Jewel Chao

These are the Jewel Chao. There is an irregularity where "Ruby" is a deep topaz on the Dreamcast games (like the Garnet Chao shown here), wheras it is more sapphire in the following games.

None Swim Fly Run Power Colour Notes
Hero Amethyst Hero Swim Amethyst Hero Fly Amethyst Hero Run Amethyst Hero Power Amethyst Amethyst
Hero Aquamarine Hero Swim Aquamarine Hero Fly Aquamarine Hero Run Aquamarine Hero Power Aquamarine Aquamarine
Hero Emerald Hero Swim Emerald Hero Fly Emerald Hero Run Emerald Hero Power Emerald Emerald
Hero Garnet Hero Swim Garnet Hero Fly Garnet Hero Run Garnet Hero Power Garnet Garnet
Hero Gold Hero Swim Gold Hero Fly Gold Hero Run Gold Hero Power Gold Gold
Hero Onyx Hero Swim Onyx Hero Fly Onyx Hero Run Onyx Hero Power Onyx Onyx
Hero Peridot Hero Swim Peridot Hero Fly Peridot Hero Run Peridot Hero Power Peridot Peridot
Hero Ruby Hero Swim Ruby Hero Fly Ruby Hero Run Ruby Hero Power Ruby Ruby
Hero Sapphire Hero Swim Sapphire Hero Fly Sapphire Hero Run Sapphire Hero Power Sapphire Sapphire
Hero Silver Hero Swim Silver Hero Fly Silver Hero Run Silver Hero Power Silver Silver
Hero Topaz Hero Swim Topaz Hero Fly Topaz Hero Run Topaz Hero Power Topaz Topaz
None Swim Fly Run Power Colour Notes
Neutral Amethyst Neutral Swim Amethyst Neutral Fly Amethyst Neutral Run Amethyst Neutral Power Amethyst Amethyst
Neutral Aquamarine Neutral Swim Aquamarine Neutral Fly Aquamarine Neutral Run Aquamarine Neutral Power Aquamarine Aquamarine
Neutral Emerald Neutral Swim Emerald Neutral Fly Emerald Neutral Run Emerald Neutral Power Emerald Emerald
Neutral Garnet Neutral Swim Garnet Neutral Fly Garnet Neutral Run Garnet Neutral Power Garnet Garnet
Neutral Gold Neutral Swim Gold Neutral Fly Gold Neutral Run Gold Neutral Power Gold Gold
Neutral Onyx Neutral Swim Onyx Neutral Fly Onyx Neutral Run Onyx Neutral Power Onyx Onyx
Neutral Peridot Neutral Swim Peridot Neutral Fly Peridot Neutral Run Peridot Neutral Power Peridot Peridot
Neutral Ruby Neutral Swim Ruby Neutral Fly Ruby Neutral Run Ruby Neutral Power Ruby Ruby
Neutral Sapphire Neutral Swim Sapphire Neutral Fly Sapphire Neutral Run Sapphire Neutral Power Sapphire Sapphire
Neutral Silver Neutral Swim Silver Neutral Fly Silver Neutral Run Silver Neutral Power Silver Silver
Neutral Topaz Neutral Swim Topaz Neutral Fly Topaz Neutral Run Topaz Neutral Power Topaz Topaz
None Swim Fly Run Power Colour Notes
Dark Amethyst Dark Swim Amethyst Dark Fly Amethyst Dark Run Amethyst Dark Power Amethyst Amethyst
Dark Aquamarine Dark Swim Aquamarine Dark Fly Aquamarine Dark Run Aquamarine Dark Power Aquamarine Aquamarine
Dark Emerald Dark Swim Emerald Dark Fly Emerald Dark Run Emerald Dark Power Emerald Emerald
Dark Garnet Dark Swim Garnet Dark Fly Garnet Dark Run Garnet Dark Power Garnet Garnet
Dark Gold Dark Swim Gold Dark Fly Gold Dark Run Gold Dark Power Gold Gold
Dark Onyx Dark Swim Onyx Dark Fly Onyx Dark Run Onyx Dark Power Onyx Onyx
Dark Peridot Dark Swim Peridot Dark Fly Peridot Dark Run Peridot Dark Power Peridot Peridot
Dark Ruby Dark Swim Ruby Dark Fly Ruby Dark Run Ruby Dark Power Ruby Ruby
Dark Sapphire Dark Swim Sapphire Dark Fly Sapphire Dark Run Sapphire Dark Power Sapphire Sapphire
Dark Silver Dark Swim Silver Dark Fly Silver Dark Run Silver Dark Power Silver Silver
Dark Topaz Dark Swim Topaz Dark Fly Topaz Dark Run Topaz Dark Power Topaz Topaz