How do you address your Chao? (Properness of Chao names)

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How do you address your Chao? (Properness of Chao names)

Post by YuYuChaosho » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:13 pm

so I’ve been thinking,
how would Chao introduce themselves to another Chao or person?
like I’ve always thought they would introduce themselves as (for an example I’ll use one of my own) “HeroroiChao”. Not just Heroroi. But with Chao in it.
Like Bunnie Rabbot.
Orrr.. if the Chao is well known (for doing evil or good) they can be (i’ll use another on of my own) “Leo the Chao” my trollpasta Chao I stole.
It’s like how Sonic is known to be Sonic the Hedgehog

:thinking: I dunno it just sounds more proper to me tbh... and that’s how I address my Chao anyways... :blink:
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