Known Types of Chao

So how many different types of Chao are available to make? We won't be counting evolutions (including alignment) in this list, just the basic Chao itself. Also to be made clear- we are not including hacked Chao in the list either and the amount of different Chao you can create are huge! We are only concerned with Chao that can be made, bought, bred, and obtained via regular methods.

Dreamcast Chao

The Sega Dreamcast games (Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2) were the first appearance of Chao.

In Sonic Adventure, we obtained the Normal default Chao Egg, and three mysterious Chao Eggs that were found in the adventure fields. This gave us:

Now, breeding the above Chao lead to a variety of other Chao:

It has been said that you can also get Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Chao (jewel) in the game, but since I do not know the exact recipe and have not been able to recreate these (without the aid of a Chao Editor), i will not count these. Don't worry - they will not affect our known Chao totals as they can be obtained in other games.

That gives us 7 Chao in total for Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure 2 left us with most of the same, but with the addition of Hero and Dark Chao.

The Black Market opened online, which allowed you to download additonal rare Chao. These were:

Four of these Chao we have already seen in the original game (including default Chao), giving us five extra Chao. That's 12 Chao in total for the Dreamcast Games.

Gamecube Chao

The Nintendo Gamecube re-released the original games with a change to the Chao system, and slight changes in the names (Sonic Adventure DX, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle). You can now get different base coloured Chao. We have already seen the Black and Grey Chao from Chaclon in the Dreamcast games. Excluding the default Normal Chao, there are an additional 11 colours. That makes 23 different Chao seen so far.

List of all 14 base colour two-tone Chao in the Gamecube version:

Monotone Chao were also introduced, able to be bought from an in game Black Market. You can get the Monotone version of all the above listed Chao from the black market with the exception of the Monotone Normal Chao which has to be bred specially.

So if we add the 14 more Monotone Chao that brings us to 37 different Chao seen so far.

Along with this, Shiny Chao of each were also introduced. Thats a Shiny version of each Two-tone and Monotone Chao in the Gamecube versions. So 14 shiny two-tone Chao, and 14 shiny monotone chao makes 28 Shiny Chao, bringing us to 65 Chao So far.

Gameboy Advance Chao

The Nintendo Gameboy Advance gave us Sonic Advance, allowing the Gamecube players to get Jewel Chao in their gardens.

11 Jewel Chao could be bought using rings in-game:

We have already seen the majority of the Jewel Chao on the dreamcast version with the except of the three extras here: Garnet, Aquamarine and Peridot. That makes 68 Chao!

Shiny Jewel Chao

Breeding a Shiny Coloured Chao from the Gamecube games with a Jewel Chao from SADX or Sonic Advance would result in a Shiny Jewel Chao. These Chao are special in the way that they are a strange translucent/transparant (see-through) Chao. Each one is different depending on the Shiny Chao you use (the Jewel Chao you use is irrelivant). So that's another 14 special breeds. Full details about these Chao and how to get them can be found on the special breeds page.

All together that makes 82 different Chao! The Gamecube has the majority of the Chao as you can see, while the Dreamcast only has the Moon Chao which is unique. The Moon Chao is the only texture Chao available in the series without the aid of hacking/editing devices.


Time for a quick roundup of which Chao are obtained in which version.

Console Total Chao Available
Gameboy Advance Gamecube Dreamcast 1 Normal Chao [two-tone] (1)
Gameboy Advance 4 Jewel Chao [Garnet, Aquamarine, Peridot] (3)
Gameboy Advance Dreamcast 12 Jewel Chao [the rest] (8)
Gamecube Dreamcast 14 Two-tone Chao [Grey and Black] (2)
Gamecube 25 Additional Two-Tone Chao (11)
Gamecube 39 Monotone Chao (14)
Gamecube 53 Shiny Monotone Chao (14)
Gamecube 67 Shiny Two-Tone Chao (14)
Gamecube 81 Shiny Jewel Chao (14)
Dreamcast 82 Moon Chao (1)

Thats 82 Chao in the series obtained without Chao editors or hacking devices. Any mistakes, let me know. Thanks!