escaped convict

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escaped convict

Post by Jam4u2 » Mon May 30, 2016 10:15 am

A really smooth flowing design just made one and looks cute and has three diffrent colours you can choose from i did call mine Jailb8t for the lolz.

Will need any colour of the ski mask which ever you want would be best to match the egg to the same colour but hey mix it up if you want.

Red ski mask - two tone red egg, two tone orange work good but both two tone yellow which i made mine and two tone white are kinda okay. They dont match up with the mask as good as the first two. I wanted to see if it would work or not and it will if you want.

Blue ski mask- two tone blue egg works but the two tone sky blue doesnt work that well but if you want it will just like the other two would on the first one.

Black ski mask- two tone black egg.

If you feel like you want a shiny egg it changes some colours massively so sum do work but alot are way to bright but again will work if wanted. So play around with this one to find your little jail buddy.

Make him D/P/N or D/P/P or D/P/F would be the the best three you would want to choose from.

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