Chao Gallery

Welcome to the Chao Island Gallery. This section will try to show pictures of all the Chao in the Sonic Adventure series. We currently have 1258 pictures. We have documented 82 of the 82 known Chao.

To get started, just enter your desired Chao parameters into the form below, and you should instantly see how that Chao would look. Alternatively, you can manually browse the entire Chao Gallery using the links on the left.

This Chao selector tool will show you all evolutions and colours of Adult (evolved) Chao.

A preview of the selected chao.


Wondering why Shiny Jewel Chao only let you choose regular colours? And why the colours don't even seem to match?

From the special breeds page of the Gamecube Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, we know that Shiny Jewel Chao are special because they have a unique appearance. Most come out invisible or transparent. However it seems as though the PC version of the game shows the Chao in full! One theory is that this is how they are supposed to look, and that the Gamecube version just renders them differently for some reason.

See the links below for more information, and also the difference between the Shiny Jewel Chao in the Chao Gallery!