Baby/Child Chao

Before a Chao has it's first evolution is is classed as a baby/child.

The pictures below show all of these pre-evolved Chao.

Two-Tone Shiny Two-Tone Mono-Tone Shiny Mono-Tone Shiny Jewel Colour Notes
Baby Two-Tone Normal Baby Shiny Two-Tone Normal Baby Mono-Tone Normal Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Normal Baby Shiny Jewel Normal Normal
Baby Two-Tone Black Baby Shiny Two-Tone Black Baby Mono-Tone Black Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Black Baby Shiny Jewel Black Black
Baby Two-Tone Blue Baby Shiny Two-Tone Blue Baby Mono-Tone Blue Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Blue Baby Shiny Jewel Blue Blue
Baby Two-Tone Brown Baby Shiny Two-Tone Brown Baby Mono-Tone Brown Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Brown Baby Shiny Jewel Brown Brown
Baby Two-Tone Green Baby Shiny Two-Tone Green Baby Mono-Tone Green Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Green Baby Shiny Jewel Green Green
Baby Two-Tone Grey Baby Shiny Two-Tone Grey Baby Mono-Tone Grey Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Grey Baby Shiny Jewel Grey Grey
Baby Two-Tone Lime Green Baby Shiny Two-Tone Lime Green Baby Mono-Tone Lime Green Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Lime Green Baby Shiny Jewel Lime Green Lime Green
Baby Two-Tone Orange Baby Shiny Two-Tone Orange Baby Mono-Tone Orange Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Orange Baby Shiny Jewel Orange Orange
Baby Two-Tone Pink Baby Shiny Two-Tone Pink Baby Mono-Tone Pink Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Pink Baby Shiny Jewel Pink Pink
Baby Two-Tone Purple Baby Shiny Two-Tone Purple Baby Mono-Tone Purple Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Purple Baby Shiny Jewel Purple Purple
Baby Two-Tone Red Baby Shiny Two-Tone Red Baby Mono-Tone Red Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Red Baby Shiny Jewel Red Red
Baby Two-Tone Sky Blue Baby Shiny Two-Tone Sky Blue Baby Mono-Tone Sky Blue Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Sky Blue Baby Shiny Jewel Sky Blue Sky Blue
Baby Two-Tone White Baby Shiny Two-Tone White Baby Mono-Tone White Baby Shiny Mono-Tone White Baby Shiny Jewel White White
Baby Two-Tone Yellow Baby Shiny Two-Tone Yellow Baby Mono-Tone Yellow Baby Shiny Mono-Tone Yellow Baby Shiny Jewel Yellow Yellow

Jewel Chao

Picture Jewel Notes
Baby Jewel Amethyst Amethyst
Baby Jewel Aquamarine Aquamarine
Baby Jewel Emerald Emerald
Baby Jewel Garnet Garnet
Baby Jewel Gold Gold
Baby Jewel Onyx Onyx
Baby Jewel Peridot Peridot
Baby Jewel Ruby Ruby
Baby Jewel Sapphire Sapphire
Baby Jewel Silver Silver
Baby Jewel Topaz Topaz