The End of Chao Island

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The End of Chao Island

Post by Ommy » Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:26 am

Chapter 1: Meet the Family

"Papa, can you tell us about that place for nerds that you used to live on that disappeared?"

Sal's mom sighed at him, giving him a disapproving stare. "Now now, Sal, stop talking to your omelet and eat up."

"But mama, that isn't an omelet, that's papa Ommy! I want him to tell me all about that place called, um... oh yeah! Chao Island!"

"Why must we go through this every morning? God, I wish I could just have one normal conversation with you without you calling your food Ommy, the fireplace Flame, the light bulbs Chaos, the wild raccoon Wacky, the stars Nova with an exclamation mark, and so on!", the mother complained, "What's next? Now just eat your food or so help me..." Sal had retreated to his room though, leaving his mother talking to air. "I WAS TALKING TO YOU, HOW RUDE OF YOU, YOU LITTLE SH-"

Upstairs in his room, Sal had started a seance to bring his breakfast to life. He began uttering nosense and waving his arms wildly in the air, his eyes rolling as he convulsed more and more. His little brother, who shared a room with him, looked on horrified from his bed. Sal noticed him staring and broke out of his trance, "What the hell you staring at?! Never seen someone preform a seance before?"

"N-no I haven't..." he replied back. "You're scaring me, Sal-"

"You're scaring me, Sal!" mocked Sal, "My name is Jukona, I have a dumb name and am scared of everything! Shut up, nerd."
Y-you too..."

Sal retreated to his closet to talk to "Ommy" in peace.

"Ugh, my little brother is so annoying, isn't he papa?" he said to the mashed up egg.

There was no reply because it was food and not his papa and food does not have the ability to talk.

Sal laughed, "I agree! We do need to get rid of him. Maybe we can smother him or something..."

Outside of the closet, his mom and brother were eavesdropping on him.

"Mom, what the heck is wrong with Sal? Ever since that site he used to go on, uh... I think Choas Island, shut down, he's been acting weird."

Their mom sighed, "I don't know, maybe he's going through some withdrawal of some sort. I'll take him tto the school psychologist tomorrow I suppose. Maybe we can find him an activity to engage his mind as well."


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Re: The End of Chao Island

Post by Linds 269 » Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:38 am

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Re: The End of Chao Island

Post by KeatonLabs » Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:42 am

Ommy wrote:There was no reply because it was food and not his papa and food does not have the ability to talk.

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