Mono-Tone Chao

These are the regular Chao with a single colour (mono-tone) as opposed to regular Chao with an off-colour highlight on the ends of their limbs.

None Swim Fly Run Power Colour Notes
Hero Mono-Tone Normal Hero Swim Mono-Tone Normal Hero Fly Mono-Tone Normal Hero Run Mono-Tone Normal Hero Power Mono-Tone Normal Normal
Hero Mono-Tone Black Hero Swim Mono-Tone Black Hero Fly Mono-Tone Black Hero Run Mono-Tone Black Hero Power Mono-Tone Black Black
Hero Mono-Tone Blue Hero Swim Mono-Tone Blue Hero Fly Mono-Tone Blue Hero Run Mono-Tone Blue Hero Power Mono-Tone Blue Blue
Hero Mono-Tone Brown Hero Swim Mono-Tone Brown Hero Fly Mono-Tone Brown Hero Run Mono-Tone Brown Hero Power Mono-Tone Brown Brown
Hero Mono-Tone Green Hero Swim Mono-Tone Green Hero Fly Mono-Tone Green Hero Run Mono-Tone Green Hero Power Mono-Tone Green Green
Hero Mono-Tone Grey Hero Swim Mono-Tone Grey Hero Fly Mono-Tone Grey Hero Run Mono-Tone Grey Hero Power Mono-Tone Grey Grey
Hero Mono-Tone Lime Green Hero Swim Mono-Tone Lime Green Hero Fly Mono-Tone Lime Green Hero Run Mono-Tone Lime Green Hero Power Mono-Tone Lime Green Lime Green
Hero Mono-Tone Orange Hero Swim Mono-Tone Orange Hero Fly Mono-Tone Orange Hero Run Mono-Tone Orange Hero Power Mono-Tone Orange Orange
Hero Mono-Tone Pink Hero Swim Mono-Tone Pink Hero Fly Mono-Tone Pink Hero Run Mono-Tone Pink Hero Power Mono-Tone Pink Pink
Hero Mono-Tone Purple Hero Swim Mono-Tone Purple Hero Fly Mono-Tone Purple Hero Run Mono-Tone Purple Hero Power Mono-Tone Purple Purple
Hero Mono-Tone Red Hero Swim Mono-Tone Red Hero Fly Mono-Tone Red Hero Run Mono-Tone Red Hero Power Mono-Tone Red Red
Hero Mono-Tone Sky Blue Hero Swim Mono-Tone Sky Blue Hero Fly Mono-Tone Sky Blue Hero Run Mono-Tone Sky Blue Hero Power Mono-Tone Sky Blue Sky Blue
Hero Mono-Tone White Hero Swim Mono-Tone White Hero Fly Mono-Tone White Hero Run Mono-Tone White Hero Power Mono-Tone White White
Hero Mono-Tone Yellow Hero Swim Mono-Tone Yellow Hero Fly Mono-Tone Yellow Hero Run Mono-Tone Yellow Hero Power Mono-Tone Yellow Yellow
None Swim Fly Run Power Colour Notes
Neutral Mono-Tone Normal Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Normal Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Normal Neutral Run Mono-Tone Normal Neutral Power Mono-Tone Normal Normal
Neutral Mono-Tone Black Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Black Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Black Neutral Run Mono-Tone Black Neutral Power Mono-Tone Black Black
Neutral Mono-Tone Blue Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Blue Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Blue Neutral Run Mono-Tone Blue Neutral Power Mono-Tone Blue Blue
Neutral Mono-Tone Brown Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Brown Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Brown Neutral Run Mono-Tone Brown Neutral Power Mono-Tone Brown Brown
Neutral Mono-Tone Green Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Green Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Green Neutral Run Mono-Tone Green Neutral Power Mono-Tone Green Green
Neutral Mono-Tone Grey Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Grey Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Grey Neutral Run Mono-Tone Grey Neutral Power Mono-Tone Grey Grey
Neutral Mono-Tone Lime Green Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Lime Green Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Lime Green Neutral Run Mono-Tone Lime Green Neutral Power Mono-Tone Lime Green Lime Green
Neutral Mono-Tone Orange Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Orange Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Orange Neutral Run Mono-Tone Orange Neutral Power Mono-Tone Orange Orange
Neutral Mono-Tone Pink Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Pink Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Pink Neutral Run Mono-Tone Pink Neutral Power Mono-Tone Pink Pink
Neutral Mono-Tone Purple Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Purple Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Purple Neutral Run Mono-Tone Purple Neutral Power Mono-Tone Purple Purple
Neutral Mono-Tone Red Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Red Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Red Neutral Run Mono-Tone Red Neutral Power Mono-Tone Red Red
Neutral Mono-Tone Sky Blue Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Sky Blue Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Sky Blue Neutral Run Mono-Tone Sky Blue Neutral Power Mono-Tone Sky Blue Sky Blue
Neutral Mono-Tone White Neutral Swim Mono-Tone White Neutral Fly Mono-Tone White Neutral Run Mono-Tone White Neutral Power Mono-Tone White White
Neutral Mono-Tone Yellow Neutral Swim Mono-Tone Yellow Neutral Fly Mono-Tone Yellow Neutral Run Mono-Tone Yellow Neutral Power Mono-Tone Yellow Yellow
None Swim Fly Run Power Colour Notes
Dark Mono-Tone Normal Dark Swim Mono-Tone Normal Dark Fly Mono-Tone Normal Dark Run Mono-Tone Normal Dark Power Mono-Tone Normal Normal
Dark Mono-Tone Black Dark Swim Mono-Tone Black Dark Fly Mono-Tone Black Dark Run Mono-Tone Black Dark Power Mono-Tone Black Black
Dark Mono-Tone Blue Dark Swim Mono-Tone Blue Dark Fly Mono-Tone Blue Dark Run Mono-Tone Blue Dark Power Mono-Tone Blue Blue
Dark Mono-Tone Brown Dark Swim Mono-Tone Brown Dark Fly Mono-Tone Brown Dark Run Mono-Tone Brown Dark Power Mono-Tone Brown Brown
Dark Mono-Tone Green Dark Swim Mono-Tone Green Dark Fly Mono-Tone Green Dark Run Mono-Tone Green Dark Power Mono-Tone Green Green
Dark Mono-Tone Grey Dark Swim Mono-Tone Grey Dark Fly Mono-Tone Grey Dark Run Mono-Tone Grey Dark Power Mono-Tone Grey Grey
Dark Mono-Tone Lime Green Dark Swim Mono-Tone Lime Green Dark Fly Mono-Tone Lime Green Dark Run Mono-Tone Lime Green Dark Power Mono-Tone Lime Green Lime Green
Dark Mono-Tone Orange Dark Swim Mono-Tone Orange Dark Fly Mono-Tone Orange Dark Run Mono-Tone Orange Dark Power Mono-Tone Orange Orange
Dark Mono-Tone Pink Dark Swim Mono-Tone Pink Dark Fly Mono-Tone Pink Dark Run Mono-Tone Pink Dark Power Mono-Tone Pink Pink
Dark Mono-Tone Purple Dark Swim Mono-Tone Purple Dark Fly Mono-Tone Purple Dark Run Mono-Tone Purple Dark Power Mono-Tone Purple Purple
Dark Mono-Tone Red Dark Swim Mono-Tone Red Dark Fly Mono-Tone Red Dark Run Mono-Tone Red Dark Power Mono-Tone Red Red
Dark Mono-Tone Sky Blue Dark Swim Mono-Tone Sky Blue Dark Fly Mono-Tone Sky Blue Dark Run Mono-Tone Sky Blue Dark Power Mono-Tone Sky Blue Sky Blue
Dark Mono-Tone White Dark Swim Mono-Tone White Dark Fly Mono-Tone White Dark Run Mono-Tone White Dark Power Mono-Tone White White
Dark Mono-Tone Yellow Dark Swim Mono-Tone Yellow Dark Fly Mono-Tone Yellow Dark Run Mono-Tone Yellow Dark Power Mono-Tone Yellow Yellow