Sonic Adventure: Before the Sequel (incomplete)

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Sonic Adventure: Before the Sequel (incomplete)

Post by DevilChaosChao100 » Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:06 am

DISCLAIMER: This story will be about what happened in between the events of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 and may include some major spoilers. This is just my personal take on it.

Station Square was demolished. Buildings had collapsed, and the ground was flooded with water. But even though people mourned because of the loss of their homes and loved ones, morale was still high. The Mayor of Station Square started work on the city right away after Chaos rampaged through the city. The seven Chaos Emeralds had dispersed throughout various places in the world after being used by Sonic.

The clouds had dissipated and the sun was starting to shine through. The blue hedgehog was standing on a broken piece of concrete from the road to avoid the flood of water below him, he was looking up at the sun that was beginning to show. His fur was damp and the rain droplets on his fur shone in the light. He looked over towards his friends, smiled, and gave them a thumbs up.

Tails looked at Sonic, smiling back, as he gave a thumbs up back to Sonic. "Good job Sonic!" he said to him.

Knuckles just turned his head to the left, crossed his arms, closed his eyes, and grinned.

Big the Cat, holding his frog companion in his arms, smiled at Sonic and said "Thank you for helping me rescue Froggy!" as the frog jumped out of his arms.

"NOT AGAIN!" Big exclaimed, as he started running after his frog. They all laughed, watching Big run after it.

"SONIC!!!" Amy yelled, as she tackled Sonic onto the concrete.

"AGH! AMY GET OFF OF ME, THAT HURTS!" Sonic screamed, landing on his back. He would then push her off of him.

"I can't believe my future husband is a hero!" Amy exclaimed, blushing.

"Whatever you want to believe, Amy..." Sonic said quietly to himself.

Amy pulled up her hammer and asked him "Did you say something?"

Sonic quickly backed up. "NO IT WAS NOTHING!" he replied, as everyone laughed, including Amy.

After a couple hours of talking, it was time for them all to go their separate ways.

"Well, I guess I'm going back to Angel Island to make sure nothing bad happens to the Master Emer--" he stopped mid-way in his sentence, remembering that the train station that brought people to the Mystic Ruins was destroyed, he then frowned.

"What's wrong Knuckles ol' pal?" Sonic asked.

"I hate to ask this but, I'm going to need a ride back to the Mystic Ruins since the train station was destroyed by that monster." Knuckles replied.

Big looked at Sonic, having his frog back from running away. "Me and Froggy will need help getting home too!" Big exclaimed.

"Tails, let's get the Tornado 2 ready." Sonic told Tails.

"There's a slight problem with that. The Tornado 2 is still in the swamp area of the Mystic Ruins and is in bad condition." Tails explained to them.

"I could try to build a boat if there are any workshops left here, but I doubt it. We should try to rent a boat." Tails told them.

"Well then I guess we're gonna have to go find a boat to rent out then." Sonic said.

"Let's all split up and ask around." Sonic told everyone.

They all began to look around Station Square for someone who had a boat to rent, they had no luck finding anyone until Knuckles found an elderly man working on his boat.

The man had dirty overalls on from working on his boat, and was also wearing a black buoy hat. He looked back, putting his hand on the side of the boat where the name was written. It read "Oompa's Girl".

"Hey, do you own this boat?" Knuckles asked the old man.

"Yup, this is my boat. I've been working on her all day. She's one of my prized possessions!" the old man replied.

"Me and my friends were looking for a ride to the Mystic Ruins, and we wanted to borrow your boat." Knuckles told him.

"I don't give rides out to any stranger. You're going to have to convince me to take you guys to the Mystic Ruins. I don't take my boat out in these waters to escort people usually." the man told Knuckles.

"Look, we just want to use this boat. Give us a ride." Knuckles demanded.

"You don't demand a boat ride from me. Your chances of getting a ride from me are getting lower and lower." the old man told Knuckles.

Knuckles walked up to the old man, annoyed, as he grabbed onto one of the straps of his overalls. He would then raise his other fist in the air and threaten him. "We need to go, unless you want to get a Knuckle sandwich!"

"HEY, LET GO OF ME! YOU WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED ON MY BOAT!" the old man yelled, trying to push Knuckles away, but Knuckles' grip was too tight.

Sonic and Tails were looking not too far away, as they heard the old man yell. "Hey, you hear that Tails?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, let's go check it out!" Tails exclaimed. Sonic and Tails started running in the direction of Knuckles and the old man, as Sonic saw Knuckles fist raised.

Sonic ran as fast as he could to the location, leaving Tails in the dust, as Sonic grabbed Knuckles arm just in time to stop him.

"What are you doing Knuckles?!" Sonic asked, angered and surprised.

All of a sudden, Knuckles let go of the old man's overalls and punched Sonic straight in the face.


Tails quickly ran to Sonic's aid, taking out his first aid kit, he would tend to Sonic's wounds.

Sonic would slowly get up, rubbing his cheek. "Why did you do that Knuckles?!" he yelled back at Knuckles.

The old man would get up and run to his boat to hide before Knuckles had time to notice.

"I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GET A BOAT AND YOU STOPPED ME!" Knuckles explained loudly.

"It looked like you were about to punch the old man in the face, not try to negotiate with him!" Sonic told Knuckles.

Sonic continued, "Next time, don't resort to brute force!"

Knuckles frowned, closing his eyes and crossing his arms.

"Sonic, are you alright?" Tails asked.

"Yeah, I'll be alright. Thanks for fixing my wound." Sonic answered.

Sonic and Tails moved past Knuckles, not even looking at him, they would go onto the boat to look for the Captain.

Sonic entered the Captain's Quarters to see the Captain cowering in a corner, as Sonic would begin to approach him. Sonic continued to walk towards him as he would put his hand on the Captain's shoulder.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" the Captain yelled in fear.

"It's alright, I won't hurt you. My friend just has a bad temper, that's all." Sonic comforted him.

The Captain looked up at Sonic, and asked "Hey, aren't you the one who saved the city from that huge monster?!"

Sonic grinned, and answered "Yeah, that was me. But it wasn't completely saved considering a lot of damage was still done."

"What's your name?!" the Captain asked.

Sonic put up his hand and pointed his thumb towards himself. "My name is Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!" he happily replied.

Sonic then asked the Captain the same question. "What's your name old man?"

"The name is Jack, I've been riding these waves on my boat since I was just a young'un!" he exclaimed.

"Well Jack, me and my friends need to get to the Mystic Ruins and wanted to use your boat to get there." Sonic explained to Captain Jack.

"I guess I could do that, it's the least I can do for you saving our city and my ship! If she was destroyed, I don't know what I would do!" the Captain told Sonic.

The Captain continued, "But please, keep that red porcupine away from me... he really does scare me..." he shivered in fear.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure he doesn't hurt you or anything Captain!" Tails told the Captain.

Suddenly, Knuckles burst through the door to the Captain's Quarters. "I AM NOT A PORCUPINE, I AM AN ECHIDNA!" he yelled.

"AHHHH! GET HIM AWAY FROM ME!" the Captain screamed and scurried to a different corner of the Captain's Quarters.

Sonic and Tails turned around and frowned at Knuckles, protecting the Captain.

"It's alright Knuckles, he told us we could take a ride on his boat." Sonic told Knuckles.

"Ah, good. I wasn't gonna do anything to him anyways." Knuckles assured Sonic.

"Alright well... you guys better go get what you need, we'll be heading out later tonight." the Captain told them.

"Sounds good!" said Sonic, as he left the room, Tails following out behind him.

Knuckles would frown at the Captain, as his eyes grew wider.

"Knuckles... come out here!" Sonic yelled.

Knuckles would turn around and walk out the door, then they all walked off the boat back onto the ground.

"We better get Big and Amy." Sonic told them.

"On it!" Tails exclaimed.

"Fine." Knuckles muttered.

They would then go off to look for them, Sonic making sure not to split up again and making sure to not let Knuckles cause anymore trouble.


As an ending note, I would like some feedback on how I represented this first part. I have already mapped out the other parts of the story and those will be posted shortly.
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Sonic Adventure: Before the Sequel; Part Two

Post by DevilChaosChao100 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:35 am

The setting is back in the mostly destroyed area of Station Square, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are on a search for their other two friends Big and Amy.

Sonic and his friends looked around in downtown Station Square, or what was left of it at least. The normal hustling and bustling of the city was just a mere silence. Multiple buildings had been destroyed and were flooded.

"Wow... this place was hit really hard by Chaos wasn't it?" Tails asked.

"I guess so, I remember this place was so lively." Sonic replied.

"I see them." Knuckles pointed off near a destroyed building that had been reduced to rubble.

The three of them ran off towards Amy and Big, they were looking down at something in the rubble.

"Hey guys! We got a ride to Mystic Ruins!" Sonic shouted, approaching the two.

Sonic stood next to Big and Amy, with Knuckles and Tails walking towards them. Sonic glared down at a shiny jewel in the rubble.

Sonic picked up the jewel, as the sunlight shone on it. The jewel was colored blue, and glimmered in the light.

Tails and Knuckles approached Sonic, as they both stared at the beautiful gleaming jewel. "That's a Chaos Emerald!" Tails proclaimed.

"Who knew we would find one this quickly, they were lucky to find it." Knuckles stated.

"I chased Froggy here and he saw it! Froggy found it!" Big explained.

"I followed Big to try to get his frog back too." Amy told them.

"Well Tails, you can keep ahold of this, you can keep it safe." Sonic assured him, giving Tails the emerald.

"I'll take care of it! We can use this to run the Tornado 2 again! Of course, I'll need to continue to work on it before it's able to fly again." Tails explained.

Tails then put the emerald in a metal case which had a fingerprint lock on it.

"Are you guys ready to go to the Mystic Ruins now?" Sonic asked.

"Me and Froggy are ready!" Big said joyfully.

"I'm ready!" Amy exclaimed.

Sonic and his friends left the ruined area of downtown Station Square and went directly to the harbor, as they arrived they saw the Captain in front of his boat with a more formal uniform. A white Naval uniform and a white service hat.

"So these are your friends Sonic?" Captain Jack asked.

"Yeah, they are!" Sonic replied.

"Well, it's nice to meet you! My name is Jack, what's your names?" Captain Jack asked.

"My name's Big, and this is Froggy!" Big replied, holding up his frog for him to see.

"My name's Amy!" Amy exclaimed.

"Oh, I also forgot to introduce myself when we first met! My name is Tails, and the aggressive one next to me is Knuckles!" Tails explained.

"This seems fishy... he changed his clothes in not much time at all, and it looks perfect..." Knuckles thought to himself, skeptical.

"Now that introductions are out of the way, let's get onto the boat and head out!" the Captain exclaimed.

"He also seems more confident than he was before, and doesn't seem like he fears me anymore. This really is fishy. No pun intended." Knuckles continued in his thoughts.

Sonic and his friends walked onto the boat and moved into the rest area since it was getting dark. Everyone except for Knuckles fell asleep right away since they were all tired.

Knuckles sat there with his fists clenched, right next to the box where the Emerald was located, trying not to doze off.

Captain Jack would be controlling the ship, still awake in his Quarters. All of a sudden he took off his navy white uniform and hat, revealing someone else.

"Now I'm going to snatch that jewel from them! Good thing I saw them gather that beautiful emerald!" the person thought to themselves, putting on x-ray goggles.

"I love jewels! This one is going to be mine!" the person continued to themselves.

"Good thing I was able to put that old man in captivity, he won't be going anywhere for awhile!" the person laughed.

The person left the Captain's Quarters and went to the door leading to the rest area, turning on it's x-ray goggles and looked inside.

"I see the emerald! It's right by that red echidna! But this might be hard, hopefully I can snatch it without getting him to notice." the person said to themselves.

The person would take out a smoke bomb from their tool-kit, as it would begin to open the door.

Knuckles heard the door opening, and he quickly stood up. "Who's there?!" Knuckles asked, alarmed.

The person then threw the smoke bomb inside the rest area, it exploded into a huge cloud of smoke, engulfing the entire room.

Knuckles began coughing, as he kept inhaling smoke. He tried to hold his breath.

The person snatched the metal box with the emerald in it without being detected in the smoke. The person then escaped the room and flew up onto the mast.

The others began coughing, and woke up. Knuckles ran outside as the others got up.

"Well, it looks like Rouge has found another jewel to add to her collection!" the mysterious person turned out to be Rouge the Bat, a spy who works for the government.

Rouge pulled out a small laser pointer and put a hole through the top of the case, pulling out the blue gem.

Knuckles looked up to Rouge's location on the mast and saw the emerald in her hand.

"Give me that emerald back!" Knuckles demanded, as he flew to the mast and started climbing up.

"Not a chance!" Rouge replied, as she began to fly away to try and escape.

"You're not getting away from me, thief!" Knuckles exclaimed, getting a boost by jumping off of the mast and gliding towards the bat.

Knuckles grabbed onto her leg, gripping it tightly with his massive fist and throwing her at full force to the deck of the ship.

Rouge landed on her back, winded, she grabbed another smoke bomb and threw it onto the ground. It exploded into another huge cloud of smoke.

Knuckles dived down into the smoke, aiming his fist towards the deck, as his knuckles pierced through the top deck of the ship.

"Darn! I just missed her!" he exclaimed, pulling his fist out of the deck.

The smoke began to clear and the others quickly ran outside, bewildered at what just happened.

"What happened out here Knuckles?!" Sonic demanded an answer from him.

"A bat girl took the Chaos Emerald that was in our possession." Knuckles explained, clenching his teeth and his fists, angered.

"It looks like you two fought, considering there's a hole in the deck." Tails added.

"That's the least of our concerns right now, where is the Captain at?" Sonic asked.

"I'll go search for him." Tails replied.

"I'm guessing that bat girl was impersonating the Captain as well." Knuckles suggested.

"Yeah, I had my suspicions about that too. Just didn't want to say anything." Tails continued.

"Well, off to searching for the Captain now." Tails said, going off to find the Captain.

Tails went around the boat, the wood planks of the boat creaked every step he took. The wind of the sea felt chilling, and felt very ominous. He looked off into the distance, the moon hanging above the shadowy ocean, the ocean which seemed black reflected the moon's image. Tails continue to walk around, and entered the Captain's Quarters. No sign of the Captain there. Tails walked out of the Captain's Quarters, and looked for other doorways. He found a door that was locked and had a sign above it reading "Supply Room". Tails took out his own tool-kit and pulled out a lock pick. He fiddled with the lock for a few minutes, the lock finally clicked and unlocked the door.

Tails opened the door, going inside cautiously. There were various things in there, brooms, mops, kitchen supplies, almost everything you could think of when it came to household appliances. Tails heard a muffled voice, he began to follow where the voice was coming from. He came to a closet which seemed to be the source of the noises, he opened it carefully. There were various items strewn about by this closet, it seemed like the closet had been emptied quickly. Tails looked inside to see the Captain's hands and legs bound by a rope and mouth covered with ducktape. Tails quickly untied the rope and removed the ducktape from the Captain's mouth.

The Captain got up and moved out of the closet. "That bat girl... she used a sleeping gas on me and before I knew it I was down for the count." the Captain explained.

"I can't remember anything else that happened after that, except I woke up and I was bound by rope and tape." the Captain continued.

"She stole a precious item from us, Knuckles tried to stop her but she got away before he could." Tails explained.

"We're guessing she tried to impersonate you since she was perfectly disguised as you, but you were here, so our hypothesis must be true." Tails continued.

"Well, I better get you guys to the Mystic Ruins as quick as possible, you guys saved me once again. I can't thank you guys enough." the Captain told him, grateful.

"It's no problem at all sir!" Tails exclaimed, smiling. Tails' smile then turned to a frown quickly, "Knuckles also sort of put a hole in the deck trying to get her." Tails grumbled.

"It's alright. It's nothing I can't fix." the Captain assured him, as he began to leave the supply room.

"Well good, now I'm going back to sleep." Tails yawned, leaving the supply room.

The Captain closed the supply room door once they both left the room. The Captain walked back to the Captain's Quarters and started to steer the boat back on course. Tails walked back to Sonic and the others.

"The Captain is safe, he's back running the boat." Tails told them, relieved.

"Great, now we can all go back to sleep." Sonic said, returning into the rest area.

"We'll talk more about the burglar bat once we get some sleep." Knuckles told them, having his temper back to normal.

Knuckles and the others followed Sonic into the rest area, and they all went to sleep, including Knuckles.

No mercy.