Chao Adventure

Chao Adventure is an independent mini game that you can play on your VMU in Sonic Adventure. One of the most unique features of Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast console itself was the ability to interact with the portable memory card - the Visual Memory Unit (VMU). THis little device had a screen, d-pad and two buttons, allowing the user to download and play mini games portably away from the console!

This allows you to choose a Chao in your garden and transfer it to your VMU via the Chao Transporter located in each garden. It allows your Chao to go on its very own adventure with you. This is also an important part of raising your Chao's stats quickly!

Accessing The Game

To let your Chao go on an adventure, you must take it to the big VMU model where it will be gently thrown inside of it. Select a VMU with at least 128 blocks of free space and it will save the Chao Adventure mini game onto it. Once this is done, when you take out your VMU, you press the sleep button to wake up the VMU, then press menu until you get to the ace of spades logo. Now press A. Chao Adventure will start!

A Sonic Adventure save, the Chao Garden Data, and the Chao Adventure minigame file will take up all the space in the VMU! Also, make sure your VMU has batteries!

The Adventure

Once you've placed the Chao in the VMU, it's time to start them on their quest! There are fifteen different stages, but only five are used in each adventure.

You can obtain fruit for your Chao from the following ways: Playing the fruit matching mini-game, finding a treasure chest, or finishing an adventure. Note that you will also recieve a treasure chest when you win a fight against a bully chao. You can store 8 items that you can then be take back to the Chao Garden to be given to your Chao.

The Menu

Main Menu
Status: See your Chao's name, current status and skills
Item: Look at what fruits you have. You can feed your Chao from here too. If you take your Chao out of the VMU and back into the garden, the items left here will also transfer to the garden.
Game: Play a fruit matching game. You have three lives to match all the fruit! If you get a perfect score you will get one of the special fruit.
Mating: If you connect to another VMU you can mate your Chao.
Battle: If you connect to another VMU you can battle your Chao!
Owner: You can write your personal information (name, birthday etc).
Friend: Connect your VMS with a friend to mate
Owner: View information about yourself
Friend: Views data about friends that you have connected your VMU with.
Map: Shows the current stage name, and how far your Chao has walked.
Setting: Turn the sound on/off, and edit your personal information for the "owner" option.
Name: Name your Chao! Seven characters maximum.


On your adventure, you may encounter a fight with a Bully Chao. A marker will quickly move along a number of dark and clear circular icons; fight off the Chao by pressing the 'A' button when the selector lands on a clear icon. The first Chao to depleat the other Chao's HP wins the fight! If you win, you get to open a chest with a fruit inside it. For every 200 points of power your Chao has, you get another clear circle in your fighting bar to make it easier.


You can obtain fruit via the matching game or in chests during the game. Please see the fruits section for the full list. This is the fastest way to boost your Chao's stats.

The Adventure

During the adventure, a few things may happen:

Below is the different routes you can take. On the marked stages you will meet a character from the main game who will help you out!

Chao Adventure Map


Full spritesheet minus battles/mating! Courtesy of Crazo3077

Chao Adventure Spritesheet