Evolution Basics

The Chao Life-Cycle

Life cycle diagram

Chao go through several stages in their lives, as illustrated in the image above and detailed below:

  1. Egg. All Chao begin their lives in eggs. This stage usually lasts just a few minutes, and ends when the Chao hatches.
  2. Child. After hatching from their eggs, Chao are considered to be children. This stage usually lasts about one hour. This stage ends with a metamorphosis into a cocoon; this is called the first evolution.
  3. Adult. The Chao is an adult after emerging from its first evolution cocoon. This stage is the longest part of your Chao's life. An adult Chao undergoes a gradual transformation, where its shape and colour changes depending on its interaction with animals; this is called second evolution. This stage ends with a second cocoon as the Chao dies.
  4. Death. Depending on how happy the Chao had become by the point of its death, it will either die permenantly or reincarnate as an egg. If a Chao reincarnates, an egg will be left so that it can enjoy life another time. If the Chao leaves no egg, this is the end of its life cycle.