More info on Favorite Food.

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More info on Favorite Food.

Post by Rufflikerex » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:19 pm

EDIT: I'm an idiot. I just found the page about this, but whatevs.

So, one day I fed Ronald (One of my Chao) a Square Fruit, but he threw it away without taking a single bite. While doing so he used the upset expression ( :chaoangry: )! After seeing this I decided to do some experimenting.

So, I got 3 Chao with different "Favorite Foods", Chao1 liked Round Fruit, Chao 2 liked Square fruit, and Chao 3 liked Triangle fruit. I then bought one of each of the "Shape Fruit" (Round, Square and Triangle) and let each of the chao try each fruit.

Chao 1 was willing to eat the Round and Triangle fruit, but it refused to eat the Square Fruit.
Chao 2 was willing to eat the Square and Round fruit, but it refused to eat the Triangle fruit.
Chao 3 was willing to eat the Triangle and Square fruit, but it refused to eat the Round fruit.

What does this mean? Well, my results say that each Chao has a Favorite type of fruit they love to eat, a type of fruit they won't mind to eat, and they have a type of fruit that they absolutely hate based on the favorite fruit of the Chao. The way the 3 kinds of fruit that Chao will like, not mind, and hate aren't completely random as the second batch of Chao I used cooked up the exact same results. So it seems that the Chao's liking to fruit are 100% dependant on the Chao's favorite fruit.

This was a minor, but interesting fact. :herocool:

(If this was already known, then sorry but I just didn't find this info on this website.)
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