Chao Races

One of the main reasons that people raise Chao is to race them. Winning all the Chao races is essential as they have five out of the 130 emblems needed to complete the game. In order for your Chao to be good enough to win all the races, you need to raise all of four of your Chao's main skills up to a respective level (SWM FLY RUN PWR). Later races require Chao with at least 300 points in each stat to have any chance of success.

During the race, you can see the current position of the Chao on the left hand side. These numbers will shift around depending on their current position in the race. You can use the D-Pad to focus on a speific Chao by pressing left and right to cycle through all the racers, the arrow next to the ranking list will show what Chao you are currently following. You can also zoom in and out by using up and down on the D-Pad.

Every so often in the race, you'll hear a twinkling noise and a white sparkle will appear around one of the Chao - it's usually one that isn't doing so well but others can also get this too! If you're currently focusing on a different Chao, the camera will move to show the Chao with the sparkle. At this point, hold down any of the button (A, B, X, Y) button to give that particular Chao a boost of speed! The quicker you press it after the noise, the longer the boost will last. So if this is your Chao with the sparkle, make sure you press the button as fast as you can! If it isn't your Chao; it might not be a good idea to give it a speed boost- so make sure it's a Chao who you want to do well!

The Chao Races

Win the first four courses, and the Emerald course will be unlocked.

Pearl Pearl Course

A simple ball pushing race. Chao have to push the beach ball down the course to the marker line before making a quick sprint to the finish.
Amethyst Amethyst Course

The chao begin in the same spot as Pearl race. Chao have to run down a long winding course that goes from the start along a clifftop before finally leading up the mountainside to the finish. There are parts of the course that some Chao may choose to take an alternate route: The first is right after the first stretch, where Chao can either continue on the direct path or fly into the river and swim. The second is at the end of the first direct path where the Chao can fly off the bridge. This race is also good for strong swim Chao.
Sapphire Sapphire Course

This race tests all of your Chao's skills. It starts where the Amethyst course ended. Chao must run down a long straight that has a few rises in it before making a brief climb up a wall. Another run then leads to a flight down into the lake below, where the Chao must swim to the finish line.
Ruby Ruby Course

A pure swimming race besides a brief run from the start and to the finish. A good breakaway from the blocks will give you a clear swim to the finish if your Chao has a good swim stat!
Emerald Emerald Course

Winning all the races in Beginner and Jewel will lead in the Emerald course being unlocked in both sections. This is a long race taking up the whole course, aside form the Ruby course starting point. Chao will have to run down the first straight with the beach ball before reaching the coconut trees. A coconut will have to be shaken down from the tree and then eaten, before continuing the length of the other three courses. Good luck!


If you manage to win all the races, then the next time you race Chaclon will be amongst the competitors in lane 1. The race will start, and while all the Chao race off to try and win the race - he will just lie there snoozing! Is he mad? Well... not really. You see, halfway through the race Chaclon will get up, and sprint after all the Chao at incredible speed! There is a page located here detailing this Chao in depth.

Gold and Silver Rivals

If your Chao has all its stats in the range of 900 - 998, and you place it in the beginner race, it will face all Silver Jewel Chao. They all have max stats! However, they will all fall asleep once the race starts!

If your enter a Chao into the beginner race with all 999 stats, it will instead face all Gold Jewel Chao, also with max stats!