~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the future.

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~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the future.

Post by NachoThePikachu » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:12 am

This is a story I've been working on, based on some of the adventures we chao role players have had during role playing. If you don't RP with us much, you probably won't get it, but I believe this is some of my better writing work, and my friends have been enjoying the story so I figured I would share.

The first four parts have already been written, so I'll leave those here for now. :3

Btw: This is more for entertainment and fun purposes, and i'm not really trying to be a perfect writer or anything, but criticism will be accepted if it's given.
Chapter One: The truth comes out.

Many people believe it all started with Luna. The chao who came from the moon, teleported onto earth, and met the hero known as Zero. However, I know this wasn't truly the beginning. They've all heard the stories, but they haven't heard the real ones. Does anyone ever recall the two chao, Zero and Pebbles, who both came from the future and were accidentally sent into the past? Did they ever wonder if that was the true beginning?

Well, the truth would have to spill out one day... right? I guess this is it.


Sai and the others had just gone through a deadly cave, saved by Zero's incredible blue star. They were rescuing Sun, and even after they emerged out into safety, they still managed to find a way to get into an argument.
((the next few verses are actual quotes from the roleplay that I altered a bit to give more meaning.))

"STAY!" Zero said to Chu, a regular day chao who was trying to leave. Zero was, obviously angry, but not for any of the recent events, he'd never tell anybody this, but Zero had actually become angry and cried over being abducted and torn from his friends.

Sai put her paws on her hips. "Don't force him!" She shouted angrily.

Zero replied, "He's meant to help. I can sense the future with him in it!"

Sai rolled her eyes, "Listen Zero, you are a chao. Chao cannot sense the Future, chao cannot drive cars. You are the same, just like everyone else here." She explained, "Now stop acting all weird, and act Like a chao." She scolded.

"Now you listen, Sai. I am from the FUTURE. Things are a bit different in the future. The way I built my Blue Star means I CAN drive it. It's all electronic." Zero retorted.

Sai frowned and sat down, "Whatever you say," she grumbled, irritated. Blinking, she then looked over at Zero. "Okay then, if you're from the future, then tell me. How am I in the future?" she asked, not expecting an actual answer.

Zero closed his eyes and remembered a charming Chao who, he remembered, had been the reincarnation of Sai. They'd been building up a love interest before Zero was abducted. Her name was... Flora.


*Bzzrt* "Agent 394 of sector 5 reporting in, I have just entered the atmosphere of the planet known as earth. I can see blue skies, green terrain, and red heat from our ship breaking through the atmosphere, of course." A feminine voice remarked, smirking. "Will report in once we have landed safely."

*Bzzrt* "Copy that, agent 394."

The neutral fly chao gave a small grin to herself as she placed her small portable radio on her belt, given to her from the chao at the 'Universal Protection Agency', which she happened to be apart of. This chao was named Flora, also known as 394 to her command staff and fellow recruits. She was being sent on her first mission, the one they called "Operation Salvage". Though she was one of the rookies, she was more experienced than some of the others.

As the small rocket flew into view of a landing spot, Flora gripped the steering handles and pulled back to the left, attempting to maneuver the plane to fly on it's side rather than straight downwards. Luckily, she managed to do just that, skidding across the open grassy field just before the friction and brake caused the ship to completely stop after creating a long mark in the ground. Flora lurched forward a bit from the force of the stop, but fell back onto the chair with a small thump. Letting out a small breath, she pushed against the top of the window, making it open back, allowing her to hop out and take her first steps on earth. "I've heard so much about this place, who knew it could've been more mysterious than I imagined?" She thought aloud to herself, smiling softly.

Pulling her radio out of it's belt pouch, she held the top button to communicate with the others back at the station.

*Bzzrt* "I have arrived safely. Everything here seems to be empty as of so far, no danger is anywhere near, thankfully. I will complete the mission to regroup the last few chao on this planet and bring them back to Ceres with me." She said, releasing the button and awaiting a response.

*Bzzrt* "Copy that, Operation Salvage is now underway. Good luck, agent 394."

Placing the radio back once again, Flora opened up her wings and took flight. She didn't fly too high, but flew high enough where she could see all that was under her without being spotted easily. "Phew... I feel like this is what i've been waiting to do my whole life. What... what i've been trained to do my whole life..." That's when the sad realization hit her. She had been trained to do this her whole life. It was the only thing she was ever dedicated to doing, and the only thing she ever did. "...Wait..." She whispered to herself. "I'm just a number... 394... aren't I?"

Shaking her head at the thoughts, Flora just flew faster, hoping to find some sign of life soon. "I really hope this place isn't deserted..."

Just a few hours later, she spotted a small group that seemed to be in a fight, or a conflict of some sort.

"You HAVE to believe me. I can help ALL of you!" a voice shouted, stepping closer to a few frightened chao.

"Eep! N-No! Y-You're scary!" One cried, huddling beside one of the others.

"How can we help you if you're scared? You gotta come with us!" The other chao said, referring to himself and the other male chao.

"L-Leave us alone!" Another yelped, taking a few shaky steps back.

Even though Flora wasn't to get involved in others' businesses, she couldn't help but land between the two groups and interrupt the conflict.

"Hey hey, what's going on here?" She asked as she looked between the chao. She noticed two of them seemed more confident and stronger than the other three, scared chao. Were they bothering them?

The question went unanswered as the three chao fled, running away from the scene and Flora. There was a small frown on her face as she turned to face the other two chao, who inspected her with confused looks.

"Who are you?" One immediately asked, being stern, but cautious.

"I'm agent 394 of the Universal Protection Agency." She said proudly. "And you are?"

One hesitated, looking over at his companion and nodding. The sapphire chao then looked over at Flora again and smiled. "I'm Pebbles."

The chao beside him stood up more boldly and grinned. "The name's Zero." He replied, elbowing Pebbles as the two began to laugh.

Flora tilted her head. "What? What's so funny?"

Zero, the run chao just shrugged. "Are you a robot with no name? Just numbers?"

"I-I'm not a robot! I'm just an agent...! We're not supposed to give out our names..!"

"Fine, fine. I guess these robots are trained really well, then." Pebbles said, raising a brow.

Flora huffed, offended. "My name is Flora! There! Happy?"

"No need to get worked up... Flora." Zero nodded, "So, why are you here?"

Flora jumped and hovered again. "Classified info, sorry."

Pebbles just nudged Zero and turned away. "She's probably evil or something." He whispered to his friend, "We should leave."

Zero gave a faint frown, looking at Flora once more before nodding. "Right. We'll be seeing you around." He called as the duo ran off, leaving Flora floating there, still confused.

"Seeing me around? I don't think so..." He murmured to herself, before flying off again.

Little did she know, this was only the beginning of her adventures with them, and they were so, very, right...

Flora, who had been traveling for about an hour since she left Zero and Pebbles, finally landed for a short rest. "*Huff*, If I keep going on like this i'm surely going to get tired out." She sighed to herself, continuing her walk. As she strolled on ahead, more thoughts filled her mind. 'Those two chao from earlier... were they trouble makers or citizens? They seemed to be scaring those other chao... but I can't tell for certain.' Then a smirk crossed her face. "Maybe I will be seeing them around again?"


"Sir, I have received info that agent 394 has indeed landed on Earth. Should we send the other agents now or wait a while?" A chao asked, walking over to the main desk of the building and placing his paw on the counter.

"We should wait a while. If we plan to abandon the mission, then we shall activate the alternative route plan." A mischievous grin appeared on the dark chao's face. "You understand... right?"

"Oh, of course Sir! I completely understand. I will tell the soldiers to hold off until further notice, then." The other chao stuttered, sliding something from under his paw across to the other chao.

"Great." With a cautious glance to make sure no one was looking, the dark chao carefully grabbed the shiny object off the table and slid it into a jacket pocket. "Just as planned."


The neutral chao had her wings folded behind her back as she approached a distance village. It was very quiet, she didn't hear any commotion as she eventually walked through the first few houses and looked around. She didn't see or hear anyone, really, and it was very strange to her. "Is this place really abandoned? Were those few chao from before the only ones left?" She asked herself, disappointed. "Darn! I missed my chance to complete my first mission!" She whined aloud, hearing herself echo in the distance.

That's when a few doors cracked open to let small eyes peer out at Flora, all confused and worried. "Who's that?" "Why is she here?" "I'm scared..." A few voices whispered, making Flora look around more quickly. "No! No! I'm not here to hurt anyone..! I'm here to help all of you!" She tried to say nicely, coaxing a few of the chao to open their doors wider.

Flora raised her paws as she explained. "We're rehabilitating our planet, this one is becoming too dangerous... We need to help all of you to get to safety!" She explained, hoping they would understand.

One face popped out from behind it's door, tilting it's head. "Really? You wanna help us?" The chao asked, voice shaking.

"Yes, Yes! Of course! That's all I want."

As a few more chao started coming out of their homes and approaching Flora, she felt relief wash over her, followed by a warm smile.

Then, the chao suddenly stopped in their tracks and turned back, running into their houses in fear. "Oh no!" "They're coming back!" One squealed worriedly, slamming the door behind herself.

Flora tensed and looked around. "Who? Where?" She asked, not getting a response as she spotted two chao fly over.

"Oh hey! It's robot girl again!" One called, landing behind her.

Flora yipped and turned around, eyeing Pebbles. "W-What are you doing here again?!" She asked, startled. "And i'm NOT a robot!"

Zero landed as well, stretching out his paws a bit. "Didn't seem like it earlier. Anyways, what are you doing in this village?" He asked, raising a brow.

"I should be asking you the same thing! You scared the chao away!" She groaned, clenching her fists.

Pebbles shrugged. "They're all scared of us, we didn't even do anything...! Except that one time when Zero-"

"HEY! I said NOT to talk about that AGAIN!" Zero shouted, cutting his friend off. Pebbles just laughed in turn, covering his mouth.

Flora scowled. "I'm trying to finish a mission here... Getting interrupted by you two isn't really... helping." She frowned.

"Sorry, but we've got something important to finish too. It's probably more important than YOUR mission, THAT'S for sure." Pebbles remarked, faking a yawn.

Zero just eyed Flora with a squint, still concerned about whether or not she was a threat to them.

"I doubt that! Are you trying to save lives? Because that's what i'm trying to do!"

"Well I guess you're wrong then! Because we ARE trying to save lives!" Zero smirked, nodding.

Pebbles nodded and the two made a cool pose, grinning. "We're apart of team...!" He trailed off, frowning. "Well, we aren't really an actual team, but more like buddies."

Zero nodded. "Pals, friends, chums, bros... Everything!" He grinned, circling Flora as he began to walk. "So, how exactly are you saving lives? You seem rather fragile, if you ask me."

Flora felt a blush creep across her face as Zero circled her and called her, 'fragile'. "Fragile!? I'm anything but, I'll have you know!" She exclaimed, crossing her paws.

Pebbles thought for a moment, grabbing Zero. "We need to have a meeting right now." He said quickly, walking off with his friend.

Flora watched, scowling. 'What are they gonna have a meeting about? A weird new nickname for me?' she thought sarcastically.

"What's the matter?" Zero asked, raising a brow. "She's a suspicious one, isn't she..?" He growled quietly.

"That's not what I wanted to tell you. Maybe since she's trying to save lives... we could team up! Besides, calling her a robot is fun." Pebbles chuckled, grinning.

Zero frowned. "I'm not sure that's such a great idea." He hesitated, looking off. "Then again, maybe she'll make a helping hand."

Pebbles nodded. "Exactly! Whatddya say?"

"Alright. If she tries anything funny, we'll just get rid of her."

The duo nodded and looked back over at Flora, "Soo, we made a decision..." Pebbles began, walking over to her, "Robot girl, we're going to help you with whatever mission you're doing!"

Though she was annoyed by what he called her, she smiled. "Really? Thanks!" She said happily, nodding. "Well, we gotta get these chao to trust you. So, go talk to them."

Pebbles laughed. "They're not going to trust us after Zero went super and rammed into that girl who rejected his offer to a date!"

Zero snapped at Pebbles, glaring. "I thought I said NOT to talk about that!!" He insisted angrily.

Flora herself began laughing as well, and before long they were all laughing together.

They got along pretty well, and it was a good thing. Their teamwork and friendship would take them very far...


The trio of chao were standing in the center of the village, contemplating a plan.

Flora scowled at the ground, looking around. "These guys are stubborn... They don't want to come out when you two are here..." She whispered to the two boys, who both nodded in unison.

Pebbles let out a snicker, covering his mouth with his paw again. "Pfff... It's his fault...!" He sputtered out, causing Zero to shake his head. "Aw shut up." He growled to his rather obnoxious friend.

Flora let out a sigh and smiled. "You guys remind me of an old comedy show." She admitted with a grin.

Waving off the thought, Pebbles looked around. "We should get back to the plan. It's pretty obvious that Zero and I are making this more difficult, so we'll leave for a while."

With a nod and one last wave, she faced the two as they departed, off onto the distant mountains where it was pretty much nothing but solitude and isolation up there.

Once the duo was out of sight, Flora turned back to the quiet houses and grinned to herself. "Time to get to work."


A lone female chao walked into a dark and silent alleyway, bruised and beaten. Though she was slightly bleeding, she seemed to give no notice, and continued on casually. Grabbing her cellphone and looking around, she held a button located on the side of her phone and gave a silent and quick command. "Hologram receiver mode, activate."


Throwing the small device onto the ground, it began emitting a blue light, which slowly formed into a small screen that pictured a male chao on the other end.

"Ah, I was expecting you earlier." He said grimly, as if disappointed.
"Sorry Ya-" She cut herself off, looking away quickly before shaking her head.
"Excuse me?" he demanded sternly.
"I apologize... Sir." She quickly corrected, gulping. "I was ambushed by a few of the CSAA agents... But I managed to-"
"You WHAT?"
"I-I... I was ambushed by the-"
"No, I got that, but ambushed how?"
"They were trying to get some info outta me. They beat me a little bit, but I didn't spill anything."
"Good job agent 472."
"T-Thanks sir..."
"Now, did you complete your task?"
"Yes. I located the position of agent 394, just like you wanted~"
"Excellent. Operation Rehabilitation will continue smoothly."
"Glad I could assist...!"
"Yeah, yeah. I'll need you to continue assisting, though."
"Of course! A-Anything for you...Sir..."
"Perfect. I'll see you back at the base."

The hologram cut off, leaving the phone on the ground without light. "-HOLOGRAM RECEIVER MODE HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED-" the phone responded, before shutting off.

The chao leaned against the wall, letting out a dreamy sigh. "I'll be there..." She said to herself, eyes fluttering. Shaking her head and regaining herself, she bent over to grab the phone.


Flora had managed to get some of the chao out of their houses and had them in a small group surrounding her. They were filled with questions.

"Really?! Our world is dangerous!?"
"Wow, I wanna go to Ceres..."
"Those two guys are nice?"
"You're from another planet?!"

Flora smiled and nodded, very mother-like. "Yes, yes. I come from the planet Ceres, and i'm here to help get everyone off this planet and move them to Ceres. It's a foolproof plan to save the last of Earth-kind."

"Wow, Amazing!"
"I'm in!"
"Take us to safety!"

With a nod and a smile, Flora was finally satisfied. "Great! We'll get going soon. But first, do any of you happen to know if there's other chao villages like this one out there?"

"Just a few." One spoke up, a taller chao that seemed buffer and stronger compared to most nodded. "There's two other villages. One's Northeast of here, while the other is far down south."

Flora eyed him for a second, he seemed to present himself boldly. "Right. Thanks. Please pack up some belongings, i'll go get the other two chao... Our friends, they're nice." She promised, before continuing. "When we're ready we'll come back here to get you guys and head off to the other villages."

"Sounds like a plan!"
"Yaay, i'm ready..!"

The chao were cheering to themselves while Flora grabbed her walkie and cleared her throat. *Bzzrt* "Agent 394 reporting in. I've just located the first group of Chao, i'll be wanting to send them in soon, If I could get a small jet transporter here to get them going, i'd be very helpful."

There was silence on the other line, no one was responding.

*Bzzrt* "Anyone Copy?" She tried again, hoping to get feedback.


"Hmm, I guess they're busy for now. They usually stay on the line all the time..." Shaking her head, she just nodded and waved to the other chao. "I'll be right back everyone, please be ready!"

Opening up her wings and flying off, she headed straight for the mountain and looked out for Zero and Pebbles.

As she approached, she spotted a small building made of wood. The door was missing, but it was obvious that there were chao inhabiting the house. She landed at the top of the mountain, approaching the house. "Anyone here...?" She asked, a bit hesitant.

"Oh, Robot girl... Come on in!"

Rolling her eyes, a small smile on her face, she walked in. "Pebbles, Zero... you guys live here?"

Pebbles laughed and met her at the entrance, nodding. "Well, we found this place and we kinda hangout here when we need to. It's not really our house..."

Zero rushed over to meet the two, he was obviously anxious. "Guys, I got a signal on the radio." He said quickly, running back into the side room.

Pebbles looked surprised as he quickly followed after him, the two seemed busy.

"Is something going on..?" Flora asked, walking after them slowly. She spotted them both leaned over a small radio, Zero was tweaking the signals and had a focused look on his face.

That's when the voices came in.

"Q...Quickly...Ir- they're He-."
The radio was malfunctioning at first, and the signal came in staticy.

"What?" Pebbles asked. Zero just punched the radio a few times.

Flora eyed the radio. "Wait, let me." She said, moving the two boys aside before tweaking it a bit herself. She adjusted it's positioning and tilted it a bit.

"Who's here? The CSAA agents?"
"Get outta there, cadet!"
"There's too many! I can't!"
"Send Backup, somebody!"
"What about agent 394?!"

Her eyes widened. "That's me... those are my comrades on the line!" She exclaimed, listening closely.

Zero tilted his head. "You're wh-?"

"SHH!" Flora hushed, listening again.

"Forget about her, we've gotta get those agents outta there!"
"S-Sir... W- .....e..."
"...What happened?!"
"We're heading over there now, Sir. Don't worry."
"Good. Get them, but don't forget about the Salvage Operation."

The line cut off, everyone had stopped talking. "Sounds like trouble..." Flora spoke, facing the two. "I guess they'll handle it..."

Zero and Pebbles were awfully confused, but they both nodded. "Okay. What about the other chao?" Pebbles asked.

"Oh, right... They're ready. We'd better start heading back."

Now ready to officially start the first part of her mission, Flora guided them back.

However, there was trouble on Ceres, and it wasn't as simple as it seemed...

Flora, Zero, and Pebbles had all arrived back to the small village, deciding to disregard the previous things they had heard on the signal before. Flora, however, couldn't help but think of what might have been happening back on Ceres, and it boggled her mind. 'I've heard of these CSAA chao before… the Chao Space Association Academy… if I can remember correctly... looking off, she watched as the chao scurried around, packing up their things and getting prepared for their departure. 'Is this really what's better for these guys…? I mean, their planet looks perfectly safe and thriving… What's the point of moving them to-?'

Her thoughts were cut off by the big, buff chao from earlier. He approached her and cleared his throat politely. "If you're not busy…" he began, smiling.

Flora blinked quickly, shaking her head. "Oh, no no no, i'm not busy at all. Is there something I can help you with?"

The large male nodded again. "Yes. I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is William. I go by Willy, for short." He stuck out his paw and nodded. "It's great to meet you, Flora."

Flora felt her face redden a bit as she firmly grasped his paw and shook it. "Nice to meet you too… Willy." She replied, smiling.

Zero and Pebbles interrupted the greetings, both taking a spot on each of Flora's sides. Zero grinned and chuckled, eyeing Willy. "My name's Zero, don't you forget it."

Pebbles nodded and took his turn, "...And i'm Pebbles!" He announced happily, a big ol' grin proud on his face.

Willy smiled and nodded at the duo. He turned to the rest of the group and nodded. "Okay everyone, ready?"

A few of the chao walked over frantically and nodded. "Yes yes yes, we are!" One chao announced, speaking for everyone.

Flora nodded and opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped by a sound that came from her radio.

"Agent 394, come in."

Raising her paw to let everyone know that she needed a moment, she walked off a bit before taking her radio in her paws and responding.

*Bzzrt* "Agent 394 here, what's the call?"
"Agent, we are sending you three jet transporters… to help transport your citizens."
"Oh, thanks! That's super helpful. We were just about to get on our way, maybe send the first batch of chao from-"
"Wait, agent."
"Uh, yes?"
"We have a slight problem."
"May I know what it is…?"
"But of course. You've heard of the CSSA, right?"
"The Chao Space Association Academy… if I remember correctly…?"
"Cool. Now, what about them?"
"They've been attacking our agents, and the base."
"Doesn't sound too good, is it that severe?"
"Partially. They're starting to close in on The Boss. We've got to make sure that he's safe to continue on with the plan."
"Wait, he's involved in this? I thought it was just me sending the last of the chao on Earth to Ceres… what's he going to do?"
"That's unconfirmed as of now. Most of us don't know why this is so important."
"R-Right… well, anyways, i'll do what I can, hopefully you can sort things out back there."
"Thank you. You're dismissed. The jets will be there in a day or two."
"Copy that."

With a small click of the connecting cutting, Flora placed the radio back on her belt, before walking back over to the group.

"What's up?" Zero asked, eyeing her with curious, green eyes.

Flora just shrugged. "There's stuff going on back in Ceres, and we're being sent three space jet transporters."

Pebbles tilted his head. "Jets? Transporters?" He asked, as if he had never heard of such things; and he hadn't.

Flora nodded. "It's advanced technology we have in Ceres… i'll explain later."

Seeming satisfied enough, Pebbles just nodded and walked back to the regular chao. "So, where's the nearest village?" He asked aloud, to all.

Some of them turned to face him, all agreeing with one another simultaneously. Some of them pointed, nodding. "That way!"

Pebbles thanked the few that had spoken up, turning back to Flora, Willy, and Zero. "Well, we should head out!" He exclaimed, beginning to walk off, "I guess i'll see you guys there…" He said, being a bit suspicious.

Zero knew what he was trying to do, get him hyped up so he would follow in a race… well, it was working. Zero grinned and ran up until he was beside Pebbles. Then, he casually sped up. "Not if I get there first!" He boldly announced.

Eventually, the two were running towards said direction, even though they had plenty of time on their paws.

Flora laughed as she watched the two. Seeing them made her… happy. A sensational feeling she got very rarely, given that on Ceres, everything was formal and very serious. Even the crack of a smile would be considered insulting there, whereas here on Earth, chao were friendly and calm towards one another.

She had wished for sometime now, that they wouldn't have to move onto the place she hated the most, her own home planet. However, she was loyal to the Universal Protection Agency, and she wouldn't give that up for anything.

Flora just walked ahead of some of the regular group, the citizen chao behind her were conversing away. She heard some voices talking about the new, wondrous possibilities of things to do on Ceres.

She knew one thing was for sure: no fun happiness allowed. No exceptions.

Flora just walked along, trying to focus on her goal of arriving at the next village and grouping up the chao there too.

Willy walked up beside Flora, smiling. "If I may…"

Flora looked over at him, tilting her head. 'This guy is so polite… and formal…' now smiling, she nodded. "You… May?"

He seemed to become suddenly awkward, chuckling. "You're not quite like the others here." He stated, looking ahead. "So, I was just curious, how exactly are the chao on your planet?"

Flora shrugged, trying to hide the sore truth, though it felt wrong. "Well, it's not really anything that special, i'll have you know."

He tilted his head. "Is that so? I figured that maybe they were all much more… Dynamic, and interesting." He said, now facing her. "Like you."

She gave an awkward laugh, unsure if what she was receiving was an insult, or a compliment. She just nodded and gave an unsure, "Thanks."


The base was usually a quiet one. The chao there would usually bustle around busily, focusing on their own things and giving no notice to the others. However, today, nothing but pure chaos and commotion came from that tall silver building, and it was unsettling.

Two chao were in the highest, most isolated floor, and they were locked into a room together, though it wasn't exactly for good reason.

"Sir… are you sure that we should be having this meeting while everything else is going on downstairs…?" a female chao asked, tilting her head.

The shiny male chao just shook his head, sitting in his chair. "Doesn't matter, agent 472."

The girl awkwardly laughed, and responded cheerily. "YOU can just call me Deliah~" She insisted, trying to flirt.

He shook his head. "Agent 472 is the PROPER way, dear."

Deliah let out a hum and a gentle purr. 'Did he just call me… Dear~?' She nodded. "Sure thing… Boss~"

The boss grinned to himself, nodding. "Anyways, i'd like to hear about the info you've uncovered for me, about the position of Agent 394?"

She gave a small scowl. 'Why is SHE the focus of attention now anyways?' crossing her paws, she just began to explain. "Our satellite has located her position through radio signals." Pulling her phone out of her pocket, she placed it on the table. Giving it another voice command, a light similar to that of which displayed the holograms pulled up a virtual map. She grinned to herself, pointing at the noticeable red dot on the blue map. "That's her current position at this time, it moves to track her, too."

He raised a brow, intrigued and impressed. "Excellent work, 472. Now, as for the other half of our plan..." He cleared his throat, sitting back on his chair. "I'll need you to... Sabotage her mission." He nodded. "Ah, yes. Sabotage."

Her eyes widened a bit, confused. "Sabotage? But I thought-?"

"Agent." He interrupted, raising a brow. "You wouldn't dare to disobey me now, would you?"

Deliah looked off, shaking her head. "I wouldn't EVER disobey you, Sir."

"Good. Now get going."

Seeing that "Sir's" plans were stranger, and more twisted than they seemed, she set off, confused.

Nothing seemed like it was, anymore.
part 5...


A robotic voice did a final countdown before 4 space ships were launched, all headed for Earth.

"1, Blastoff commencing!"

With a violent rumble and a loud blast, the largest ship, with the three transporters attached, flew into the air. A large gust of fumes and smoke were left behind as the flames pushed on ahead, leaving a few spectating chao to watch in awe as another space craft left their planet.

Agent 472, or Deliah, was aboard the largest ship, kicked back as it auto-piloted itself. "Sabotage the mission, huh? I didn't know Sir could be so… dark~" she just giggled to herself, nodding. "Haha, i'll be sure to do my worst…"

the ships went out of view as it they went higher and higher into the dark sky, eventually breaking through the atmosphere.

The Boss stood and watched with a grin as the crafts left, then he turned to his two assistants and nodded. "Set a reminder. At the break of dawn, we head out." He chuckled. "Got that?"

Agents 1 and 2 both nodded in unison, taking down separate notes. "Yes Sir." one said, "Got it, Sir." the other agreed.

As The Boss hovered away, the two chao followed him from behind.


Flora and the group were well on their way to arriving at the nearest village, though it seemed that Pebbles was the most enthusiastic of them all. He was running around the group, chanting random stuff that the others didn't clearly understand. Once he tired himself out, he took heavy breaths and took his spot beside Zero again.

Meanwhile, Willy had been trailing closely behind Flora, watching her every move and action. He seemed to be casual about it, but it was Zero who couldn't help but become suspicious.

"Hey… that guy's been staring at Flora for awhile now…" The run chao whispered with concern to the now tired Pebbles.

Pebbles chuckled. "Hah...ha… are you jealous or something…?" he asked, patting Zero on the back reassuringly.

Zero's eyes widened in disbelief at what Pebbles had just blurted out. "A-Are you insane? Never! Flora just… isn't my type." He stated as a matter of factly. "I'm just concerned, is all!"

Pebbles seemed to take his statement and nodded. "Haha, just teasing, dude." He remarked, nodding. "But yeah, that guy HAS been watching Flora. Pretty stalker-type if you ask me." He raised a brow. "But how do you plan to make him stop?"

Zero just shrugged and walked over to Flora. "Hey, Willy's been watching you." He said, feeling a bit awkward.

Flora raised a brow and tilted her head. "And…?"

Pebbles watched from behind, chuckling a bit to himself.

Zero didn't exactly have a comeback, in fact, he was usually used to handling things himself, but he felt that he should have just told Flora in this case. Well, it wasn't working. "He's been watching you, watch watching you." He tried to emphasize, moving his paws.

Flora turned around to glance over her shoulder at Willy, who was, in-fact, watching her. She just gave an awkward smile, and he returned one genuinely. Turning to face Zero again, she had an uncomfortable look on her face.

Zero smiled to himself a bit, knowing he was right. "Ah, see? I told you."

Flora smiled too and nodded. "Thanks for telling me? I'll just talk to him."

Slowing down to a point where she was now able to fall back and match Willy's pace, Flora began talking to him.

Zero just went back over to Pebbles, now satisfied, with a grin. "Done and done."

Pebbles just chuckled a bit. "You like her."

"So, Willy, what's up?" Flora asked, trying to get a conversation going before she actually questioned him.

Willy shrugged. "Nothing much, why?"

"Well, I just noticed that you've been watching me. Why's that?"
"Because you're different compared to everyone else."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I'll be honest here…" Willy looked around to make sure that no-one was really paying attention, before turning back to Flora. "I'm different too. I'm not from here."

Flora tilted her head, a little confused. "You're not from here?" She repeated again, as if it would answer her own question.

Willy nodded. "Yeah. I'm actually from Ceres." he said. "Like you, Agent 394."

She looked surprised, shocked, even. "H-How…??" She seemed to lose her voice, she was just too baffled to speak.

With a small chuckle and a strange grin, Willy shrugged. "You know how it is back there. Dull, boring. But you're from there and you seem to be lively and fun… Why is that?"

Flora grinned. "Cause i'm just me!" she nodded. "I can't let that rock hard stuff get to my heart."

Willy frowned. "You do know what the agency does to chao like you, right?" he asked, crossing his paws.

She tilted her head and squinted her eyes, a bit doubtful. "No… why, do you?"

The male sighed, a look of disappointment on his face. "They're probably planning something already, i'm telling you. You never know what Sir's up to, or what he's thinking. He's a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode and kill everyone!"

Flora scowled. "Hey, just because you don't like him doesn't mean you have to be so mean about it…"

"You don't understand, he's evil!" Willy wailed aloud, causing a few to look over at the duo.

"Willy, stop! You're causing a ruckus!" Flora shouted back, covering her own mouth at how loud she was.

He grabbed her arm and caused her to jerk backwards, but he wouldn't let go. "You've got to trust me on this, don't go back!!"

She gasped and growled, "I-I've got my own mission to do and I don't need chao like YOU stopping me from doing it!" She exclaimed in a whisper, glaring as she attempted to pull her arm free again but failing.

Willy grunted to himself and released her roughly, looking stern. "Just... be careful. I know something's up."

Flora gave a small scoff as she walked back up to the front of the group, mind racing with thoughts of confusion yet frustration as she contemplated his words. 'What they do to chao like me? Sir's not actually... evil, he trusts me. He sent me off on this mission because he believes in me... right...?' she shook her head and growled lowly as she looked ahead at the distant city. 'W-What should I care anyways? I have a job to do and i'm going to see it through till the end.'

It was just a few minutes later, as the civilized group arrived at the new village, that the space ships sent from Ceres landed on earth. Not far from where said village was, Deliah radioed The Boss as she exited the ships and set out for Flora.

*Bzzrt* "Hello Ya-*coughcough* I mean, Sir. It's agent 472, I have just arrived on Earth and have agent 394 in my sights." The girl smirked slightly to herself as she whispered. "The Sabotage of Operation Salvage is now underway... I hope you plan to repay me for this deed."

*Bzzrt* "Agent 472, stop knocking off and get to work, you know your reward will be granted when you return but this is no time for lolly-gagging." The Boss's words ran strong and there was certainly no fooling around with him.

*Bzzrt* "Oh Sir, you must lighten up a bit, and don't worry, I was only reminding you~" Deliah giggled softly, before placing her radio back on her belt and approaching the village that was only a minute or two away. She could see Flora and a group of chao around her, and she headed straight towards them as quickly as she could.

Flora explained to the village that had gathered around her about the epidemic that was their planet becoming hazardous. "...So, i've come from Ceres to help all of you and take you to my safer planet, you must understand that we can't allow anyone to live here anymore."

Most of the chao looked concerned as they nodded their heads and agreed silently, following Flora's next instructions and going into their homes to pack.

Willy looked around quietly, until he spotted a chao, Deliah, coming their way and he stiffened, quickly glancing towards Flora and walking over to her. "...Maybe this is a bad time, but-" He motioned over to the other agent, clenching his fists softly.

The Neutral Fly chao glanced over at the newcoming agent, raising a brow slowly. Though she was slightly hesitant about it, Flora gave a small smile and approached Deliah, raising out her paw to offer a polite handshake.

Taking Flora's Paw, and giving it a firm shake, Deliah smirked a bit as she crossed her paws. "So I see Sir's sent you out on an important mission all by yourself, hm?" the fellow agent asked, raising a brow.

Flora nodded slightly, "As a matter of fact, yes, but... what are you doing here?" she questioned, "I thought you were back on Ceres working top-secret duties."

"Got assigned to something else. Sir sent me here because he was afraid that... well, you would screw things up." giggling mischievously, Deliah added, "and frankly, I'd have to agree. You probably would screw things up."

Flora's cheeks burned from her hurtful remarks, but she tilted her head and and continued her questioning. "Really? Sir thought I would... screw up?" a small frown came across her face as she bit her lip in embarrassment.

Deliah simply smirked a bit, nodding. "You heard me right. Anyways, let's get these chao outta here. I wouldn't want to end up losing any of them along the way." Walking past Flora and towards the other by-standing chao, Deliah cleared her throat and began explaining to the group of how they were to enter and behave in the space-transporting ship.

Flora opened her mouth to retort just before Deliah walked off, but the poor girl just stared. '...Is this all set up? What with Willy telling me that Sir's evil and Agent 472 just-'

A light tap on Flora's shoulder took her back into reality as her thoughts stopped running and she turned to Zero, whom had an awfully confused look on his face. "...I'm sorry, but, who the heck is that new-girl over there?" his question came out sounding demanding but the chao was just curious; his tone was always tense.

Flora scoffed lightly, shaking her head. "It's no one. Just ignore her and she'll leave."

"But what's she here for? She apart of the mission too?"

"...Not exactly. She is apart of my agency though." Flora scowled and rubbed the back of her head, "i'd rather not talk about what she's doing here right now... Just don't worry about it."

Growling slightly, Zero nodded. "Fine." not completely satisfied from the answer he had received, the sonic chao just grumbled to himself as he walked off back to Pebbles, shaking his head.

Once all the chao, except Flora and co., were in the space transporters, Deliah turned to Flora. "Better say bye to them one last time before we send them off to Ceres."

Flora gave a skeptical look, turning back to the space shuttles as they began their take off sequence. Flora waved respectively, eyeing Willy in particular as the chao gave a look of hesitance. Once the flames grew larger, the shuttles took off, leaving smoke in their wake.

A few coughs from Zero and Pebbles were all she heard before the unexpected happened.

A large explosion. One that made her ears ring and all sound quiet. Flora looked around as flames and ship parts came crashing and flying back down onto Earth's surface. The smoke was dark and the flames that seemingly rained down from the sky were the only things visible to her through such thick clouds.

Flora coughed, confused and frightened. She covered her mouth with one paw as she looked around and called out, "Zero?! P-Pebbles?!"

A tug on her other paw sent her stumbling forward, suddenly running away from the scene.

"Don't just stand there, Flora, it's gonna blow!"

Following Zero in panic, Flora squinted her eyes as they ran past the smoke and evaded a few more fireballs from the debris that was still crashing down.

Once they were a safe distance away and out of the smoke, Flora looked at the sky and saw nothing. What had happened? Had... Something gone wrong?

"...Z-Zero," Flora began shakily, "d-did it-?" She coughed again, shivering in a way that she had never felt before.

Zero stood, silent, frowning slightly. "...Yes. It exploded." He stated rather nonchalantly. "There's nothing we can do now. Everyone aboard is probably gone."

Pebbles stood behind the two, eyes wide. "Y-you mean-?"

"They're GONE." He said again, more sternly. "They're dead, Pebbles, they're DEAD!"

Pebbles's lips quivered, feeling weaker and sadder than ever before. "T-They're... Dead..." He repeated.

Tears came to Flora's eyes. "N-No. It can't be!" She cried out, fists shaking. "How did this happen?? I need to know! I came to save lives and... I..." A sudden realization hit her, "I killed them..." She fell to her knees, covering her face. "This is all my fault!!"

Zero shook his head and kneeled beside her. "No Flora. It wasn't your fault. It was an accident. You didn't make the ship explode."

Flora sniffled again and shook her head, deciding to just ignore him for now. She recalled Willy's worried face as she waved them off. It was as if he had known it would've happened all along.

Pebbles cleared his throat through the short silence and said, "What happened to that other agent...? A-Agent Daisy...?"

"Deliah..." Flora whispered, suddenly hopping to her feet. "Where is she? We left her behind!"

Zero shook his head as he looked back through the now diminishing smoke and flames. "Well then, we'll have to go back for her."

Flora nodded, wiping her tears and looking through the fire. She'd have to worry about the lost lives later, for now, she had business to attend to...
part 6

Thoughts were racing through poor Flora's mind. While she seemed tense and serious on her outer sheen, it was her heart that felt weak, torn, lost. The fly chao continued ahead, vision blurred and eyes burning.

"Don't fall behind now, hurry up." A voice caused her to disregard her shaken thoughts and pace along, still treading carefully.

Zero's voice was one that always seemed to snap her back to attention, one that, though she couldn't understand why, she loved to hear. Despite that fact, Zero seemed so stern, very focused and tense. "...Zero, aren't you the slightest bit... Afraid?" Her voice came though, gentle and thoughtful "don't you care about the chao who died?" She wondered if maybe he would have been better suited for the job at the agency than she, Flora had never been so rock-hard or business enough to not care so much about the well-being of others and her friends. The very few friends she had, at least. Zero, however, didn't seem all that phased after the explosion, after the deaths; he didn't seem hurt or impacted at all. Rather, he seemed angry and furious.

"...They were lost in vain. Their lives were lost in such a useless, soon-to-be-forgotten way." He finally spoke up, after some silence. "I am not hurt, rather, irritated... Angry." Grunting a bit at his own pity words, Zero shook his head. "Flora, are you sure this was an accident?"

Flora couldn't help but shiver at his words. "...It was, to me." She responded vaguely. "But somewhere in my thoughts... I doubt Deliah was just sent here for such a small chore, to 'check on me'...There has to be another piece to the puzzle." Suddenly, something inside of Flora clicked and she frowned, growling slightly. "I'll be sure to get her back for this..."

Grinning, Zero responded, "And I'll be there every step of the way."

Pebbles was unnaturally silent as he followed after the two and stared on ahead. He seemed the most out of it; like he'd seen something never meant to be shown to him in his life before. Continuing on ahead, he finally pointed out and spoke, "There. Delisha." He said, motioning towards a distant chao.

"Deliah." Flora corrected quickly before she nodded and moved on ahead, "HEY! AGENT 472!!" She called, waving her paws. "What happened?!"

Deliah cleared her throat once through the smoke, standing in place and ignoring Flora's call.

Zero sped up to the girl, a look of disgust plastered clear on his face. "Hey. We're talking to you." He growled, paws rolled into fists.

Flora and Pebbles caught up, frowning. "Yeah. Agent, what happened? What are you doing here?" She asked again, concerned.

"Just shutup, stay still, and you'll find out for yourself." Deliah replied sternly, grunting in annoyance.

Not long after, a few rumbles were heard off in the distance, getting closer.

"Looks like Sir doesn't like the news..." Deliah laughed, highly amused by the sudden look of worry Flora displayed.

"Y-You told him??" She wailed, panicking. "You didn't!"

Nodding grimly, Deliah flashed a big grin. "Oh, but, I DID."

Pebbles and Zero glared, the latter very tempted to just beat up Deliah on the spot.

Flora looked up in desperation as a large space craft descended just beside them, clearing out most of the smoke as it's own flames and gusts pushed through.

"...No no no, NO!" Flora held her head and closed her eyes as she envisioned the worst; getting fired, or even executed by Sir because of her failed mission.

With great confidence, Sir made a grant entrance. He hovered out onto the earth slowly, guards and assistants at his side. "Where is Agent 394?" He asked very nonchalantly, seeming as if it was just a casual question.

Gulping nervously, Flora walked out to present herself to Sir, replying, "Agent 394 reporting..."

Nodding slowly, The Boss turned to look at Deliah, who smiled with pride. "Agent 472, come." He commanded.

Quickly rushing up to Sir, Deliah whispered, "Oh, and boss, you're welcome~"

Shaking his head, he had the two agents come aboard the ship, followed by himself and his assistants. As they entered, the large door shut behind them, leaving Zero and Pebbles standing there, dumbfounded.

"...Is, that goodbye?" Pebbles asked in the silence, as the ship visibly turned on and prepared for a take off.

Zero blushed slightly and shook his head. "No. It can't be."

The ship's countdown sequence began, signaling it was in fact going to leave.

"...No! F-Flora, wait!" Zero shouted, grabbing Pebbles and running towards the ship quickly.

Pebbles was screaming as he was dragged along by Zero, and the flames from the ship began roaring louder.

"Pebbles, just, HANG ON!" He shouted, jumping at the ship and tossing Pebbles onto it as well.

Pebbles's face smacked into the ship, and he grabbed on with his paws but began slipping, yelling out a, "ZERO THIS WAS THE STUPIDEST IDEA EVER!!"

Zero just grabbed Pebbles so that he stopped slipping and shushed him forcefully. "Be quiet Pebbles, we have to make sure that Flora... Is okay."

The two held onto the side of the ship, keeping a tight grip as the ship blasted off into space, the Zero and Pebbles both dangerously on the outside of it.

They were going to figure out what was happening, and fast.
I will edit the first post as more parts are written, hope you guys like what you see for now! :3
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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by Jack Augustine » Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:13 pm

As the sun rose, Loudclaw read the four parts and nodded in approval. "Keep going!" he called eagerly.

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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by eblu » Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:13 pm

we need the past of the future of the past of the future of the pasta

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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by NachoThePikachu » Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:29 pm

It's been far too long, but I finally got down to writing the 5th part. Please, read and tell me what you think. :3

I've also added a poll for those not wanting to post. >u<"

Because the first post has gone over character limit, I will proceed to post the newest updates of the story here.

Part 7:
Story, part 7

"...You must understand, Agent, that these kinds of mishaps are not at all acceptable."

The Boss's words pierced Flora's ears as she reluctantly nodded in agreement. "Y-Yes Sir. I understand. Absolutely."

"...and you do understand that this calls for punishment, correct?" He spoke again, voice booming. "The lives of many were lost entirely on your fault."

'My...fault...' Tears welled up in her eyes as she nodded and quickly wiped them away. "Y-Yes Sir." She said again. "It was m-my fault."

He looked surprised. "Are you crying?" He asked sternly, suddenly in her face, glaring questioningly.

"...yes, Sir..." She admitted. Looking away in guilt.

Scoffing to himself, Sir shook his head. "We will decide your punishment once we get back on Ceres. Go back to the hindquarters."

Sighing in stress, Flora turned around to enter the back room, where Deliah and a few of the other assistants were seated. Plopping down in an empty chair, Flora buried her face in her paws and shook her head. "This is gonna suck..."

Deliah looked over with a raised brow. "Oh please, what is it now?"

"I'm only going to get extremely punished for the loss of the lives caused by the explosion..." She whined, voice jittery. "It's going to be bad..."

Laughing, Deliah shook her head. "Hah, just a punishment? You'd be lucky if Sir didn't KILL you because of it!" She exclaimed, sitting back in amusement.

"K-Kill me?" Flora questioned in disbelief. "Sir doesn't do that... Does he?"

"Man, you don't know anything about Sir, do you?"

"...I guess I don't." Flora responded, having a shortage of words. Deciding to sit back and wait it out, Flora sighed.


"Damn it, Pebbles, MOVE!"

"Geez, I'm trying! Give me a break, this darn ship is slippery all over!"

Zero and Pebbles were still on the side of the ship, hanging on. Trying to get a window open so they could climb in, Pebbles and Zero slowly made their way up, a window just in Pebbles's reach. "Do me a favor and give me a boost, will you?" The smaller chao asked, reaching out.

With a small grunt, Zero used his paw to push Pebbles up towards the window, slipping slightly himself. "G-Get the window open then hoist me up, will ya?"

"Yeah, just hold on." Pebbles responded, hanging onto the window and attempting to pry it open. "I-it won't budge!" He yelled, growling in excursion.

"Break it, then!" Zero shouted, beginning to slip slightly.

Pebbles grunted and curled his paw into a fist, baring his teeth, he shouted, "Fine then... WINDOW BREAKER!"

Zero rolled his eyes as he said, "Enough with naming your punches just do it already!"

Pebbles huffed and rolled his paw back as it returned swiftly to crack at the window. The glass shattered and Pebbles shielded his eyes as it fell everywhere.

"Good. Now get in."

Pebbles grabbed the edge of the rim as the air was sucked in, Pebbles pulled himself in as well. Quickly turning around to reach for Zero, he held his paw out for Zero to grab.

Zero grabbed his paw tightly and climbed up as Pebbles pulled him in. Tumbling onto the floor, Zero scowled. "There. We're safe."

"Or are you?"

Swiftly turning around, Zero looked startled. "Oh geez, it's THIS guy."

Pebbles eyed The Boss and sweat dropped. "Erm, we'll pay for the window, don't worry."

The red chao, feet-less, didn't look very amused. "Pay for it, will you?" He repeated, nodding. "Very well. How much?"

Zero shook his head. "We don't have time for this, where's-"
"I'd pay you 20$ for it."
"Pebbles!" Zero snapped, glaring.

Shrugging, the chao responded. "What? I'm just answering the dude's question!"
"Now's not the TIM-"
"How about 50$ instead."

Zero growled and face-palmed as the Boss continued the negotiating with Pebbles.

"50$?! No way! 30$."

Zero clasped his paw over Pebbles's mouth as he tried to get him to quite down. "Shut up, we'll pay you whatever amount you want. Just let us get Flora."

"Whatever price...?" The Boss grinned and nodded, looking away very dramatically. "Very well, then..."

Zero and Pebbles stared, both a little confused.

"You'll pay. With your LIVES!" In an instant, both his paws were up as Zero and Pebbles were suddenly lifted and pinned against the wall with psychic powers.

Struggling to move, Pebbles yelped. "W-Who the heck ARE you, anyways?!"

Laughing sinisterly, he pushed them against the wall harder. "Who am I? I'm only the future ruler and destroyer of the universe!"

Zero grunted and kicked, trying to get out of the tight hold he had on them. "Let us go, or you'll regret it!" He threatened.

"Let you go? Very well."

Just by simply putting his paws down, Zero and Pebbles slammed back down onto the floor. "Yikes..." Pebbles whined softly as his body felt sore from such a hard landing.

Shaking himself off, Zero glared. "You picked the wrong chao to mess with!" Quickly getting back to his feet, he charged at the opposing chao and jumped, preparing a strong kick to the gut.

Laughing, The Boss returned with a, "I could say the very same of you two." Waving Zero off with very little effort, the run chao was flung aside to the other wall, collapsing again from the force. "Damn you..." He growled as he struggled onto his feet again.

Pebbles watched in horror, knowing he was the weakest of all in the room. Clenching his fists anyways, Pebbles ran at The Boss and managed to swing, but it was countered with a skillful catch of the wrist.

Gasping, Pebbles pulled back, but the chao held a tight grip on his wrist. "Oh no you don't." Sir laughed, watching as Pebbles struggled to tug his arm away again with fail.

Zero had gotten up again, but was this time charging up a small spin dash as he began quickly rolling at Pebbles and The Boss.

Using Pebbles as a baseball bat of sorts, he merely swung Pebbles at the ball that was Zero once he had gotten close enough, but released Pebbles at that exact moment so that the two had both crashed into the same wall on the other side of the room.

"So I see you both have determination... But, spare yourselves and leave now. The both of you stand no chance against me."

Zero grunted as Pebbles slid off of him. "This guy... Is something else..." Shaking slightly, Zero stood again, glaring. "No! Never!" Clenching his fists, he continued, "you'll never take us alive!"

Just as The Boss was about to open his mouth to speak again, the door quickly slammed open, and in peered Deliah and Flora, who had been wondering what all the commotion was about.

"Zero...? Pebbles...?" Flora asked, surprised.

Deliah grinned as she looked at the tired bodies of Zero and Pebbles, then turned to look to Sir. "Ah, Sir, I see you've taught these two a lesson."

Shrugging, Sir turned off. "We'll be landing in just a few minutes. Once we land, get these two off the ship." He instructed, before walking back off to his own business.

Running over to Zero and Pebbles, Flora sweat dropped. "A-Are you guys okay?" She asked worriedly. "Did he hurt you?"

Grunting in pain, Pebbles nodded weakly. "He barely did anything to us, but, he sure packed a punch..."

Zero growled as he looked away. "He's made a fool of us. We lost. I'll be sure to give him a beating he won't forget!!"

Shaking her head, Flora helped Zero to his feet and said, "It's too dangerous. He's far too strong."

Zero grinned and hugged Flora very suddenly. "Hah, with me, nothing's too dangerous."

Cheeks red, Flora giggled lightly as he released her. "I-If you say so, then..."

Zero was a bit red too, but he quickly turned to Pebbles. "Stay here. I get the feeling that guy will be back, but stay quiet and hide. When the ship lands, I have an idea."

Pebbles groaned, still on the floor. "Can do..."

Looking back to Flora and Deliah, he escorted himself to have a seat with them in the other room.


"Plans are going smoothly." Sir spoke to an assistant who was sitting just across from him in another room.

"Indeed, Sir."

"Soon we'll be landing. Once we get back to base we can quickly deal with Agent 394 and 472, then proceed to destroy and take over that pity of a landmass, the Moon."

"Absolutely, Sir."

"I want all life on that Moon sent to Earth. We've gotten rid of enough of them well enough... Then we'll blow the Earth once those mongrels are gone."

"We sure will, Sir."

"You know what, Agent 1? Call me Yancha."

"Yes Sir-I mean, Yes Yancha."


Zero had by this time, had grabbed Pebbles and sat by the door, waiting for it to open once they landed so they bail.

"We'll see you soon, Flora..." Zero smiled, nodding. "Remember the plan. We meet at the base."

Nodding, Flora responded, "Right. Don't get into too much trouble..."

"We won't."

A minute later, the ship landed and the doors opened. Zero and Pebbles quickly escaped as Flora watched them.

Sir walked out with his assistants at his side. "Agents, come." He spoke commandingly, grinning. "We have something in store for you at the base."
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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by Jack Augustine » Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:07 pm

And the plan to kill Flora begins!

Hanging on per word, exciting~

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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by The Ice Maiden » Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:40 am

keep going
peace out ci

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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by NachoThePikachu » Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:57 am

Thank you. :3
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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by NachoThePikachu » Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:32 am

Part 6 is a bit shorter, but first post is updated. :3
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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by Jack Augustine » Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:25 pm

but how are Zero and Pebbles supposed to breathe?

Ohhhhh exciting!

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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by NachoThePikachu » Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:29 pm

This is the chao world, dude. Chao floating in space and surviving without helmets has happened with me a couple times... XD

But thanks. :3
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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by The Ice Maiden » Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:24 pm

Good job! :D I love the new part, it's awesome *la*
peace out ci

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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by NachoThePikachu » Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:12 am

Thank you.

Because the first post has gone over character limit with the new update, I will proceed to put new updates in my second most post in the topic. Hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience.

Part 7 is out. :3
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Re: ~:Operation Salvage:~ A story about the past of the futu

Post by Jack Augustine » Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:27 pm