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Dev Update: Dec 2018

2018 has been a very busy year for me and for Chao Island. If you weren't already aware, Chao Island is undergoing a huge redevelopment and will be jam-packed with loads of new features and information.

Unfortunately I will start by saying that Chao Points/Rings, Shop, and the Chao Raising system will be put on hold and added after the main site has been completed. The reason for this is simple, I have a habit of delaying and delaying while I continue to improve the site, so this time I want to make sure that the new website releasing is the most important part. So although some exciting features will be missing, the new site will release this month.

We will have a brand new design compatible with mobile, updated information, a Chao Island discord, a 3D Chao creator and an overall much cleaner experience! There will also be a few Twitch streams to celebrate the opening with more details to come.



New Moderator: NachoThePikachu !

As the website gets redeveloped, the forums are being restructured, along with the styling, the rules, and the moderator team!

A few moderators that have moved on from the website have been removed from the staff team, so I would like to take the opportunity to thank Blade Genexis, moonsoul and Maple for their contributions to the staff team over the years.

The first of a few new moderator positions will be for NachoThePikachu :cool:

Nacho was originally in the Chao Expert Team due to her knowledge of playing the Gamecube games. After some discussion and with her experience with various communities and forums, I'm very happy to bring her aboard the CI staff team as a moderator!

You may have also seen her around the artwork forum, and she has drawn a very nice picture of our very own Coco the Chao!

We at Chao Island are looking forward to expand the team further and show you guys more of the new site!


Check out Coco the Chao in 3D!

Today I can introduce another new member of the Chao Island Staff Team - Justin113D!

Justin has been responsible for some really good 3D models in the sonic community - you may have seen his Chao renders in this topic.

One of his latest projects is a full 3D render of the Chao Island mascot, Coco! He has uploaded a cool timelapse showing how Coco was brought to life using the software Blender in this youtube video:

Justin is also working on a complete remake of Sonic Chronicles for PC, where every Chao is being re-designed and even some brand new Chao created.

And maybe the most exciting thing coming up is the Chao Island Chao Viewer! This will be a very cool feature of the new site that will let you put together a 3D model of your own chao and view and share it! Here's a sneak preview:


Stay tuned for more updates!

Introducing Coco the Chao!

You have probably seen images of Coco on the last few development updates. This Chao lives on Chao Island and loves the sand, sea and sun!

I would also like to introduce the Chao's creator, Yimoo! Coco was designed by Yimoo who is officially doing artwork for Chao Island and is on the staff team. I will be slowly introducing the new team members to you all and updating you with all areas of development. Yimoo is also responsible for the other beautiful Chao art on the development updates! She has much more cool art to come and I will be happy to share more as the site continues to redevelop!


Off-topic sections are now locked

Some of you may have noticed that the off-topic sections (barring Art and Stories) are now locked as they said they would be in this post in February.

The forums will be undergoing some changes and will be temporarily offline tomorrow (3rd April) from 08:00 UTC. Changes shouldn't take too long, but please allow a for a couple hours downtime.

Member have been asked if the forums will be archived and made viewable to the public. For the time being I will be keeping the forums locked but accessible.

This does not mean the off-topic section will be gone forever! We have lots of plans for the new site launch, including a new official Chao Island Discord that will be linked to the website.

If you are one of the users who just stick around General Discussion for mostly nostalgia purposes rather than an active interest in Chao, Sable and a few others have set up a separate forum named Sega Carnival that you may be interested in migrating to.

The forums are going to be restructured tomorrow and some forums merged. Let me know if there are any issues or anything you don't understand! The team are working hard to get the new site done as quickly as possible so be on the lookout for more updates!


Development Update

Chao Island Development Update!


Hi everyone! If you weren’t already aware, Chao Island is undergoing a huge redevelopment and will be jam-packed with loads of new features and information. Not much has been said besides that so far, so I think it’s only fair we start to talk about what’s coming and some of the work happening behind the scenes!

New Website

The current website has been in its current state for a LONG time, and is in need of freshening up. The new Chao Island will be mobile friendly, and have a lot more collated information. It will also be able to provide homes for fan mods and games such as Chao World Extended and Fusion’s Chao Editor, and provide links to all other realms of the Chao community!

Chao Island Network

There are many different hangouts and content-creators for the Chao Community. To name a few you may or may not be aware of: We have the Chao Island DeviantArt group, DarkyBenji’s Chao World Extended Steam fans, SapphireChao’s YouTube channel, ChaoGardenBuster’s Chao LiveChat Discord, Roaxes’ Chao-Studios Tumblr, and a lot more! The Chao Island Network will bring all the news from these communities and more into one place, allowing you to get the latest news from everywhere at a glance and help spread and unite the Chao community!

Expanded Staff Team

The staff team has been expanding, and is still expanding! I am proud to say I have some of the most knowledgeable and talented Chao Experts on the team helping me put together an even better source for Chao Information. We have an amazing team covering Chao research, graphics, design and social media. But we are still happy for more! Please get in touch if you think you are able to help out with the site in any area.

Chao Encyclopedia

Although it may be a surprise to some of you, the current Chao Island website never fully covered everything I know about Chao, or what I envisioned it to cover. Chao Island will also be releasing a brand new Chao Wiki which will go into depth like you have never seen! You will truly be amazed at some of the things our Chao Experts have uncovered and documented!

This is only part of what's coming - we have more exciting site features coming beyond this!


Chao Points??

It's been a long time since Chao Island has had a point system, but the Island is stabilising and the economy is returning. The new Chao Island will introduce Rings back to the website! Rings can be gained by posting on the forums (which are also getting an update) and can also be won in competitions and site-wide events! There are also some murmurs that the Chao Dice game may be returning...

Chao Island Shop

The Chao Island Shop will also make its return! Rings can be spent on small animals and fruit just like before. There will also be rarer and more expensive items, so make sure you save your points and choose wisely. Unlike before, these shop items were purely for cosmetics and bragging rights, but now we have something even better for you to put these items to good use...

Your very own Chao!

Post counts and Ring/Point/Karma systems have always been a way to show how long you have been around and your status in general, but overall not very useful. Chao Island will be introducing a new interactive aspect where you can use your small animals and fruit to raise your very own personal Chao! This Chao will live in your profile area and be available for everyone to see. The more Rings you earn, the higher you can raises its stats with items and show off to everyone what sort of Chao you have raised!


Achievement System

As you post on Chao Island and try out the new functions of the site, you will be able to earn Achievements. These will be in the form of special profile badges and/or Ring rewards. This will always give you something to work towards and give you another way to improve your profile!

Make sure you stay on the lookout for more Chao Island news!

Sonic Adventure DX Chao World Extended!

Just like DarkyBenjis popular Chao World Extended mod for Sonic Adventure 2 on Steam, Exant has developed his own version for Sonic Adventure DX!

Make sure you check this one out.

Exants Twitter:

As you know Chao Island is undergoing redevelopment. Along with a new site being made, we will also find a real home for these mods to be displayed in their full glory! Progress is moving along well and I'm looking forward to releasing the new site to everyone.

It's great so see people like Exant actively contributing to the Chao community.

New website development and some forum closures

Image Image

Chao Island is currently undergoing some re-development. The website is being upgraded with a new look, updated Chao information and more social features. This is a very big project and I want to let everybody know the plans and what changes you will see while this is worked on.

Here are the key features of the new Chao Island site:

  • Updated Chao Information on the website

  • A user-editable wiki for advanced information and trivia, including mods and editor information

  • A new section on the website for fan-made games, mods and projects

  • A news hub with links to all Chao Island social sites, including DeviantArt, Steam and Discord

  • A rework of the forum boards, forum rules and staff updates

  • A new points system for the forum

  • Mobile compatibility

Of course, this will not happen overnight and we already have a development team working on the things listed! While the site is being reworked, it will also involve the closure of some of the non-Chao parts of the Forum. The affected forums will be:
  • General Usergroups/Clubs Area

  • Other Games

  • Pokémon

  • Stories and Fan-Fic

  • Role-Playing

  • Chao Role-Playing

  • General Discussion

  • Forum Games and Chat

The date for this will be April 2nd 2018. The forums will be locked until the new site launch, and then removed (while new forum features are worked on).

The reason for this decision is to focus fully on the Chao and Chao Information aspect of the website and ensure the site atmosphere is a lot more focused for the new launch. Some or all of these forums (or alternatives) may be added again at a later date.

Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas to you and friends/families. Hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy this time of the season. Thanks to everyone for their continued support of Chao Island, it's a gift in itself and I will repay your loyalties with more content and a site redesign in the new near. Thanks all! :omochao: :omochao: :herocool:

Forum Maintenance and Upgrade

As you may have all noticed, the forums are up after some maintenance and things are looking slightly out of place. The database has been upgraded and the forum has had a lot of patching done to it. As a result of this, many of my modifications and styling has to be re-done. Rather than keep the forum down for an extended time, I've put it back up and will fix the remaining issues. For now we have an incomplete Christmas theme and a few issues (forum width and reporting issues are the main ones). You should see things get back to normal this week so until then please let me know if you find anything else wrong!

Thanks all.

New fangame - Chao Resort Island!

Thread here


A game that's been in development quite a while by Nefault1st. Definitely check it out and see what you think. A lot of effort has been put into this and it's great to see fangames finished which is pretty rare! I think there are enough now to warrant a fan-game part of the website so keep your eyes peeled.

Great work Nefault1st.

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones, I hope you have time to relax over the next few days and spend some time with those close to you. :herosway:

It's been a busy year for me, but I've been working hard at putting together a team of users who can help move the site forward - the Chao Expert team have been superb in discovering unused features of the games, improving the website trivia and pictures, and working together to make Chao Island the #1 source for Chao information! Both the Art and Social team have been great too, responsible for the Tumblr page and the graphics dotted around on there, and on this site (such as the current Christmas header!)

I also have two more change to users roles:

Crazo3077 has had his role altered to the Chao Island Project Manager. He will be actively assisting me in making sure the site is complete and in good order, as well as developing new sections.

Sable has been added to the staff as a member of the Social Team. Roaxes is no longer the lone member!

Have a great winter break all :herocool:

December updates

Christmas theme is up! You can activate it in the user control panel if it isn't already selected.

Also website updates:

> New Chao Doctor pictures

> All child Chao added to the Chao Gallery

> New Chaos Drive pictures added

Summer of Sonic (London)

Just wanted to mention that I went to Summer of Sonic last weekend and it was pretty cool! Really good stuff everywhere and even got to meet JmTsHaW in person! (First person from CI that I've actually net) Definitely the best part was finding Sonic Adventure (1 & 2) Lead Composer Jun Senoue and Lead Designer Takashi Iizuka in the car park on a break, and after me completely praising them - noticed my Chao Island card I had round my next and even asked for some themselves! Hopefully it could snowball into something new now that they know of a big Chao Community!

Got a cool poster signed by Yuji Naka and Iizuka-San which I will frame soon. I shall continue to do my part in real life and spread the Chao word!

I should reiterate, Jun Senoue and Takashi Iizuka have shaped my life so much, meeting them was an honour and to speak to them about Chao Island was unreal.

Chao music remix!

From the Chao Island tumblr I saw this post

Also posted on the forums here.

SEGA has recently released the Chao Dance Mix (song) that was played during the Sonic 25th anniversary party after the positive reception from fans! A fun remix of the chao races from the first Sonic Adventure!

Listen and download for yourself!

As for me, I'm back in London now, going to Summer of Sonic tomorrow so be sure to follow the Chao Island twitter for some live updates! After this weekend I'll look to get back to getting the website and forums on track - I know a lot of you are waiting!

The big overdue update

Staff teams are mostly sorted. The Chao Team is fully operational, Art team has three members and may expand to a few more once their tasks are sorted. Social team at the moment is Roaxes and Crazo, and will be expanding as well.

I am out of the country, and as I flew it seemed the website went down! I think I have nearly solved the issue now so hopefully we won't see it much.

Some updates of the site the last few months:

The positions Junior Admin and Moderator Supervisor have had their responsibilities merged into Lead Moderator. Fox Boy has been promoted to Lead Moderator and will act as the second Admin on the website as well as leading the current moderator team. In time he will be the go-to person for site issues and features once the staff team are sorted fully.

The Chao Gallery has had some excellent work done on it by the Chao Expert Team. We now have nearly all pictures and huge effort getting all the different colours and evolutions from ChaoGardenBuster and LimitCrown. Chaonicii also provide some great animal images and parts.

The Dreamcast sections have been corrected and updated, with even more being researched on those games! Looks like there are a lot more differences undocumented. The dangerous duo of DarkyBenji and ChaoGardenBuster have been hard at work finding things not only for Chao World Extended, but digging into the game for hidden info, and providing some great screenshots such as new Garden images.

The whole Chao Expert Team have been really doing well lifting the site even further up.

On another note, I managed to get hold of the old Dreamcast Sonic Adventure domain and restore it to the web:

It's nice to see what sort of websites were designed back in the days of the Dreamcast!

I'm currently away so Fox Boy will be making a lot of important decisions if needed while I am gone.

While on an aeroplane, seems like Chao Island broke - I've been working on a fix and I think I should be able to sort it. I don't have much internet access here but I will be around for important issues such as this best I can. Sorry for the downtime the last few days. Chao Island Twitter is a good way to keep updated when I can't get full announcements out!

So what does the future hold? Well for one, Chao activity is super high and the Sonic community is on quite a buzz with the 25th anniversary of Sonic year. In the works are Chao Points, Chao Streaming and a fully revamped Chao Recipe and Daycare part of the website! Maybe even a real Chao Island Black Market...

New team members

Hi, as mentioned I have been looking to expand Chao Island and I have begun making the first few steps.

Firstly, regarding moderators, with the current activity levels and team we have at the moment I am likely not looking to add anymore mods to the team - that said, those of you that have expressed interested have been noted down, and should I need to add more mods in the future I will keep you all in mind.

However, my view on this may change so do not take this as a definite NO MORE MODS statement.

The Chao Expert team selected by Mamkute consists of Crazo3077, DarkyBenji, ChaoGardenBuster, FrankT, LimitCrown and NachoThePikachu. I'm sure everyone is aware there are many amazing Chao raisers on this forum, and thanks for helping CI thrive and continue to be a valuable source of Chao information on the internet. This team will help work with me to ensure information is up to date and continue to keep the Chao spirit alive!

The two other new teams will introduce Roaxes in the CI Social Team. Roaxes is responsible for the Chao Studios tumblr and is very active, and looking forward to having him help out! Will be looking to add more users to this team soon.

The artwork team will consist of ZipoCXG, Twiddle, and Lord Spiritomb initially. Their artwork is very good and I am looking forward to getting more artwork sharing around the Chao community. I may be adding more to this team but I will be seeing how much I want this team to do first.


Easy team viewing from "Quick Links" in top left:


Staff changes and usergroups

The first announcement to make is that JmTsHaW is stepping down from administrating the site, and is taking a break from the Chao Island staff team. I'm sure everyone will be thankful for what he has done, and he has been a valuable and active member of the community!

This comes at a time where Chao Island is quite quiet, by there is a lot happening for me behind the scenes. My Chao Island plans are growing at an alarming rate and I simply do not have the ability to do it all with my own hands! Historically the Chao Island staff has consisted of myself and a team of forum moderators. However for the site to progress I need to change this. I will be looking to add more staff and change the way CI has worked, and make it more community based. If you are interested in these changes and/or wishing to help out with the site, please check the topic I have made in the updates forum: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47317

Thanks everyone, and once again thanks JmTsHaW for being a great member of the team.

April Fools 2016! Well not really..

No jokes this year, been spending some time reconfiguring the website to work with the new forums. Managed to get the news feed back up and also the notification and PM indicators up somewhat.

Also along the lines of april fools and false hope, we had the Sonic PR guy Aaron Webber ask the crowd at the Sonic 25th Anniversary Panel if we wanted Chao back! He's apparently a big fan.. here's the video (22:45): ... .be&t=1363

The crowd gave a big cheer but he did add the disclaimer that there are currently no plans to bring the Chao franchise back. However we did see the community persuade Sega to bring back NiGHTS so if that was possible, then so is this!

CFood's forum thread here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=47254