(Book) History of Chao

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(Book) History of Chao

Post by ChrisOfChaos » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:48 am

Wrote this for the game I'm building: http://thechaoproject.deviantart.com/

Little is known about the origins of Chao. They originate from the planet Mobius, but can also be found on Earth due to an interdimensional incident in recent history. Thousands of years ago, they lived alongside the ancient Echidna, taking residence on Angel Island, where the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald were kept. This eventually led to the birth of arguably the most well known Chao in history- Chaos.

Guardian of Chao
In the first known Chao Garden, Angel Island, one Chao attempted to touch the Master Emerald. This transformed the Chao into a liquid-based, mysterious life form which eventually became the guardian of the Angel Island Chao, who would sing to it frequently. Chao were not frequently endangered for many years after this creature’s birth, and so the creature remained relatively kind and peaceful.

Some undisclosed number of years after the creature came into existence, Angel Island was threatened by the Echidnas living in a temple nearby, who attempted to take the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald for themselves. Although one of the Echidna, a female named Tikal who befriended the creature, warned it of the Echidna’s upcoming attack, many Chao were killed in the incident.
This subsequently led to the creature becoming extremely hostile and dangerous. To prevent the genocide of their race, Tikal was forced to seal the creature inside of the Master Emerald. Due to this incident, the creature became known as Chaos, the God of Destruction. The attack is believed to be the reason Angel Island is no longer inhabited by Chao.

Modern times
Although the Chao on Angel Island were generally left alone and lived isolated from other species, Chao today have become domesticated and are commonly kept in gardens as pets, living peacefully and frequently interacting with both humans and Mobius’ inhabitants. A hotel in Station Square even allocates a whole floor to a Chao garden. Even the likes of Dr. Eggman have been known to have at least two Chao gardens. A robotic Chao, Omochao, was even built in the image of Chao, although it’s creater is unknown. Most gardens are open to public, but some are very difficult to find, one outlet to three gardens being accessible only through a single teleportation machine usable by collecting a Chao key. Chao are far more integrated into others’ societies compared to their ancestors, often going to school and being entered into sporting events such as races and karate. This has also drastically affected Chaos’ evolutions and potential appearance as adults, as very few Hero and Dark Chao were seen before the modern era.

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Re: (Book) History of Chao

Post by The Thunder » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:55 pm

This is good. I like this. Good job. And good luck with your project.
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