The Four Chao of the Tabletop

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The Four Chao of the Tabletop

Post by Triert » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:14 pm

Saturday Night
9:45 PM

The Chao of the Neutral Garden had been asleep, all except for four chao who had retreated into the caves in order to play the hottest game they had ever known since tossing the ball, Hedgehogs and Factories. First there had been Dingy, The Hero Chao who had happily organized this whole event. Next was Tarot, the neutral chao who was intrigued by this new game. Then there was Nova, a dark chao who wanted to see why all the chao in her garden had been interested by such a silly game of paper, pen, and plastic figurines. Finally was 102, who had been an Omochao that resided in the neutral garden. No one really knew what to make of him, or why he signed up, but Dingy was happy to have him.

"Alright everyone let's introduce our characters, who'd like to go first?" Dingy asked as the dark chao stood up first. "Ahem, my character is...Conis The Hedgehog. He has fire, lightning, and ice magic along with an ancient sword that dates back to the Pachacamac Era. Not only does he have a Super form and Hyper form, he has a Burning Form, a Darkspine Form, and a special form where he merges with his sword and gets armor that glows all the color of the chaos emeralds too!" Nova proudly said as she stood atop a rock.

"So, what's his personality like then?" 102 had asked her as she read through her sheet to find she neglected to include his personality. "If you're going to make him that powerful, why should any of us bother?" Tarot had questioned her. "Nova, I think if you don't have a personality written for him then maybe you should start again." Dingy said as Nova had crumpled up her sheet and let the wind take it away. "Well fine, let's see what you came up with 102!" She said, challenging the Omochao.

"I will take that challenge biological life form. My character is the last of the Flickies, who is fighting an evil doctor to save her friends and family from his clutches." 102 said with a LED smirk on it's face. "That's sounds a lot like what happened to that one eggman robot." Dingy hadn't been impressed with the complete ripoff of Gamma. "Oh, so just because one Flicky has to save his family means that I can't write mine to do so? What's next, you'll ban our characters from jumping on giant animal containers that hold woodland critters?" 102 responded uproariously, offended at the notion of his ripoff. "What? Is it too much to ask for a little bit of creativity?" Tarot had told 102. "Really? Then let's see what you came up with." The Omochao said confronting the Neutral chao.

"Fine, my chao is a noble Fox Mage who fought to reclaim his family's magic staff, his skills are listed in this sheet right here." Tarot said handing Dingy the sheet, which Nova and 102 read as well behind him. "Hey wait a minute, these skills seem a little broken!" Nova told Tarot. "Oh, so you're going to lecture me about how powerful my character is?" Tarot told Nova as the two got close to one another's face. "The Chunni is right, your first skill here is have an unlimited amount of mana you can hold. The other one being an attack that gets stronger the higher your mana is." 102 told Tarot who whistled over what the Omochao had told him.

"Fine, we'll try again next week. I hope that by then we all have something that won't be too overpowered, too familiar, or too outright cheesy." Dingy said packing his supplies away as the chao broke off back to their respective gardens.