Pokemon: The Structure

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Pokemon: The Structure

Post by SilverRabbit » Sat Aug 30, 2014 6:07 pm

Chapter One:
"3, 2, 1....... 0...." said a young orange Pokémon, her eyes blue as the midnight sky, her tail burning brightly, her hair died neon pink. She then stepped away from the structure made out of twigs she had been building. "It's very impressive!" she remarked to herself. Then her friend, who was a shiny Turtwig came up to her, he had eyes as bright as the sun. "Indeed it is, but what is this structure for?" questioned the Turtwig. "Well, Turtwig. It's a den for us to play in!!" said the orange Pokémon who looked somewhat like a monkey. "Cool!" replied Turtwig. Suddenly a Piplup came waddling by and said "Hey, bros! Turtwig, my man. Chimchar, my woman." "Yo, bro." said Turtwig. "Hey, brah!!" said Chimchar.

To be continued. :^)
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