SADX Monster Evolution Mod

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Newborn Chao
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SADX Monster Evolution Mod

Post by Exant » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:29 pm

Download: ... 8gCqO8C5vo
I'm starting to port some of the codes over to SADX. It works the same way as in SA2.
Requirements to get monster evo:
1. Chao must be in second evolution (magnitude >= 0.9, I made it 0.9 just because it looks almost the same as 1, usually the only thing that differs is color)
2. You need to have 2000 stat points in one kind of skill (Swim,Fly,Run,Power)
3. Have Maxed out slider (If want Swim monster evo then you need 2000 stat in Swim and have -1 in SwimFly slider since -1 is max towards Swim)
5. profit!


Thanks to:
DarkyBenji - for the original SA2 monster evo code.

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