Chao Adventure 2

Chao Adventure is an independent mini game that you can play on your VMU in Sonic Adventure 1. Sonic Adventure 2 has the sequel, Chao Adventure 2! It allows your Chao to go on its very own adventure, sometimes refered to as talking the Chao for a walk.

Accessing The Game

To let your Chao go for a walk (an adventure), you must take it to the big VMU model where it will be gently thrown inside of it. Select a VMU with at least 128 blocks of free space and it will save Chao Adventure 2 onto it. Once this is done, when you take out your VMU, press sleep, then press menu until you get to the ace of spades logo. Now press A. Chao Adventure 2 will start!

A Sonic Adventure 2 save, the Garden Data, and the Chao Adventure 2 minigame file will take up all the space in the VMU! Also, make sure your VMU has batteries!

The Adventure

Chao Adventure 2 is different to the minigame in Sonic Adventure 1 as it is more of an 'Adventure' and has actual stories that you can change the result of with your decisions.
This is also the only place on the Dreamcast that you will be able to obtain special seeds/fruits. This is done by finishing an adventure, choosing a correct treasure chest when you find them, or when you meet a character from the main game. You can store 8 items that you can then be take back to the Chao Garden to be given to your Chao.

Luck and Intelligence

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Chao have been given two extra skills: Luck and Intelligence. On the Dreamcast these can only be raised with Chao Adventure 2! Increase Intelligence by collecting Smart Fruit in the mini-game, and then taking it to the garden to feed your Chao. Increase Luck by guessing the correct Treasure Chests when your Chao stumbles across them. Luck goes up by 100 when you choose the correct one, and decreases by 100 if you choose the wrong one.

Main Menu
Status: See your Chao's name and skills
Snack: Give your Chao a snack that you got from the Slots
Pet: Pet your Chao
Scold: Hit your Chao
Items: You can Look at what seeds/fruits you have collected
Slots: Play on the Slot Machine game
Hello: Connect your VMS with a friend to mate
Owner: View information about yourself
Friend: View data about friends that you have mated with.
Options: Name your Chao and turn sound on/off


On your adventure, you may encounter a fight with a Bully Chao. A marker will quickly move along a number of dark and clear circular icons; fight off the Chao by pressing the 'A' button when the selector lands on a clear icon. The first Chao to hit the other Chao three times wins the fight! If you win, you carry on with the adventure. If you lose, the Bully Chao takes one of your items from you.


Your Chao may get distracted or fall asleep during his walk. You can pet, scold, or feed it a snack and it will continue his journey. I usually pet it!


I'm not really sure what the point of this game is. There is not too much skill involved with it, and you can only win snacks for your Chao which do not boost it's stats at all.


During the adventure, you may have to move on to a different scene. Here is a list of all the scenes.

Your Chao sneezes.

Camera Chao
Your Chao borrows a camera from Omochao!

Chao Day
Your Chao tells you about Chao Day.

Chao Dreams
Your Chao tells you what it wants to be in the future.

Chao Escape
Your Chao finds a building and gets locked in.

Chao Owner 1
Your Chao asks "What came first, the Chao, or the Egg?".

Chao Owner 2
Your Chao asks "A Chao is born from an Egg, where are humans born from?".

Chao Owner 3
Chao asks "What is the meaning of life?".

Chao Secret
Your Chao tells you a secret about one of the other characters.

Chao Song
Your Chao sings a song with you.

Chao Thing
Your Chao loses the thing floating above its head!

Dropped It
Your Chao finds one of the characters lost items.

Friend's Mail
Your Chao receives an email.

Graffiti Chao
Your Chao draws all over an object.

Your Chao shows you how smart he is.

Last Chapter
Your Chao goes fishing.

Samarai Chao
Your Chao dresses up like a Ninja.

Tasty Dream
Something eats your Chao's colourful dream

The Escape
Your Chao gets trapped!

The Magic Lamp
Your Chao finds a Magical Kettle.

The Radio
Your Chao wants to listen to the radio.

Your Chao finds out something is growing on it's head!

Under My Feet
Your Chao is worried about a shadow that is lurking beneath it's feet.

Unlucky Chao
A character and many other people will see your Chao, and run away!

Remember, your VMU needs batteries! They take two CR2032 batteries.