Black Market

The Black Market.
Black Market

The Black Market was accessible on the official Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Team website. You were able to download rare Chao to your VMU to take to your Chao Garden!

This was very exciting back then as the Internet wasn't as easily accessible as it is today, and I would always keep checking the website in case new Chao were added! The Black Chao was the first available one, and then later the Jewel Chao were added, and finally the Moon Chao added later after that which turned out to be the last one. I still have some of these Chao in my save file.

You would need to have obtained a certain number of emblems to be able to download the Chao. This was checked by uploading your save file, and the website would check if you have enough before letting you download the file to your VMU!

If anyone has these official .VMI files please let me know!

Picture Name Cost Description
Black Chao Black Chao Free This Chao's color is black by nature.
It may become a Hero Chao with a black color...?
Silver Chao Silver Chao 5 Emblems This Chao shines silver. It seems like a metal, but the touch feels like pudding or marshmallow :)
Gold Chao Gold Chao 10 Emblems This Chao shines golden. We recommend this Chao to the breeders who like a showy appearance.
Ruby Chao Ruby Chao 20 Emblems This Chao shines crimson like a ruby.
It will be prominent at the garden !
Sapphire Chao Sapphire Chao 20 Emblems This Chao shines blue like a sapphire.
It looks so cool !
Amethyst Chao Amethyst Chao 20 Emblems This Chao shines purple like an amethyst.
It's a mystic Chao.
Emerald Chao Emerald Chao 20 Emblems This Chao shines green like an emerald.
It's glaring green !!
Moon Chao Moon Chao 30 Emblems A very rare Chao has appeared !
It shines like a romantic moon.