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Monitor by the Water
'Feeding your Chao'
Chao love to eat fruits.
You can get them by shaking trees.
When you want to shake a tree,
use the Action Button
and Directional Key.
Different Chao fruits
have different effects.
Try giving them different fruits.

'How to Breed your Chao'
When flowers start to bloom around
the Chao, it is ready for breeding.
If you put it with other Chao,
you may get lucky and
it may lay an egg.

'Extra Advice'
If you have put more than
8 Chao in one garden,
they start to feel crowded.
If it gets too crowded, some Chao
start moving to other gardens.

Monitor by Chao Race Door
Welcome to Chao Stadium!
Home of the Chao Races!!!

Monitor by Chao Transporter
'Transporter Machine'
If you put a Chao on this machine,
you can take your Chao for a 'walk'.
Pick up your Chao and
jump for the red button.

Monitor by Garden Warp Holes
'Warp Hole'
This is a Warp Hole.
You can go easily to gardens
you have previously been to.
You may bring Chao and
eggs with you, too.