Gold Chao Egg Despawned!

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Gold Chao Egg Despawned!

Post by UltimaNumber255 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:37 pm

While I was Let's Playing Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, on Part 26, the game acted as if I already had done the Gold Chao Egg Event!

So, to spoil it, here's what I did:

In Big the Cat's story, I decided to show off Big's 7th Powerup, was it a Myth or Legend? This 7th powerup is in the sewers where only Sonic's Light Speed Shoes are. You can't get up there normally, but with Diagonal Boost (Thanks to how the game and NullDC works), you can get up there. However, this powerup is indeed a myth, because if you pick it up, the powerup at the place where you get Tails' Jet Anklets disappears. Likewise, if you pick THAT up, the one I said earlier disappears. Anyway! I advanced as normal, picking up every powerup along the way, in the jungle, I got the Power Rod, then the lure, savewarped back to SS, don't know if that mattered. When I came to City Hall, I noticed the Stone Egg was already placed in the Antique Shop! Thus the Gold Egg Despawned! I tested the event to see if it would happen again since I had a backup save, but that time I got the lure, then the rod. The Egg remained intact.

Why did it despawned? What in the games code checks if the event was done? Did the order and the fact that I got the glitched lure matter? Or was it just NullDC randomly deciding to change a random byte? I want to know if this would happen on the real Dreamcast as well, just do what I did. For all I know, it could also be the Score I got in the action stages, just happened to get the numbers needed to mess with the Gold Chao Egg...

This could've been the birth of finding the lost Chao, it started with the Gold one here!
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Re: Gold Chao Egg Despawned!

Post by azureprism » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:20 am

That reminds me about what happened with my SA1DC save. I'd gotten the silver and black eggs into the gardens, but for some reason they had respawned back in their old spots when I returned to the adventure fields with different characters - I grabbed the new black egg but left the new silver one untouched. The gold egg in Station Square hasn't been replaced with another - the stone from outside the town hall is still on the pedestal as usual.

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