But as were leaving, one staff member yelled that they saw some black shadow by the alter. When we got closer to check we found nothing unusual, but perhaps this was the legendary Pokemon Giratina.

What is the ruler of the Distortion World, Giratina?
According to Sinnoh myth, Giratina was born at the same time as Dialga and Palkia. However, even when looking though ancient texts, no other information could be found, other than it was cast out of the world for its violence. After a tough journey, we found someone who, on conditions of anonymity, showed us a snapshot. This is the picture taken of someone said to have entered the Distortion World.

The staff member who spotted the shadow at the Spear Pillar said that this picture was similar to the shadow they saw. The person who gave us this snapshot said that Giratina quietly watches this world, dragging those that break the laws of the world into the Distortion World to feel its wrath.
We are still investigating the Distortion World and Giratina. Please stay tuned for future updates.

Pokemon who have connections to other worlds.
Upon investigating myths and texts on Pokemon, we have found other Pokemon said to have connections to other worlds.
Bronzong has long been revered as a god of harvest, but it's said that it opens holes into other worlds to summon rain. Additionally, Mega Gengar can hide itself away in another dimension, and attack from there. Hoopa uses the rings on its body to take things from far away and teleport, but is unmistakeably traveling through another dimension.

And there have been Pokemon made artificially for the purpose of working in other dimensions. It's said that Porigon-Z was upgraded with the intent of it performing work in other dimensions of space. However, this failed for unknown reasons, causing its erratic behavior.
This may have been a warning from those in other dimensions. That one mustn't step into these places...

Sakuji: And so, this theme is "other dimensions". Since long ago, stories of other worlds have been unending across the world. But with solid evidence of this Distortion World, we are one step closer to the truth.
Hitomi: Ufufu... The Distortion World, such a wonderful name... The laws of reality must even distort there...
Oonuki: Going into other dimensions is simply laughable. This friend of a friend's story has a 97.8% chance of being a huge lie.
Hitomi: ... What's the remaining 2.2%?
Oonuki: That they misheard.

Sakuji: So professor, I take it you believe other worlds don't exist?
Oonuki: Of course. There's no scientific evidence of such things!
Hitomi: Other worlds are close by, even if you don't realize...
Oonuki: What's that? Where's the proof of that that, proof!
Hitomi: Of course... Things in my room... Have just been sucked into another dimension before... I still can't find them...
Oonuki: That's just you not cleaning your room!
Sakuji: Well then! What about the picture of what appears to be Giratina? This has credibility to it.
Hitomi: That right... That foreboding shadow... I want to call it into my room...
Oonuki: Well that, that's certainly some type of trick. Photo editing software has gotten quite advanced. Yesterday, a picture of a UFO people were crying about turned out to be a doctored image of a Magnezone! Unforgivable!
Hitomi: Hmm, Magnezone... isn't cute... Now Gengar...
Oonuki: That has nothing do with it!
Hitomi: Ah, what should I do to call Giratina to me? Maybe if I try to distort the laws of this world it'll come. Then I better start now. I'll curse this world to disappear.
Oonuki: I, I don't believe in curses. I don't believe!
Hitomi: Oh? Then I'll make professor disappear first. Let's see, the curse for erasing people is...
Oonuki: Wait, there's a lecture I need to attend! I forgot about it! Excuse me!
Sakuji: Wa- Wait Proffesor! ... He's already gone.
Hitomi: Well then, I better start my preparations to call upon Giratina. Have a nice day!
Sakuji: ... (I suppose there's nothing I can do but pray she doesn't succeed)

However they do it, there are several Pokemon with the ability to access other worlds. At this time, there is no evidence of humans living in other worlds, but Pokemon such as Giratina already exists, and so talk of humans from parallel worlds might not be so farfetched.

Cultures more advanced then the present!? The mysteries behind ancient ruins!
Ancient ruins dot many regions. Theories float around based things found here and there that there existed a "super ancient civilization" with technology more advanced than our own today.
Ancient ruins are structures build in ancient times. The scale ranges from caves and towers to entire ancient cities, but something they all share in common are texts suggesting the existence of advanced technology, and the fact that they worshiped Pokemon as gods.

Remaining ruins across different regions.
Kanto (Sevii Islands)
Tanoby Ruins
Dotted Hole

Ruins of Alph
Sinjoh Ruins (in land outside Johto)

Sky Pillar
Sealed Chamber
Desert Ruins
Island Cave
Ancient Tomb

Solaceon Ruins
Celestic Town's ancient ruins
Spear Pillar

Abyssal Ruins

Geosenge Town's ancient ruins

Ruins of Conflict
Ruins of Life
Ruins of Abundance
Ruins of Hope


Investigating the ancient ruins sunk to the ocean's floor!
In order to uncover the mysteries behind the super ancient civilization, we decided to investigate the Abyssal Ruins in the Unova region. As the name implies, these ruins are deep on the ocean floor, and can only be reached by diving. As such, we got the help of a Pokemon trainer guide, and started filming. There we found shocking things!
Ancient writings. On the walls of the Abyssal Ruins were carved mysterious ancient glyphs. According to our guide, these are clues pointing to a hidden treasure. Using the method of deciphering them we received from our guide, we could read them thus.

We could read the writings, but the words remained confusing. Our guide only knew up this, and so we stopped our treasure hunt and continued investigation of the ruins. But the interior was complex, and strong currents would periodically push us back to the surface, slowing down the investigation considerably. Reaching the inner most area proved especially difficult. This may be the ancient people's devices to hide the existence of the super ancient civilization. We continued for several hours, but made no real progress in our investigation.

Afterwords, our guide showed us items found in the Abyssal Ruins. Among them were 3000 years old objects such as gold coins and pots, as well as plates with pictures carved into them. Their use remains unknown. These objects that modern technology can't analyze, these could truly be proof of the super ancient civilization. And where did they get their advanced technology? The idea that they got it from the future is perhaps not out of the question...

The key to proving the technology of the super ancient civilizations lies in their writing!
One day while in the midst of our investigation, we received a letter from an unknown source. The letter was a single sentence, "study the symbols." Trusting this mystery letter, we took a closer look at the writings in these ruins.

Other than the ancient writings found in the Abyssal Ruins, there are two main ancient writings that were used. One was made though different combinations of dots. These can be seen in the Dotted Hole in Kanto, and in the Sealed Chamber in Hoenn. It's said that deciphering these writing can lead one to special Pokemon.

The other ancient writing is known as the Unown glyphs. These can be found the Ruins of Alph in the Johto region, and are very similar to the Pokemon Unown.
There are 28 types of Unown, the same number as the glyphs. At this time, it's still yet unknown whether the glyphs came first, or if the symbols are based on the Unown. Additionally, because no eggs have been found, some researchers have theorized that Unown have some relation to Ultra Beasts. Perhaps by researching the Unown we can come closer to the truth behind the ancient ruins. Our challenge still continues.

Sakuji: And so, our theme now is ancient ruins. My specialty! Ask me anything ladies and gentlemen!
Hitomi: I've never seen you this lively...
Oonuki: I feel the same. But let me say this! There's no way ancient civilization was more advanced than modern day! Don't take scientific advancement so lightly.
Sakuji: No, let's me tell you something! The super ancient civilization did exist! There's plenty of evidence for it. Among researchers, there's even a theory that they got their technology from the future.
Hitomi: Woah, what a wonderful theory... I cast my vote for that...
Oonuki: That's putting the cart before the horse! Let's say that time travelers from the future did exist, why would they give this technology to primitive savages. Why wouldn't they give it to say, an intelligent modern man such as myself!
Hitomi: ... I think I can understand why...
Sakuji: I agree.
Oonuki: What does that mean!

Sakuji: Well, let's put the future talk aside. We have found unique writings in these ruins. Having writing-based communication could be said to be a sign of advanced society.
Oonuki: Is that so? You think those Seviper trail looking squiggles are proof of culture. Even my writing is better. *writes note*
Sakuji: ... This is terrible.
Hitomi: It's like the trail of a Zigzagoon... Or the prints of a Snorlax who suddenly awoke and ran to find food...
Oonuki: What's that mean!
Hitomi: What did you even write...?
Oonuki: No, you can read it. It says Unown. Unown!
Hitomi: ... You should apologize to the Unown...
Oonuki: What's that!
Sakuji: I'm in agreement with the occult maniac! You must apologize immediately! We should hurry to the Ruins of Alph right now!
Hitomi: Ufufu... Unown, how fun...
Oonuki: You two just want to go there! Let me go! Let gooooooooo!


The one to create to the ancient world and Pokemon, Arceus!?

We will now discuss the tale of a certain trainer's strange experience. They're said to have went to the Ruins of Alph with the mythical Pokemon Arcues.
Then suddenly, their vision went dark, and they seemingly teleported to another location. They were in the far away Sinjoh Ruins. In these ruins, said to be the fusion of Sinnoh and Johto culture, there was a holy stage built to worship Arcues, called the Mystri Stage. Legends say that when Arceus gets on the stage, time, space, and anti-matter mix and create a new world.

And so Arceus gives birth the god of time Dialga, the god of space Palkia, and the god of anti-matter Giratina.

The mysterious beings confirmed to be real in the Alola region, Ultra Beasts. Various theories are flying around as to what exactly they are. And now specialists of two opposing positions, occult and science, have a heated debate to find the truth!

Debate Start!

Sudden appearance! Here comes the Ultra Beasts!!
Sightings of Ultra Beasts have increases rapidly in the Alola region recently. They are said to be extremely dangerous creatures, doing things such as possessing people and swallowing buildings.
It is now understood that Ultra Beasts came from another world called Ultra Space, through the use of rifts in dimensions called Ultra Wormholes.

What is an Ultra Beast?
They are mysterious beings from another world known as Ultra Space. There are multiple species of Ultra Beasts, each with a codename among the international police.

What is Ultra Space?
The overall name of the other world where Ultra Beasts live. It's said that many Ultra Beasts live there, but details are unclear.

Terror! The Ultra Beast Project
Additionally, the Aether Foundation is known to have used the power of an unknown Pokemon to open Ultra Wormholes! We went to the artificial island where the Aether Foundation was studying Ultra Beasts, the Aether Paradise. And there we learned that this place where the Aether Foundation were performing top secret research was also the location of terrifying experimentation.

Oonuki: The Aether Foundation is an organization for protecting the injured Pokemon of the Alola region. They also perform various research.
Hitomi: There are rumors that unbeknown by the average employee, they've been performing dangerous research.


What are the Ultra Beasts?
We succeeded in contacting someone who was involved in the research of Ultra Beasts. And from him we learned the shocking truth!

Interview with Former Aether Foundation Employee A-san
"What I was involved with was the secret project of researching the Ultra Beasts that appeared out of the Ultra Wormholes. Many Aether Foundation employees are completely unaware of this research. In the project I took part in, I performed experiments to use to power of an unknown Pokemon to open Ultra Wormholes. During one experiment the Aether Foundation lab and Ultra Space connected, and Professor Mohn disappeared."

It seems that the Aether Foundation created an Ultra Wormhole themselves, and connected Ultra Space to the Alola region. And on further investigation, we found out that a trainer actually entered an Ultra Wormhole into Ultra Space and returned back to Alola!
The following is the moment an Ultra Wormhole opened up in the Aether Foundation, secretly captured on camera by a trainer that was there at the time.

Hitomi: It's said that Ultra Beasts came to our world through Ultra Wormholes.
Oonuki: I heard that it was discovered by Professor Mohn, but to see it's actually true! No, it must just be a hole caused by Z Power!

Sending a camera into the Ultra Beast's world!
Additionally, we have received pictures of Ultra Space, taken by the person said to have visited it. This location seems to have been filled with the Ultra Beast known as Nihilego.
This Nihilego uses neurotoxin to unleash people's hearts. There are records of possessed people going on a rampage. People possessed by Nihilego are also weakened by the poison to the point that they can no longer move by their own power.

Oonuki: Pokemon possessing people and sending them on rampages is just nonsense!! It must have just been people panicking because a strange Pokemon grabbed them.
Hitomi: There are other records of Pokemon and people joining together.

Strange! The human who fused with a Pokemon!?
The Pokemon maniac Bill, who lives in the Kanto region. Creator of the Pokemon transfer system, one day while testing his machine an accident caused him to fuse with a Pokemon.
Unable to activate the machine again, Bill was stuck in the form of a Pokemon. However he still possessed human speech, and received the aid of a passing trainer to return to his original form. Bill lived life as usual after this.
Some researchers now look at this incident when trying to find a cure for those people who have been possessed by Nihilego.

This look into the Ultra Space revealed no Ultra Beasts other than Nihilego. There may be other Ultra Spaces that contain other species of Ultra Beast. Ultra Space contains such shocking qualities. There is still much unclear, the research has only just begun...

Hitomi: There a still so many mysteries, but occult researchers will undoubtedly uncover the whole picture...
Oonuki: Again with this stupid stuff! The Aether Foundation opened the way to Ultra Space with the power of science. Science will reveal all!

Who's words to believe is up to you...